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She drove them crazy ...

Fine Young Cannibals is an English group formed in Birmingham in 1984 and made up of David Steele, Andy Cox and Roland Gift, a group that was formed after the dissolution of The Beat. Steele and Cox, both from The Beat, will spend 8 months listening to over 500 tapes of potential singers before finally finding the gem with Gift.

They released a first Single "Johnny Come Home" in 1985 and for a first try, it was a masterstroke. The title is a real planetary success and propels the group One Shot to the height of glory. The group which was struggling to sign a major contract with a Label worthy of the name sees offers coming from everywhere !

A first eponymous album was released the same year. Album which will produce a second notorious hit with the luxury cover of the title "Suspicious mind", made famous by Elvis Presley in 1969 but which, in truth, is a title dating from the year 1968 and performed by Mark James. Title on which will also intervene a luxury chorister named… Jimmy Sommerville ! The album produced two other minor hits, "Blue" in 1985 and "Funny how love is" in 1986.

A year 1986 which saw them sign the "Ever fallen in love", once again a notorious success title which we will find on the soundtrack of the film "Something Wild". 1987, on the other hand, will be a blank year.

In 1988, Steel and Cox temporarily left the group to produce a Single called "Tired of getting pushed around" which was released under the very astonishing group name of Two Men, a Drum Machine and a Trumpet. Title which will know its heyday in the USA.

1987 is a blank year. But this is to better prepare the release of the new album "The raw & the cooked". Album that will quickly become one of the biggest musical events of the year, just that.

The album made a real worldwide hit and produced no less than 5 top hits including 2 mega. Starting with the enormous "She drives me crazy", which was released in 1989 and which will literally ignite all Dancefloor on the planet. Single which will remain the biggest success of all their discography. Followed by few "Good thing", Single which will also achieve more than impressive sales scores.

“Don’t look back,” “I’m not the man I used to be”, released in 1989 and “I’m not satisfied,” released in 1990, brought up the rear with a planetary class level of success.

And as paradoxical as it may seem, the group will end up separating in 1992 when everything seemed to succeed. To make a furtive comeback in 1996 and sign a last notorious hit with the Single "The flame".

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Johnny come home 1985

  • Blue 1985

  • Suspicious minds 1985

  • Funny how love is 1986

  • Ever fallen in love 1986

  • She drives me crazy 1989

  • Good thing 1989

  • Don’t look back 1989

  • I’m not the man I used to be 1989

90s Decade :

  • I’m not satisfied 1990

  • The flame 1996


Tracks :

1985 ... first title and first global hit. A startling to say the least, and which augurs well for a most enormous sequel !

1985 ... but the enormous sequel, it will unfortunately not be on this title. As a general rule, the titles which follow a first global hit find it difficult to compete, despite a significant quality ...

1985 ... the enormous sequel, it starts here. With this luxury cover of the title of Mark James dating from 1968 and popularized by Elvis Presley who also made a notorious cover in 1969

1986 ... after a year 1985 which saw the group reach new heights, the year 1986 starts off very smoothly thanks to this pretty ballad which allows the group to show all its versatility

1986 ... the Intimist niche is not really their goodwill, they are back on their privileged playground, namely Dance. An area where they will get most of their planetary mega hits. Including this one !

1989 ... then, paradoxically, nothing for 2 years. Here they are back in 1989 and what a comeback ! Here they are simply signing one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and the biggest success of their entire discography, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... the year 1985 was exceptional for the group, the year 1989 will be even stronger. Yes Yes, it's possible ! We are already at the 2nd global mega hit and there will be 4 in all !

1989 ... of course the last 2 will be slightly a step below the 2 previous ones but a good number of groups would be largely satisfied with this level of success !

1989 ... the most 'quiet' of the 4 titles of the year. And as always with them, as soon as they leave the Dance niche, the sanction in the Charts is immediate. And yet, this title is not devoid of quality, far from it !

1990 ... the group began the following decade with success, but unfortunately it was hardly favorable to them. Their musical style is starting to be outdated and this track will be their last notorious hit

1996 ... hardly any title between 1991 and 1995 then they are reborn from their ashes in this year 1996. A last standstill which will allow them to bow out in the best possible way...


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