(There's) Always something to remind her...

Dionne Warwick is an American singer who started her career when she formed "GospelAires" with her sister, her cousin and a friend. Quator gospel which occurs in the baptized churches of New York or New Jersey. But it was in 1961 that she met the composer Burt Bacharach and this meeting will turn her career upside down. And that's how she released her first title in 1963 "Don’t make me over" which quickly became a huge hit. From 1963 to 1970, this duo of hell managed to place around twenty titles in the Top40. An achievement that she is the only one to share with a certain .... Aretha Franklin. But 1970 marks the end of the fruitful relationship between the artist and his mentor. From then on, his career will be guided by a number of duets and fruitful associations. In 1977 with Isaac Hayes, in 1982 with the Bee Gees on the now cult "Heartbraker", but also Stevie Wonder for the soundtrack of "The women in red". In 1986, she even went so far as to bury the hatchet with Bacharach who wrote her the hit "That’s what friends are for", an ode to helping the fight against AIDS. Artist with a very long career and a repertoire more than impressive, she remains to this day one of the greatest legends of the 70s and 80s on a planetary level. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Don’t make me over 1962

• Anyone who have a heart 1963

• Walk on by 1964

• You'll never get my heart (If you break my heart) 1964

• Reach out for me 1964

• Here I am 1965

• Are you there with another girl 1965

• Message to Michael 1966

• Trains and boats and planes 1966

• I just don't know what to do with myself 1966

• What the world needs now is love 1966

• Alfie 1967

• I say a little prayer 1967

• (Theme from) Valley of the dolls 1967

• Do you know the way to San José 1968

• Who is going to love me 1968

• (There's) Always something to remind me 1968

• Promises promises 1968

• The girl's in love with you 1969

• The April fools 1969

• Odds and ends 1969

• You've lost that lovin' feeling 1969

• I'll never fall in love again 1969

• Let me go to him 1970

• Make it easy on yoursel 1970

• The green grass starts to grow 1970

• Who gets the guy 1971

• I'm your puppet 1972

• If we only have love 1972

• (I'm) Just being myself 1973

• Then came you 1974

• Take it from me 1975

• Once you hit the road 1975

• I didn't mean to love you 1976

• Do you believe inthe love at the first sight 1977

• Don't ever take your love away 1978

• I’ll never love this way again 1979

• Déjà vu 1979

• After you 1980

• No night so long 1980

• Easy love 1980

• Some changes are for good 1981

• There's a long road ahead of us 1981

• Friends in love 1982

• Heartbreaker 1982

• Take the short way home 1983

• All the love in the world 1983

• How many times can we say goodbye 1983

• Got a date 1984

• Finder of lost loves 1985

• Run to me 1985

• That’s what friends are for 1985

• Whisper in the dark 1986

• Love power 1987

• Reservations for two 1987

• Another chance to love 1988

• Take good care of you and me 1989

• It's all over 1990

• Where my lips have been 1993

• Sunny weather love 1993

• Captives of the heart 1994

• I promise you 1998

Clips :

1962 ... the HUGE title which will reveal her to the eyes of the whole world and launch her career in a smashing way. What will undoubtedly remain as one of the most beautiful titles of this decade 60. MAS-TER-FUL !

1963 ... it is obvious that the Intimist area suits her like a glove. A natural predisposition which will produce exceptional title on exceptional title

1964 ... another nice title with finesse that shows once again the extraordinary talent of the singer in this area. MA-GIC !

1964 ... a fresh, light and airy register. An absolutely dazzling career start that makes her one of the phenomena of the moment

1964 ... a sumptuous year 1964 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. It says a lot about what happened next ...

1965 ... year after year, she confirms a talent well above the average and which allows her to enter directly into the category of the Greatest. And that's just the beginning...

1965 ... for one of the first times, the tempo finally accelerates. And my faith, it works just as well. A talent with extreme versatility and which allows her to understand all musical universes !

1966 ... the top hits in the Intimist area are impressive. A rare know-how and among the best of the moment !

1966 ... and it continues. A decade which will be placed mainly under the sign of the 'emotional' register. And as long as it works, why change it ...?

1966 ... in a typically 60s style, the singer continues to unwind quietly and maintains herself at the top of the Charts with disconcerting ease

1966 ... title originally performed by Jackie DeShannon in 1965, the young Dionne allows herself to take it back and make a sumptuous version of it that is well worth the original. MA-GIC !

1967 ... another title that literally floats in the air. She does this with such brilliance that you just have to let yourself be carried away by this unique voice ...

1967 ... then comes THIS title. His first global mega hit which will undoubtedly remain one of the biggest hits of the 60s. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1967 ... new mega hit this time on the soundtrack of the film "Valley of the dolls" which was released the same year. The singer literally walks on the water ...

1968 ... new title among the most emblematic of the decade with this light and airy title once again. Mega hits follow one another at a truly astounding speed !

1968 ... every year is now a minimum of three to four mega planetary hits. An incredible level of success that was extremely rare for the time. What talent !

1968 ... Lou Johnson in 1964 made this title one of the most significant titles of the decade. But it is indeed Dionne Waewick who will record the very first version in 1963. Version which she takes over in this year 1968...

1968 ... a year 1968 which ends in style with this title which will be the 5th top hit of the year. The singer is in a truly incredible dynamic !

1969 ... so, how many mega hits for this year 1969 ...? Almost the same number as the previous year, that is to say. A success that reaches incredible heights !

1969 ... melodies with a truly extraordinary inspiration which she transcends with an extraordinary talent too. Hence a necessarily exceptional result !

1969 ... each title released immediately becomes a global reference and makes the singer one of the mega stars of the moment. But she is worth it !

1969 ... rare that the singer does in the cover but this is the case with this title originally performed by the Righteout Brothers in 1964. And we know from experience that her covers are almost worth the originals. Once again the proof !

1969 ... what better way to end the 60s than this new mega hit. An absolutely exceptional decade for the singer who saw her explode and grasp the stars. And it's far from over !

1970 ... we finished the decade 60 in style, we start the decade 70 under the same conditions. We tell ourselves that she cannot continue on such a level indefinitely. For now, it's off to a good start !

1970 ... here she is in Cronner mode and once again the result is sumptuous. An ease to embrace all styles which makes her a real caviar for composers !

1970 ... the sound evolves slowly but surely. The style adapts to the new contingencies of this decade and thus allows the singer to stay on top in the best conditions

1971 ... almost 10 years of career and when we see the incredible number of mega hits she already has on the clock, we can only salute an absolutely exceptional performance

1972 ... even if years 1971 and 1972 will not have quite the same performance as in previous years, the level is still as high and the singer continues to unfold quietly