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She prefers wadding...

Caroline Loeb is a French singer who started her artistic career not with song, but with theater, a career that she started from the best it could be by taking courses at the famous Cours Florent. She will thus meet other students such as Sabine Haudepin and Jean-Pierre Daroussin, in particular ...

She will play in several plays and films before switching from the year 1983 in the world of song. Date on which she released a first album entitled "Piranana", album produced in New York and whose cover is signed Jean-Baptiste Mondino, just that. Album which will unfortunately go unnoticed.

She will have to wait for the year 1986 and a certain title called "C’est la ouate" to see her destiny change dramatically. The title was a hit not only in France but also internationally, thereby exploding its notoriety. Title taken from the album "Loeb CD" which was released shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, the success was short-lived as the singer may release other songs afterwards, she will never find the same level of success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • A Malibu 1983

  • C’est la ouate 1986

  • A quoi tu penses 1987

  • Amants Z Aimants 1988

  • Mots croisés 1988

  • Le telefon 1988

  • J’te hais dans la peau 1995


Clips :

1983 ... beginnings to say the least punchy but which show that there is still work, it is clear. Do not confuse speed and haste ...

1986 ... three years will pass between the 2 titles but three years which will really change the situation ! She returns in Olympic form and delivers here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade on the French side. An enormous title which propels her One Shot to the top of fame. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... unfortunately the fall will be as rapid as the rise that preceded it. Even if she delivers here a title of certain quality, she will never be able to repeat the feat of 'C'est la ouate' ...

1988 ... she hangs on but the competition is already light years ahead. The delay is now too important...and inspiration is somewhat lacking. It is therefore now mission impossible ...

1988 ... his style is really too shifted compared to what the competition offers and especially what the public expects at the end of the decade. Pity...

1988 ... she tries to save the furniture by taking over the cult title of Nino Ferrer dating from 1967. Even if her cover is nice, she will not manage to come to the surface ...


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