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Sea of time...

The Rainbirds are a German band formed in 1986 and originally composed of Katharina Franck, Michael Beckmann and Wolfgang Glum.

Spotted by Mercury Records during a rock festival in Berlin, the group released their eponymous debut album in 1988. An album that hit the Old Continent and produced the flagship single "Blueprint" in particular.

Further success in 1989 with the release of the album "Call Me Easy, Say I’m Strong, Love Me My Way, It Ain’t Wrong".

Repeated successes which did not prevent the group from imploding soon after leaving only Katharina Franck in charge.

Unified by pianist Ulrike Haage, the group will become a duo which will release other albums later but which will not compete with the quality of the previous two.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Blueprint 1987

  • Boy on the beach 1988

  • Sea of time 1989

  • Not exactly 1989

  • Two faces 1991

  • Devil’s dance 1993

  • Absolutely free 1996

  • Don’t cry ariver for me (Be cool) 1997


Clips :

1987 ... frankly, almost impossible to imagine that this group is stamped Made In Deutschland. The sound and style really make you think of pure Anglo-Saxon and it's pretty flattering ...

1988 ... after the time of revelation, the time for confirmation has come. Admittedly, the success is not on a planetary level but whatever, we will largely be satisfied with it ...

1989 ... a multi-influence style which takes up most of the great musical themes of the time. Everyone will find his account...

1989 ... a big year 1989 with several big caliber titles. For the very large caliber, we will still have to be patient ...

1991 ... change of decade which rhymes with change of style. The group begins to switch slowly but surely in the wacky. For good or for bad...?

1996 ... years with the minimum union, years without anything at all. A fairly chaotic decade of the 90s which saw the group somewhat lose his Latin ...

1997 ... anyway, an original group which will have demonstrated a certain talent and produced several titles of certain quality


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