Rocket man...

Elton John, real name Reginald Dwight, is an English singer-songwriter who has sold over 300 million records, making him one of the best record sellers of all time.

The figures make you dizzy : no less than 50 Top40, 27 Top10, 4 N°2 and 9 N°1 singles side at the level of the English Charts. 58 Top40 singles side and 7 consecutive albums ranked No. 1 at the level of the American Charts.

Her version of "Candle in the Wind", revamped on the occasion of Lady Di's death, will sell more than 33 million copies !

Little Reginald started playing the piano at the age of 3 and showed obvious composing skills very early on. This is how he won at the age of 11 a school competition at the Royal Academy of Music. He will take courses there for 5 years.

At the age of 15, he started playing in pubs on weekends. And in 1964, he formed his first group "Bluesology".

Things started to pick up in 1967 when he responded to an ad from a music magazine. Announcement that puts him in touch with Ray Williams of Liberty Records. Which makes him meet a certain Bernie Taupin, author of his state. And this meeting will completely upset his destiny.

A first composition "Scarecrow" will see the light of day.

6 months later, Reginald Dwight officially becomes Elton John in reference to Bluesology saxophonist Elton Dean and musician Long John Baldry.

The first single "I’ve been loving you" was released in 1968, followed in 1969 by "Lady Samantha".

The eponymous first album was released in 1970, an album from which the first classified single, namely "Border song", was to be extracted. But it is above all another excerpt, "Yoursong" which will experience considerable and above all global success. The singer's career is this time beautiful and well launched.

In 1972 the album "Madman across the water" was released, with the flagship singles "Levon" and "Tiny dancer". Shortly followed by the album "Honky Chanteau" which will produce the singles "Rocket man" and especially "Honky cat" which will complete a very honorable career in the Charts.

A year later in 1973 the album "Don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player" was released. Album which will give the singer his first mega hit with the enormous “Crocodile rock”. As well as “Daniel” who will still rank N ° 2 across the Atlantic.

The same year released the album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", a critically acclaimed album that was very well received by the public. Including the hit “Bennie and the Jets” and the original version of “Candle in the wind”. The singer's notoriety then skyrocketed.

The album “Caribou” was released in 1974, another success and new hit with the single “Don’t let the sun go down on me”. Followed in 1975 by the album "Captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy" which caused a stir across the Atlantic. Album from which the flagship single “Someone saved my life tonight” will be extracted. The same year the album “Rock of the Westies” was released with the single hit “Island girl”.

1976 turned out to be an exceptional year with the release of two mega hits, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” from the album “Blue moves”. But also and above all the transcosmic "Don’t go breaking my heart", in duet with Kiki Dee, single which is one of the biggest hits of that year. The singer achieved the status of a planetary mega star.

That same year, he announced that he was bisexual.

Little air hole in 1978 with an album "A single man" which did not meet the success of the preceding ones and a Bernie Taupin who began to work with other singers. 1979 will be even worse with an album "Victim of love" which turns out to be a failure.

Business resumed in 1980 with the release of the album "21 at 33" whose hit single "Little Jeannie" brought the singer back to center stage.

New hole in 1981 with the album "The fox" which misses the public. The album "Jump up! "Which came out in 1982 will do slightly better but nothing more thanks to the single" Empty garden (Hey hey Johnny).

A resounding comeback in 1983 with the album "Too low for zero" which brought on a silver platter two mega hits that are "I'm still standing" and "I guess that’s why they call it the blues". The same year he married his sound engineer Renate Blaued.

Slow down in 1985 with the release of the album "Breaking hearts" which was saved by the single hit "Sad songs (say no much)". Short-term drop in power because the album "Ice on fire" is released, from which the magnificent "Nikita" will be extracted.

The album "Leather jackets" came out in 1986 and the effect "one hit is good, one hit is not good" happened again, it was a relative failure.

In 1987 he went to the infirmary for an operation to remove polyps on his vocal cords. Operation successful but the singer's voice is changed.

