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Scarlet and other stories...

All About Eve is an English group formed in 1984 and originally composed of Julianne Regan (ex Gene Loves Jezebel), Manuella Zwingmann (ex Xmal Deutschland), Tim Bricheno and Gus Ferguson. The name of the group would be a reference to the film of the same name and played by Bette Davis.

The group released their first single "D for desire" in 1985. Single that will go almost unnoticed. So much so that Zwingmann and Ferguson prefer to leave the ship altogether.

It was therefore a revamped team that released the single "In the clouds" a year later in 1986. Then “Flowers in our hair” in 1987. Without more success.

But the group hangs on and re-releases "In the clouds" again in 1987. And this time the single does not go unnoticed, far from it. The destiny of the group is radically changed.

The year 1988 saw the release of their 1st album. An astonishing eponymous album blending influences from hippie ideals as well as white magic but also certain fairy tale themes. A first album which is a hit and from which their first top hit "Martha's Harbor" will be extracted. As well as three other hits, certainly of less importance, but which will allow the group to see its notoriety literally explode.

Success confirmed a year later in 1989 with the release of the album "Scarlet and other stories". Album that produced three new hits including "December" which came out the same year and "Scarlet" which came out a year later in 1990.

New album in 1991 with the release of “Touched by Jesus”, an album which in turn was a notorious success. With 3 new hits on the clock, the most famous of which will be “Farewell Mr Sorrox”, the group confirms year after year its status as the sure value of the moment. So much so that even David Gilmour of Pink Floyd will allow himself to accompany them on the guitar on two pieces !

Despite this excellent dynamic, the album "Ultraviolet", which will be released in 1992 and produce two new hits, "Phased" and "Some finer day", will be the last. The departure of Julianne Regan unfortunately sealing the fate of the group which will separate later in 1993.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • D for desire 1985

  • In the clouds 1986

  • Our summer 1987

  • Wild hearted woman 1988

  • Every angel 1988

  • Martha’s harbour 1988

  • What kind of fool 1988

  • Road to your soul 1989

  • December 1989

  • Scarlet 1990

  • Farewell Mr Sorrow 1991

  • Strange way 1991

  • The dreamer 1991

  • Phased 1992

  • Some finer day 1992

  • Let me go home 2004


Clips :

1985 ... a first title which already shows a certain and rather promising talent. All that remains for the group to do is find his definitive style ...

1986 ... and the definitive style, here it is. It only took them a short year to find the right sound and produce this title of more than certain quality. HU-GE !

1987 ... despite an obvious rise in power, the group still cannot find the path to success. We will have to be patient ...

1988 ... it was enough to wait a little while. Here comes the time of the first classified titles. The obvious talent of the group is finally rewarded at its fair value

1988 ... a year which will prove to be exceptional for the group with an avalanche of titles which will all be classified. The group will have taken a long time to take off but better late than never !

1988 ... the title of consecration. The group signs here quite simply the biggest success of all its discography. The whole on a very beautiful Intimist track and which shows all the versatility of the group. MA-GIC !

1988 ... four titles classified for this single year 1988, a feat achieved by few groups, it is clear. But when inspiration is in order, everything follows !

1989 ... of course, the group will divide by 2 the number of titles classified during this year 1989 compared to the previous year but it is clear that the dynamic of success is still in motion

1989 ... and here surely comes one of the most emblematic titles of the group. A particularly successful title which shows the level of excellence achieved by the latter. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... the more the years go on, the fewer titles the group produces. This does not alter the quality of the titles released ...

1991 ... then the group finds an energy like never before with three enormous titles which will leave in this year 1991. To start with this one which will remain as the best classified

1991 ... paradoxically, the group no longer really sticks to the sounds of the moment but that does not prevent him from staying in the race. Beautiful feat !

1991 ... a great year for the group which ended in style with a third classified title. A longevity which shows once again that the group is not there by chance

1992 ... a new year which starts again almost on the same bases as the previous year. Inspiration is always in order and success naturally follows

1992 ... the last title in a decade that proved to be as interesting for the group to explore as the last. And they will even afford the luxury of returning the following decade ...

2004 ... the group therefore returns during the 2000s but the style has nothing to do with what they offered before. They have to evolve but the metamorphosis will unfortunately not really benefit them ...


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