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She loves men who have ...

Karen Cheryl, whose real name is Isabelle Morizet, is a French singer whose fate will change when she meets in 1974 Humbert Pettruci, alias "Mémé" Ibach originally with Claude Carrère of the Sheila phenomenon.

Her first notorious success dates from 1975 when she performed "Garde moi avec toi".

But it was not until 1978 that she decided to move up a gear when she went to New York to train at the biggest dance school of the moment.

She also took the opportunity to learn to sing with an American accent.

She returned with the titles "Sing to me Mama" which came out the same year and "Show me You’re man enough" in 1979. Both were successful.

"La Marche des Machos" was released in 1980, a single that would propel it to the top of the french Hit Parade.

Several titles will follow which will have various destinies.

She had her last success in 1987 with the title "A l'endroit à l'envers".

Today a radio and television host, she remains one of the last icons of the 1980s to be always "in activity".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Garde moi avec toi 1975

• Aimée ou amoureuse 1975

• Samedi, dimanche et fêtes 1976

• Ne raccroche pas je t'aime 1976

• L'amour que l'on se donne 1977

• Epouse moi 1977

• Sing to me mama 1978

• Show me you’re a man enough 1979

• Tchoo tchoo Hold on the line 1979

• Making up making love 1980

• La marche des machos 1980

• Si (I hope it’s me) 1980

• Les nouveaux romantiques 1981

• Naturell'ment 1982

• Oh Chéri chéri 1982

• Twister ma peine 1983

• Pense à moi quand même 1983

• Vive les hommes 1984

• Feeling 1984

• Golden girl 1985

• Amore mio 1985

• Pas d'panik 1985

• A l’envers à l’endroit 1987

• Serious love 1991


Clips :

1975 ... the first rather successful steps of a pretty young girl who will become in a few years one of the biggest female names in French song

1975 ... she has it all, style, pretty face and a good voice. So, inevitably, at some point, we imagine that it will pay !

1976 .... the rise is made title after title, year after year. She just has to be a little patient to get the jackpot ...

1976 ... in an essentially Dance style, she marks its territory piece by piece. Only one BIG title is missing to make the difference ...

1977 ... well, it will not be yet for this year 1977 but it is getting closer and closer to the long awaited recognition

1977 ... finally the Intimist parenthesis which is going well. She thus proves that she is good in all areas and that it is more than time that the public finally devotes her to the height of its talents

1978 ... then comes THIS title ! This time, she finally obtains the long-awaited consecration with this title which will set fire to all the dance floors of France and Navarre. And who will make her the absolutely essential singer of this end of decade. HU-GE !

1979 ... she repeats in stride with a second title Dance which will be almost as strong as its predecessor. We will forgive her for his approximate English phrasing but the main thing is the quality of the melody as they say. For the rest...

1979 ... since the recipe worked on the 2 previous titles, she replayed it in Anglo-disco mode. Unfortunately, the recipe for success does not always work ...

1980 ... we start the 80s as we ended the 70s. There is quality, of course, but it may be time to return to a slightly more musical french style......

1980 ... cocorico, she finally assumes her little Frenchie side. And it works perfectly, like what. She signs here one of her biggest successes, a huge success which allows her to return to the race in a smashing way

1980 ... it couldn't last ... What is this irrepressible need to sing in English. Isabelle let's see ...

1981 ... what will surely remain one of his biggest hits ! Thank you, thank you Barbelievien ! Once again, the tube maker has been there and offers her on a set this cover of Ricchi & Poveri's tube "Sara perché ti amo"

1982 ... after signing 3 big hits back to back, the rest will prove to be slightly more complicated to manage than expected. The beginning of a stall that she will find it extremely difficult to stop ...

1982 ... light, airy, nothing exceptional but a melody and a rhythm still as effective. And still on a cover of Ricci & Poveri "Made in Italy"

1983 ... she is still so cute but her look, like her style, is starting to be a little bit has been. Isabelle, we will have to do something quickly !

1983 ... well, for the year 1983, nothing will change, that's clear. She is still there but it is rather the public who are absent subscribers ...

1984 ... she hangs on and what she continues to deliver is far from being ridiculous. But the competition is light years ahead and she doesn't even notice ...

1984 ... giving us a luxury cover in Dance version of the cult title of Morris Albert dating from 1975 will unfortunately not change anything. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1985 ... well, there, we don't even touch caricature anymore, we're squarely in the middle. When you see what the competition offers, it is obvious that she cannot fight on equal terms ...

1985 ... and it is not this title which will allow her to rise to the surface. It's nice, of course, but she is really no longer at the level ...

1985 ... we feel that something has changed, it's clear. Look, sound, something has finally happened. But it's too late, the public has gone to look elsewhere ...

1987 ... the final fireworks before Karen becomes Isabelle again and this definitively. Surely one of his best titles. Too bad it arrives so late ...

1991 ... a completely improbable and above all impossible return. Crazy bet and especially lost bet. But the adventure was beautiful, that's essential !


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