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She believes in fairy tales...

Nikka Costa, whose real name is Domenica Costa, is an American singer who started her artistic career at the age of 5 by recording a single with Hawaiian singer Don Ho. An exploit that she repeated with Franck Sinatra four years later in 1981.

Also at the age of 9, she recorded her first single "(Out here) On my own", a single that was going to be a worldwide hit. The same goes for the eponymous album which comes out in stride.

Two years later in 1983 the relatively successful album "Fairy Tales" was released. Difficult to compete as the bar imposed by the first album is high.

Six years will pass before the album "Here I am ... Yes, it’s me" is released in 1989. Album that will do little better than the previous one.

She managed to get back into the race in the mid-90s with the album "Butterfly rocket". A winning comeback confirmed in 2001 by the album "Everybody got their something" which also experienced its heyday, notably thanks to the track "Like a feather". But that's another story….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • On my own 1981

  • I believe in love 1981

  • So glad I have you 1982

  • You 1982

  • I believe in fairy tales 1983

  • Stay daddy stay 1983

  • Fisrt love 1983

  • Don’t cry 1989

  • Renegade (Take my breath away) 1989

  • All for the love 1990

  • Midnight 1990

  • Master blaster 1995

  • Get off my sunshine 1996


Clips :

1981 ... a first title that propels her One Shot to the rank of planetary star. Unexpected colossal success for this very young girl, only 9 years old, who did not ask for so much ...

1981 ... an exceptional year which saw her fly from mega hit to mega hit. A shattering start that will have to be confirmed in the years to come ...

1982 ... confirm, this is what will be the hardest for this young gifted. A year 1982 that will not look like the previous one. With titles bordering on caricature...starting with this one !

1982 ... a very musical, very Broadway title. Of course, the American public can navigate it. The rest of the world, much less ...

1983 ... the physical metamorphosis is amplified. The "doll" side has disappeared to make way for a more pre-teen style. All that was his strength is gone ...

1983 ... the result is much better as soon as she returns to the Intimist. An area that suits her really well, that's obvious !

1983 ... blatant confirmation with this title once again more inspired than average. The "With emotions" register really allows her to give the best of herself

1989 ... the new metamorphosis. And physical and sound ! Everything has changed, the style, the sound, the appearance. Clearly more in tune with the times, phew !

1990 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. She still feels so much at home in the Intimist and even though the years have passed, she returns with obvious pleasure

1990 ... the year of rebirth with a succession of high-caliber titles which allow her to return to the forefront. It was time !

1995 ... and yes, it is the same. From the "doll" to the femme fatale. Almost 15 years have passed since its inception. In truth, these are 2 totally opposite careers that she will have made

1996 ... after Nirvana mode, here she is in Anastacia mode. Singer who will explode only a few years later. But the similarity of style between the 2 singers is obvious. So who copied from whom ...?


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