The year after in 1988 released the album "Reg strikes back" which saw the single "I don’t wanna go on with you like that" getting very good cores. He also participates in the title "That’s what friends are for" with Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder in particular. Title that will make a real planetary success.

But it was 1989 that brought him one of his most enormous hits with the sumptuous and languid "Sacrifice", single from the album "Sleeping with the past".

But here ends our dive into the life of this extraordinary artist, who will have marked several decades like few others before him. Both for its whimsical side, sometimes bordering on caricature, and for the exceptional quality of its discography.

Other albums and singles would come out later, some of them huge ...

But that will be the subject of another article. To be continued !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I've been loving you 1968

  • Lady Samantha 1969

  • Border song 1970

  • Your song 1970

  • Levon 1971

  • Rocket man 1972

  • Honky cat 1972

  • Crocodile rock 1972

  • Daniel 1973

  • Saturday night's alright for fighting 1973

  • Goodbye yellow brick road 1973

  • Bennie and the Jets 1974

  • Candle in the wind 1974

  • Don't let the sun go down on me 1974

  • Philadelphia freedom 1975

  • Someone saved my life tonight 1975

  • Island girl 1975

  • Don’t go breaking my heart 1976

  • Sorry seems to be the hardest word 1976

  • Ego 1978

  • Part time love 1978

  • Song for guy 1978

  • Are you ready for love 1979

  • Mama can't buy you love 1979

  • Victim of love 1979

  • Little Jeannie 1980

  • Nobody wins 1981

  • Blue eyes 1982

  • Empty garden (Hey hey Johnny) 1982

  • I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues 1983

  • I’m still standing 1983

  • Kiss the bride 1983

  • Sad songs 1984

  • Passengers 1984

  • Who wears these choes 1984

  • In neon 1984

  • Nikita 1985

  • That's what friends are for 1985

  • Wrap her up 1985

  • Cry to heaven 1986

  • Heartache all over the world 1986

  • Flames of paradise 1987

  • I don't wanna go on with you like that 1988

  • A word in spanish 1988

  • Healing hands 1989

  • Sacrifice 1989

  • Whispers 1989

  • Amazes me 1989

  • Club at the end of the street 1990

  • You gotta love someone 1990

  • Easier to walk away 1990

  • The one 1992

  • Runaway train 1992

  • The last song 1992

  • Simple life 1993

  • True love 1993

  • Can you feel the love tonight 1994

  • Circle of life 1994

  • Believe 1995

  • Made in England 1995

  • Blessed 1995

  • You can make history (Young again) 1996

  • Something about the way you look tonight 1997

  • Recover your soul 1998

  • Written in the stars 1999

Clips :

1968 ... the first steps of the man who will become in a few decades one of the greatest singers of all time. But at this point, no one knows yet ...

1969 ... the ramp-up is smooth. It was not until the following decade to see the singer finally step up a gear ...

1970 ... the title of the revelation. The singer by changing decade has passed an obvious level and now everything is finally reunited for the start of the great fireworks display : the style, the voice, the extraordinary inspiration. All he has to do is unroll !

1970 ... and a year later, it is already the 1st interplanetary hit. On one of his most beautiful compositions ... The rest and especially the 20 years that will follow will be HUGE !

1971 ... hard to compete with the previous gem. A new quality ballad but which does not play in the same category, that's clear ...

1972 ... then suddenly things accelerate. From this title there, it is an almost uninterrupted series of mega hits that will follow ... An absolutely amazing discography will be born !

1972 ... a small transitional title before the arrival of a new mega hit. Story to prepare the ground as best as possible ...

1972 ... and the mega hit, here it is ! A GIGANTIC hit that elevates the artist One Shot to the rank of global star. The legend is now on ...

1973 ... almost as loud, this time in Intimist mode ! From now on, it is almost 1 title = 1 hit for the next 30 years !

1973 ... little air hole with that 'simple' hit. A 'single' hit which for everyone else would be a top hit. But given what he is capable of producing, we cannot be satisfied with the union minimum ...

