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Saturday night fever...

Oliver Cheatam is an American singer born in Detroit and who will be pushed by his own mother to embark on a career as a singer.

He will do his classes in groups such as "The Young Sirs", "Mad Dog and the Pups", "Gaslight" and other "Sins of Satan".

His first album "The boss" was released in 1982 but it was a year later, in 1983, that he knew the planetary consecration with the album "Saturday night" and the huge title "Get down Saturday night" .

Single lighthouse that sets fire to all dancefloor on the planet and makes Cheatam a legend.

It will take him 3 years to digest this colossal success and it was not until 1986 that he found the top of the poster when the hit singles "S.O.S." and "Celebrate (Our love)" were released.

Other titles will be released later but will only be a modest success.

Oliver Chetam will disappear prematurely on November 29, 2013, suffering from a heart attack while sleeping.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Get down Saturday night 1983

  • Bless the ladies 1983

  • Mama said 1985

  • S.O.S. 1986

  • Celebrate 1987

  • Wish on a star 1987

  • Go for it 1988

  • Turn out the lights 1990

  • Put a little love in your heart 1991


Clips :

1983 ... it only took one title, THIS title, to bring the singer One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. He signed here quite simply one of the most HUGE Dance titles of the decade. A reference on the subject. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... how to compete with the previous gem ? Mission almost impossible. The suite is quality but will necessarily be a notch below ...

1985 ... positioned on a niche for the moment exclusively Dance, the singer tries to renew the feat of the beginning of career but it is clear that it will prove to be particularly complicated ...

1986 ... after several unsuccessful attempts, he finally comes back to success. It's not for lack of trying but when inspiration is no longer at the top, success inevitably fluctuates accordingly

1987 ... in the same vein. A product of certain quality that allows him to stay afloat. Not sure it lasts but we are not going to sulk our pleasure

1987 ... ah, there it is, the essential Ultimate Slow that every good singer must be able to display on his record. We would have been surprised if he didn't try it, this one. Bet successful but unfortunately limited success ...

1988 ... new acceleration of the tempo and return to Dance, his field of predilection. An area in which he has obtained his greatest number of successes. Normal, this is where he is most gifted !

1990 ... the exception that proves the rule. Here he begins the new decade gently, a gamble to say the least daring. But once again the quality is there, so we will largely be satisfied with it

1991 ... a hint of House to end in style. So there, it was necessary to try this one. But do not adapt who wants. And there, the competition is already light years away unfortunately ...


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