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Sandy forever...

Olivia Newton John launched her musical career when she was still living in Australia when she was 15, forming her first group, SOL FOUR, a group composed exclusively of girls. Group which will appear regularly until 1963 in all the hook TVs in the area. She left the following year to live in England with her mother and a friend, and left 2 years after her 1st Single "Till you say you'll be mine", then her 1st album in 1970, followed by a 2nd in 1971 which will experience a success of esteem. A pivotal year with a 1st title classified in the United States "I honesty love you". She will represent England at Eurovision in 1974, and finishes 4th. She left to live in the United States in 1975 where she turned to Country, an atypical musical domain which would however allow her to win a Grammy Award. But it was the film "Grease", now a cult film, released in 1978, which would propel her to the top of the heights. The title "Hopelessly devoted to you" becomes her 1st world hit. 1981 was the year of records and the most prolific with 2 million "Physical" albums sold. Unfortunately, the following years will not measure up to the previous ones.

She will leave us on August 8, 2022 following breast cancer which she had been fighting for more than 30 years. She will stay whatever happens and for posterity Sandy, the cutest blonde of the 80s. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• If not for you 1971

• Banks of the Ohio 1971

• Don't move away 1971

• Let me be there 1973

• If you love me (Let me know) 1974

• I honestly love you 1974

• Have you never been mellow 1975

• Please Mr please 1975

• Come on over 1976

• Jolene 1976

• Don't stop believin 1976

• You're the one that I want 1978

• Summer nights 1978

• Hopelessly devoted to you 1978

• A little more love 1978

• Deeper than the night 1979

• Totaly hot 1979

• Rest your love on me 1979

• Magic 1980

• Xanadu 1980

• Suspended in time 1980

• Suddenly 1980

• Physical 1981

• Make a move on me 1982

• Landslide 1982

• Heart attack 1982

• Tied up 1983

• Soul kiss 1985

• The best of me 1986

• The rumour 1988

• Reach out for me 1989

• I need love 1992

• Deeper than a river 1992

• No matter what you do 1994

• Precious love 1998

• Don't say that 1998

• Lift me up 2002

• I will be right here 2002

• I love you crazy 2002

• Anyone who had a heart 2004

• Where have all the flowers gone 2004

• Under the skin 2005

• Serenity 2005

• Learn to love yourself 2006

• Love is letting go of fear 2006

Angel in the wing 2008

• Hope is always here 2009

• Help me to heal 2011

You have to believe 2015

Love is a gift 2018

• The window in the wall 2021


Clips :

1971 ... the debut of a little girl who will become one of the biggest stars of this decade. But that, she doesn't know yet ...

1971 ... completely surreal beginnings in Folko-country mode. We are 10,000 light years from Grease ...

1971 ... one is already a huge star and the other will soon become one. We therefore suspect that the reunion of these 2 talents would necessarily give something of the most interesting !

1973 ... we find her 2 years later and the look has evolved, it's obvious ! On the other hand, on the music side, it doesn't work out ...

1974 ... evolution is slow, very slow but certain. We will therefore have to be patient to see her 'explode'

1974 ... his first planetary hit thanks to this ballad which allows her to offer a much more 'trendy' face...

1975 ... the hits are linked at the Speed Big S. The look and the style are refined more and more. The best is yet to come, that's for sure !

1975 ... a series of very large caliber ballads that allow her to gain momentum once again...

1976 ... that, ballads side, it is on that she passed Mistress in the matter. It may have to accelerate a little bit anyway ...

1976 ... come on, we won't blame her, one last little folko-country hit before moving on to ONJ Season 2...

1976 ... that's it, it shudders, it's clear ! The tempo is accelerating, it smells good !

1978 ... Sandy for ever! Planetary consecration thanks to this incredible film, with the most simplistic scenario but with contagious freshness and carefreeness. Surely one of the most representative movie of the 70s. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1978 ... fate offered her a golden role with this character of Sandy, a role that will change her life forever. 2nd cult title for a movie that is no less ... cult !

1978 ... and 1, and 2 and 3 cult titles ! This movie soundtrack is absolutely oufissime and will go down in history as one of the most incredible there is. The singer could not dream of a better gift from heaven !

1978 ... an exceptional year 1978 in every way! After having triumphed in Grease, the singer continues in stride with an enormous solo title which will surely remain as one of her best titles. There is nothing to say, when the sky decided to spoil you ...

1979 ... the pretty Olivia temporarily resumes its folko-country register, but this time remixed with Fleetwood Mac sauce. And it works too !

1979 ... certainly, the year 1979 will not know the level of success of the year 1978 but what is certain is that the singer is on an incredible dynamic that has not finished wearing her !

1979 ... when 2 huge stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to par !

