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She feels the earth move...

Martika, whose real name is Marta Marrero, is an American singer and actress who can boast of having sold over 4 million records worldwide.

She had a first hit "More than you know" in 1988, a single taken from her eponymous album which was released the same year.

It was especially a year later in 1989 that she experienced her main success with the flagship single "Toy Soldiers". Single which will truster the highest steps of many Charts.

Which will be followed in 1991 by another hit "Love ... Thy will be done", although less successful, but successful nonetheless.

The album "Martika's Kitchen" which came out the same year, partly produced with the help of a certain Prince (!), Had a more than honorable run. Notably thanks to titles like "Martika's kitchen" or "Colored kisses". But difficult, if not impossible, to compete with the 3 million copies sold of the previous album !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Cross my heart 1988

  • More than you know 1988

  • Toy soldiers 1989

  • I feel the earth move 1989

  • Water 1990

  • Love…thy will be done 1991

  • Martika’s kitchen 1991

  • Coloured kisses 1992

  • Safe in the arms of love 1993

  • Spirit 1993

  • Flow with the go 2014


Clips :

1988 ... a beautiful start, with a strong Hi-NRG accent and which positions the singer as a future sure value

1988 ... a second title which confirms all the good we could think of her. Big caliber dance the way we like it

1989 ... but it is THIS title which will make her definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s. And paradoxically, in Intimist mode. MA-GIC !

1989 ... we go from one extreme to another. Return to Ultra Dance mode. And as she is good in all areas, success is once again at the rendezvous !

1990 ... after 2 totally euphoric years, the change of decade is going to be somewhat disappointing. Like a slight lack of inspiration ...

1991 ... as much the year 1990 was somewhat inside, as the year 1991 will see the singer return to the foreground. Once again on a magnificent Intimist title. Once again MA-GIC !

1991 ... and once again, the tempo suddenly re-accelerates. And again, it works particularly well !

1992 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. A dazzling career, all in all quite short but which still allowed the singer to carve out a beautiful place in the sun ...

1993...come on, it's not quite over. Especially when you see what she continues to offer, you necessarily want more...

1993... she will have alternated non-stop Dance and Intimist in a way that is ideal, to say the least. A complete and diversified discography that will have pleased everyone...

2014 ... when we thought she had indeed hung up the gloves, here she is back in an unexpected way 20 years later. Who would've believed that...


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