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Sandra Kim, real name Sandra Caldarone, is a Belgian singer who can boast of holding the record for the youngest age for a Eurovision winner. Indeed, she won the competition in 1986 for Belgium when she was only 13 years old !

A victory won thanks to the title "J'aime la vie", an enormous title that will literally explode his notoriety and especially arouse a huge controversy compared to his young age. So much so that the minimum age to participate in the competition will be raised to 16 years from the year 1990.

Either way, this title kicked off her career with a bang and propelled her One Shot into the limelight. A career too quickly launched because even she it obtains some successes in particular with the single “Tokyo boy” and the credits of the series Once upon a time in life, she will unfortunately be unable to repeat the feat of “J'aime la vie".

All the titles that she will release subsequently will in no way meet the success of the latter.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ami-Ami 1985

  • J’aime la vie 1986

  • Tokyo boy 1986

  • Hymne à la vie 1987

  • Souviens toi 1987

  • Laurence 1987

  • Sorry 1987

  • Coup de Coeur 1988

  • Berlin 1988

  • Malaguena 1989

  • Look infernal 1991

  • Me laisse pas 1991

  • J'ai pas fini de t'aimer 1991

  • Je t'ai dans la peau 1992

  • Reprends ta place 1992

  • Je veux ma part de rêve 1992

  • Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce soir ? 1993

  • Je t'ai tout donné 1993

  • Al camino de la vida 1997

Clips :

1985 ... a first quality title which already shows a more than obvious potential. It remains to find the title that will make the difference ...

1986 ... and the title that will make the difference, here it is ! Here she signs quite simply the biggest success of all her discography and enters One Shot in the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

1986 ... a sequel that does not deserve, far from it, but which cannot compete with the previous enormous steamroller, predictably

1987 ... here she signs one of the most famous TV credits of the 1980s, which will undoubtedly remain as her second most beautiful achievement

1987 ... she needed at least one Intimist title that goes well in his discography. It is now done with this title which works very well my faith

1987 ... a year 1987 clearly placed under the sign of the 'emotional' register. Of course, nothing exceptional but a good job and titles that hold up

1987 ... the Pass of 3 Intimist side. Here she delivers a hybrid title that starts off as Intimist and ends in Dance mode. Why not...

1988 ... switch to Hi-NRG mode, end of the 1980s requires. What she delivers here is far from being ridiculous but how to compete with the Anglo-Saxons who are the undisputed leaders in this field ...

1988 ... she continues her path without asking too many questions. But it would still be time to anticipate the arrival of the 90s and especially the musical upheavals that go with it ...

1989 ... an anticipation which takes place on this title but which unfortunately will not allow her to return to the leading pack. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1991 ... a switch to EuroDance mode which is confirmed with this title. She hangs on, she resists but still can not rise to the surface ...

1991 ... and she will never come to the surface. Yet what she offers is far from lacking in quality. But it is clear that the competition is now light years ahead ...

1991 ... a new sweet break. Unfortunately, only the very high level Intimist will succeed in breaking through in this decade when Dance will reign supreme ...

1992 ... the titles come out one after the other but the qualitative level remains too average for her to hope for any return to favor in the Charts ...

1992 ... an adventure that continues for good and which sees the young singer trying to exist by all means. A resistance that can only be welcomed ...

1992 ... a discography that grows title after title, year after year and which makes her one of the most prolific artists of recent years. On the other hand, on the success side, it's something else ...

1993 ... when the going gets tough or stagnates, what could be better than releasing a special luxury cover album. The proof with this cover of the title "Where did our love go" from the Supremes dating from 1964 ...

1993 ... we continue in the luxury cover and even if the copy is not worth the original, the singer delivers here a version that holds my faith very well the road

1997 ... after the covers, the time has come for the duo mode of shock but above all of charm. And the result is far from ridiculous, once again. A great adventure which has lasted for more than 10 years and will continue for the next decade ...

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