1973 ... we knew it wasn't going to last. Surely one of his most iconic titles and one of the strongest of the decade

1974 ... change of vintage. A veritable deluge of hits is on the horizon, starting with this one !

1974 ... a very simple song...which on its release will only have a limited success ... We know the rest ...

1974 ... still one of his most famous titles. A staggering inspiration for the time and which produced hits after hits ...

1975 ... we can change the year, everything is stable ... The slightest song that comes out is a guaranteed success ! No need to worry more than that ...

1975 ... of course, 1975 will not be remembered as its best. But wines like that, 95 % of the common artists of the time would have largely been satisfied ...

1975 ... come on, business picks up and we end the year in style with this title which spins at 200 km/h ! Everything is under control as they say ...

1976 ... a scorching year for a scorching song that sets all Dancefloor on the planet on fire. Here he signs an HUGE transcosmic hit which has already established him as one of the best artists of the decade and of his generation

1976 ... an absolutely incredible sequel, with nameless lyricism that suspends time as if by magic !

1978 ... after a year in 1977 when not much was happening, he came back in great shape with this title which opened a year which was to prove to be great again !

1978 ... if there is a typical 'Elton John' sound, it is this one. A style of rhythm and instruments recognizable among all ...

1978 ... one of the most famous titles of this decade. And as paradoxical as it may seem, it is an almost un-sung title. Even in vocal silence he excels !

1979 ... when Elton plays Disco. Yes, yes, he can do it too and it works perfectly, like everything else !

1979 ... in the same vein. A perfectly mastered orchestration typical of the end of the decade. And that makes this song literally shine

1979 ... the last hit of a decade which saw him reach the heights of glory with disconcerting ease ... Can't wait for the next one !

1980 ... a change of decade negotiated to perfection and which allows a transition in the best conditions. Thanks who, thanks Jeannie !

1981 ... still one of his most iconic titles. He signed here the English version of a title which would become a huge hit in France under the name 'J'veux d'la tendresse'. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... the start of the mega hits of the 1980s. Starting with one of his finest Ultimate Slows, a monument of tenderness and gentleness

1982 ... completely unable to compete with the previous gem, this title will have to be content with a 'small' success. Well then Elton ?

1983 ... we suspected that Elton could not stay on a small success. A comeback of which he has the secret !

1983 ... but that's without counting on this HUGE interstellar hit which will literally set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet. What will surely remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the end of the 20th century !

1983 ... another BIG year with a third world class hit. Certainly less successful than the previous one, but still !

1984 ... each year its mega hit. For 1984, it will be that one. One among so many others, we can't even count them by force ...

1984 ... an indescribable title, totally outside the standard patterns. Anyway, even when he leaves in the wacky, it works !

1984 ... a title which will not be remembered as its best but which deserves a bit of a detour. And the detour with him rhymes with top hit, that is to say ...

1984 ... come on, we end very gently this magnificent year 1984 which will have brought to the artist a surplus of glory which he does not even know what to do with force ...

1985 ... one of his biggest hits of the decade and of his career. An interstellar hit which, once again, reinforces its status as an undisputed and indisputable star

1985 ... a little beef between friends which will lead to one of the biggest hits of the decade. When we see the sizes that participate, obviously, it can only produce a result of phew !

1985 ... in an ocean of exceptional titles, the slightest drop in inspiration becomes a task as they say. This will not prevent this title from achieving a notorious level of success ...

1986 ... new foray into the 'emotional' register. All carried by a seriously surprising clip coming from him ...

1986 ... titles which follow one another but which are poles apart from each other. This one is playful, festive, light, airy ... Everything and its opposite ...

1987 ... a new shocking and above all charming duo with one of the female stars of the moment. And it rocks my faith !

1988 ... for the year 1988, the mega hit will be this one. Very big caliber hit Dance once again and which necessarily hits the mark !