1980 ... the 1970s saw it 'explode', the 1980s made her a definitive legend. Starting with this title which positions her ideally for the continuation of events ...

1980 ... and the ideal sequel, here it is ! Here she signs an HUGE hit that smashes everything in its path and cheerfully confirms its status as a phenomenon of the moment. So, Olivia, what do we say : thank you Electric Light Orchestra !

1980 ... the same title but in a choreographed version. We have the right here to 6 minutes of pure happiness which make this title an event as much on the song side as on the dance side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a title that will go much more unnoticed than its predecessor, which it would have been a shame to hide. Here it is brought back to light and it's only fair...

1980 ... when 2 huge stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to par. Look, I seem to have said it already ...

1981 ... what will surely remain his biggest Dance hit ! Here she signs a new mega hit that definitely consecrates her as one of the greatest singers of this decade. And of the XXth century in short! All carried by a So Eightie's clip !

1982 ... the year with 3 top hits. Starting with this one. The aspiration provoked by the previous single allows her to walk on water ...

1982 ... when we compare the Olivia of the early 70s with the Olivia of 82, the contrast is striking. Is it really the same ? Yes Yes...

1982 ... a year that ends in style with this 3rd hit which spins at 200 km/h. Watch out for the heart attack ...

1983 ... the years go by but they don't necessarily look alike ... One hit this time. The beginning of the end ?

1985 ... in femme fatale mode. Will this be enough to relaunch her nascent career. Not sure...

1986 ... slight air gap on the success side in the Charts despite this nice sweet title. The incredible dynamics which carried the singer until then is seriously weakening ...

1988 ... it took 3 years to see her return to success. A comeback where we find an Olivia Newton John at the top of her form. Not sure that it lasts a very long time ...

1989 ... the end of a decade full of finesse and softness. Despite this title with obvious quality, the dropout in the Charts is growing from year to year. Not necessarily auspicious ...

1992 ... new decade change and Sandy is still there. Less and less present but still there. What a journey since 'If not for you' !

1992 ... an unexpected flashback with more than certain quality titles. Like what, everything happens to who knows how to wait ...

1994 ... well, this time, it is indeed his last notorious hit. But what a career ! When we take up the little folko-country debut of little Olivia and this last title in Euro Beat mode, we realize the path traveled by this extraordinary artist !

1998 ... the adventure will continue but much more in the shadows and far, very far, from the summit of the Charts. Afterwards, some artists are largely satisfied with it ...

1998 ... the adventure will especially continue in a musical mode which sees her returning to its origins and its fundamentals. Hence an inevitable drop in audience among the general public ...

2002 ... we still have to remember that she started her career in 1966 and that we are in 2002 ! Even if the best years are now behind, she begins her 5th decade of career with undisguised enthusiasm and we can only congratulate her for that !

2002 ... the beginning of the 2000s will be combined with many. The whole on titles full of finesse and lightness which shows once again that she has not lost any of her talent in the register of 'emotional' titles ...

2002 ... duets my faith very nice but which will bring her no more than that. Too bad because there is quality and an obvious desire to do well ...

2004 ... we continue with finesse and lightness. This is now its guiding line and she will only come out very little from now on ...

2004 ... we continue in the same register. We would have liked her to vary styles and tempos a little more, but who would blame her in the end when we see the quality of what she produces in the Intimist register ...

2005 ... the years go by without anything changing now. She stays in her comfort zone even if it necessarily marginalizes her. After that, it's up to her to know what's good for her or not ...

2005 ... everything is stable in the Newton-John galaxy. Everything must now be only calm and voluptuousness, the end of the "Grease" years and its frenzied rhythms ...

2006 ... we find her once again in her favorite register. And given what she continues to offer, we take, we take !

2006 ... until the end she will have played in the same register. Afterwards, she at least has the merit of still being there when many others of her time have already disappeared body and soul for decades ...

2008 ... the exception that makes the rule, here she accelerates the tempo in an unexpected way to say the least. A rhythmic parenthesis that we can only appreciate at its true value ...

2009 ... a parenthesis quickly closed on the acceleration of the tempo. She returns almost immediately to her comfort zone, the zone in which she feels the most sheltered at first sight ...

2011 ... and here she is in this new decade 2010. When she started in 1966, who could have imagined that she would still be there in 2011? Not many people, that's for sure ...

2015 ... and here she is back in Ultra Dance mode, but what happens to her ? When the young generation decides to push the song with the legend, here is the result. Bluffing !

2018 ... the young generation-legend duets allow the singer to stay connected with the musical world. For how long, that's another question ...

2021 ... while with each title we tell ourselves that it will surely be the last, she comes back again and again afterwards. Once again the proof with this new duo, a duo that works quite well once again. But this time, it will be the last...


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