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Runaway girls...

Very little info on One Two Three, other than the fact that it is still a concept project of Bobby "O" Orlando, flagship producer of the 80s whose greatest success will be the trio The Flirts.

Concept-project that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for his flagship single "Falling in love with myself" released in 1983.

As such alone, he deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Runaway 1983

  • Another knife in my back 1983

  • Falling in love with myself 1983

  • Midnite fantasy 1983

  • My last broke heart 1983

  • It would break your heart 1983

  • Runaway girl 1986

  • Heartbreak 1987


Clips :

1983 ... an excellent first title which shows all the potential of this group. The style, the sound, everything works perfectly. This is called an ideal start !

1983 ... the sequel disappoints somewhat. We fall back into the basic Italo Disco and leave us somewhat unsatisfied. Can and must do better !

1983 ... which will surely remain as their most emblematic title. The group signs here the biggest success of its short existence and proves to us in a striking way that we were right to believe in them !

1983 ... a BIG year1983 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. Quality Dance that works perfectly again !

1983 ... a year 1983 that never ends and who would complain about it ! All the titles released are not masterpieces but the whole holds up well !

1983 ... we would never have imagined them capable of venturing into the Intimist domain. And my faith, the result is most astonishing and especially the most successful. A real success !

1986 ... slight air gap of 3 years and here they are again in this year 1986 in a certain form. The style has evolved somewhat but the quality level has remained constant !

1987 ... an adventure which draws to its end with a last track which will not necessarily remain as their best. Regardless, the whole thing will have been the most successful !


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