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Shake your booty... 

KC and The Sunshine Band is an American group formed in 1973 in Hialeah, Florida and originally composed of Harry Casey and Richard Finch. Who will be joined quickly by Robert Johnson and Jerome Smith.

They released their first single "Blow your whistel" in 1973, which was to be a great success. But it was above all a year later in 1974 that they experienced their first notorious success with the single "Queen of clubs", which gave them first worldwide recognition. Single from their first album "Do it good" which was released the same year but which, paradoxically, was only very successful.

Success confirmed and especially considerably amplified the following year in 1975 with the release of the album "KC and The Sunshine Band", which will produce their first two major hits that are "Get down tonight" but also, and above all, the Huge “That's the way (I kike it)” which will set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and propel them to the top of glory.

The years follow one another and are now alike with the release of the album "Part 3", which is a success almost equivalent to its predecessor and from which no less than 3 mega planetary hits will be extracted : "(Shake, shake, shake) Shake your booty" and “I'm your boogie man” in 1976 and “ Keep it comin' love” which will be released in 1977. The group is then at the height of its possibilities and everything that comes out immediately turns to gold .

The end of the decade will see the group continue to ride the wave of success, notably with the single "Please don’t go", taken from the album "Do you wanna go party". Single released in 1979 and which will allow them to end the decade in a triumphant way. And to a lesser extent "Yes, I'm ready", a duet with Teri DeSario, and who will also have a nice career in the Charts.

As much as the 1970s saw them explode, the 1980s saw them gradually disappear, like many groups of their generation. A gradual disappearance due in part to the separation between Finch and Casey in 1981.

But the reworked group will still save the furniture with the album "All in a night's work" which came out in 1982. Album from which the single "(You said) You'd gimme some more" in 1982 will be extracted but also, and above all, the title "Give it up" released in 1983 and which will allow them to land a new top hit. Top hit which will unfortunately be their last notorious hit.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Blow your whistle 1973

  • Queen of clubs 1974

  • Get down tonight 1975

  • That’s the way I like it 1975

  • (Shake, shake, shake) Shake your booty 1976

  • I like to do it 1976

  • I’m your boogie man 1977

  • Keep it comin’ love 1977

  • Boogie shoes 1978

  • It’s the same old song 1978

  • Please don’t go 1979

  • Yes, I’m ready 1979

  • (You Said) You'd Gimme Some More 1982

  • Give it up 1983

  • Something's happening 1983

  • Are you ready 1984

  • Game of love 1990

  • 2 live party 1998


Clips :

1973 ... a first title completely in line with the standards of the moment but which also unfortunately shows that there is still a little work to be done to enter the big leagues ...

1974 ... the following year, the group passes the overdrive and obtains its first planetary hit. What more !

1975 ... then comes THIS title. The group delivers here an almost perfect copy but also, and above all, a mega hit Dance which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1975 ... a truly incredible 1975 which saw the group produce 2 mega dance hits in the same year, an extremely rare thing. The group is becoming one of the biggest phenomena of the moment and it's far from over !

1976 ... they were believed incapable of making the pass of 3 and yet ! Here comes their 3rd global mega hit in barely two years, a near record. The group literally walks on water. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1976 ... and even when the level of inspiration weakens somewhat, it is still well above average. The proof with this new top hit !

1977 ... and it continues ! 4th mega hit for barely 4 years of existence. The group is a real war machine and rolls out the mega hits in a truly amazing way !

1977 ... and 1 more ! It makes you wonder if they are really human as everything seems so easy for them. A title released = 1 mega hit for almost 3 consecutive years. Bluffing !

1978 ... the years may change, the incredible dynamic that drives the group does not weaken by an Iota. Admittedly, the year 1978 will be a little notch below the previous years, but at this level, a notch below is still exceptional !

1978 ... when the group plays it in the luxury cover, the result is necessarily up to the mark. The proof with this luxury cover of the Four Tops title dating from 1964. A remixed version sparkling and light as we like them !

1979 ... while the group is the undisputed champion of Dance, it delivers here a beautiful Intimist track which contrasts radically with what he offered until then. A title brings good luck since the title will be remixed in 1992 in Dance version by the group Double You. A remix version which will be one of the big hits of 1992 ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... a really special year 1979 for the group which continues its adventure in the Intimist field. And the result is a bluffing news with this title in duet mode which works perfectly and which gives the group its second mega hit of the year. MA-GIC !

1982 ... after an exceptional decade of the 1970s which saw them touch the stars, the beginning of the 1980s turned out to be much more complicated than expected. With inspiration downright broken down during the years 1980 and 1981

1983 ... the Phoenix is finally reborn from its ashes in this year 1983 and finds the fundamentals that made its fortune and its glory. With the reward of this new global mega hit. Huge title but which will unfortunately be the last notorious hit ...

1983 ... a year 1983 which saw them come back in force with this second title of significant quality. Unfortunately, the stall with the competition is such that it will be impossible for them to return to the race ...

1984 ... they hang on, they resist and they still believe in it. But it is clear that there are only them who still believe in it. Even if this title is nice, it lacks that trait of genius that made them so strong during the 1970s

1990 ... they will even try the experience of the 90s. A great resistance but despite all their efforts, it must be said that this time mass is said !

1998 ... come on, a little last to finish and my faith, they will have almost succeeded in reaching the following decade. In the end, a great adventure which allowed them to produce several anthology hits. Who says better ?


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