1988 ... well, we are far from the Masterpiece but it is very 'Youngsters' and therefore perfectly in tune with the times ...

1989 ... a decade which ends like the previous one, at the top once again ! It's been 20 years since little Reginald has been laying hits like chicken eggs every morning ... That is to say at an incredible frequency. What talent !

1989 .... surely one of his finest Masterpieces. A marvel of softness and finesse which will remain as one of the most beautiful Ultimate Slows of the end of the 20th century ! And it's not over, far from it. A fabulous new decade is on the horizon ...

1989 ... a hallucinating end of decade for the artist where everything succeeds him in an incredible way once again. But how does he manage to renew his inspiration at such an incredible speed ...?

1989 ... a year 1989 that never ends and which will undoubtedly remain as one of its best vintages of the decade. And it is far from over !

1990 ... a 90s decade that started off with a bang. He will have gone through the 1960s, then the 1970s, then the 1980s and here he is entering the 1990s with an obvious desire to do well. And the result is once again up to the task !

1990 ... one would have thought that the 1990s would see him decline slowly but surely, but the opposite is going to happen. All thanks to an almost unique talent !

1990 ... there is quantity, but also and above all quality, a constant that can only be found with the greatest. And let's go to last like that for a few more years ...

1992 ... the year 1991 will see him resume his title "Don't let the sun go down on me" in the company of a certain...George Michael. A title that will give him just a new global mega hit, one more ! We find him in this year 1992 in once again Olympic form, a year which allows him to add one more star to his prize list, which already have quite a few !

1992 ... when 2 legends push the song, we suspect that the result will be equal to the sum of the 2 talents. Which is necessarily the case here !

1992 ... an exceptional year 1992 with no less than 3 mega planetary hits during this year alone. The singer continues to fly to stratospheric heights and one really wonders who could stop him !

1993 ... a year 1993 which started slowly in terms of success in the Charts. But with him, the air holes never last very long ...

1993 ... the reunion. Even if this title will not meet the exceptional level of their last joint performance, the fact remains that this title still largely holds up !

1994 ... during each decade, he will have produced at least 1 exceptional title, if not several. For the 90s, the Masterpiece, here it is. All for the soundtrack of the Walt Disney film The Lion King. He simply signs here one of the most outstanding soundtracks of the end of the 20th century. MA-GIS-TRAL !

1994 ... he achieves a real feat by not signing 1 incredible track on this soundtrack but downright 2 ! Even if it will be a little notch below, the fact remains that in 2 tracks he will have reached almost musical perfection !

1995 ... an incredible dynamic of success that does not weaken by an Iota despite the weight of years and especially decades that accumulate. A truly exceptional and almost unique longevity. But he is well worth it !

1995 ... and yet, while we thought the unlikely thing, the little grain of sand will still manage to get into this perfectly oiled tube machine. A very small grain of sand, of course, but which will succeed in slowing down the machine which until then had been operating at full speed ...

1995 ... after a hallucinatory start to the 1990s, the second part of the decade turned out to be somewhat disappointing. And yet he does not demerit, far from it. But the public is starting to get bored and take an interest in young people who are at least 20 years younger. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... the level of success is downright in free fall in this year 1996. The singer is at a turning point in his career, it is obvious. While he literally flew over the competition until then, here he is forced to return to the level of ordinary people by force of circumstances. We suspected that this would happen at one point or another ...

1997 ... a year 1997 which will see him return to the race in a sensational way but not necessarily as he had imagined. Because that year, the fate of a princess and not the least will change definitively one August evening under the Alma bridge and move the entire planet ... Just like her 'Candle in the wind' that he will especially re-adapt for the occasion ...

1998 ... returned to the race by force of circumstances, this unexpected leap will allow him to get back to the leading pack. Certainly, he will never again touch the stars as he has done many times before, but he will come very close ...

1999 ... the female duets succeeding him rather well, why deny them ? The result is once again up to the task and allows him to end the 90s in the best possible way. Will we find him again the following decade ? It could well be that yes ...

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