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Seafood Mama...

Originally, 2 groups from Oregon ("Seafood Mama" and "Pilot") merged in 1980 and, still under the name Seafood Mama, released the single "Harden my heart". Single which immediately became a big hit on Portland radio.

It was a year later in 1981, after the band renamed themselves QuarterFlash, that the single was re-recorded. Single which is part of the album of the same name as the band.

And this time around, the success is no longer limited to Portland, but spreads across the globe ! The album, like the single, was a hit worldwide. Album which will sell more than a million copies and which will produce another single of good quality with "Find another fool".

The second album "Take another picture" was released in 1983 and was less successful. Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "Take me to heart".

A last album "Back into blue" was released in 1985 and was very successful. This will lead to the group being dismissed by the record company and the outright disappearance of him.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Harden my heart 1981

  • Find another fool 1982

  • Right kind of love 1982

  • Night shift 1982

  • Take me to heart 1983

  • Take another picture 1983

  • Talk to me 1985

  • Walking on ice 1985


Clips :

1981 ... THE title of a lifetime, the one which explodes the notoriety and brings One Shot to the musical Pantheon of the 80s. They sign here one of the biggest dance hits of the early 80s, the decade and the twentieth century period. Just that !

1982 ... the problem with a title that follows a global mega-hit is to manage to compete. And as so often, it is literally impossible. Once again the proof ...

1982 ... 1981 was an exceptional year for the band with the release of a single single. The year 1982 will be average with the release of 3 singles. Go figure ...

1982 ... and yet the quality is there. But the 1st opus was so remarkable that the sequel seems palate next to it ...

1983 ... we will have to wait for the year 1983 to see them return to a success equivalent to 'Harden my heart'. And again, the success will be limited mainly to the United States ...

1983 ... back to the depths of the ranking. The 100 % American rock quality is no longer enough to keep the ship afloat ...

1985 ... and yet we cannot blame them for their overwhelming enthusiasm. An expenditure of energy that would have deserved better recognition, it is clear ...

1985 ... we started with their Mona Lisa. We end up with their 2nd best work. Like what, it was enough to wait ...


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