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Right here waiting...

Richard Marx is an American singer-songwriter who can claim to have sold no less than 30 million records to date worldwide. Artist who can also boast of having entered the record books for having placed his first 7 songs directly in the Top5 of the American Bilboard Hot 100, which is a real feat!

Singer who began his artistic career at the age of 5 by recording advertising jingles on behalf of his father, who created a particularly flourishing company in the 1960s, a company specializing in advertising jingles.

But he will still have to wait a few more years and the age of 17 to really start his career as an artist, a career that takes off after one of his demos fell into the hands of a certain…Lionel Richie.

Which initially allows him to play luxury singers, especially for big names like Kenny Rogers. And it is precisely the same Kenny Rogers who will perform in 1984 one of the first compositions of the young artist, namely "What about me ?". Single who will make a real planetary success and prove in a brilliant way that this young Richard really has talent to spare.

Still, he'll have to wait a few more years and sign with Manhattan Records before he can finally stand on his own feet. Label which allowed him to release his eponymous first album in 1987. And for a first album, it was a real success !

The album was a hit in the world and went on to sell more than 4 million copies in the United States alone. Album which will produce on its own no less than 3 top planetary hits with the singles "Don't mean nothing", "Should've known better" always the same year and "Hold on to the nights" which comes out as a year later in 1988.

The year 1988 saw the release of another single, still taken from the same album, a single called "Endles summer nights", an enormous single which was to give the artist his first mega hit.

The consecration, the real one, came two years later in 1989 when the album "Repeat offender" was released, an album of all records which produced a trifle of 5 mega planetary hits, an absolutely remarkable feat for a single artist. Three came out in 1989 including "Satisfied", "Angelia" but also, and above all, what will remain as his masterpiece, namely "Right here waiting".

New album "Rush street" two years later in 1991, album with less success but with notorious success all the same. He added 3 new stars to the artist’s already abundantly supplied track record with the singles "Keep coming back" in 1991 as well as "Hazard" and "Take this heart" in 1992.

An incredible adventure that continued in 1994 with the release of the album "Paid vacation" in 1994, which was to be the last album of great caliber in the world. Album which will mainly produce the huge single "Now and forever", single which will also be the last single of big caliber on a planetary level.

The album "Flesh and bone", which was released in 1997, was to experience only a modest level of success compared to all of its predecessors. Album that will struggle to produce any single of global class and will only save the furniture with the single "Until I find you again".

The artist will have a very last success in 1998 with the title "At the beginning", title present on the soundtrack of the film Anastasia.

Other albums and other singles will be released later, but none will allow him to return to the race for a long time ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Don’t mean nothing 1987

  • Should've known better 1987

  • Lonely heart 1987

  • Endless summer nights 1988

  • Hold on to the nights 1988

  • Satisfied 1989

  • Right here waiting 1989

  • Angelia 1989

  • To late to say goodbye 1990

  • Children of the night 1990

  • Hard to believe 1991

  • Keep coming back 1991

  • Hazard 1992

  • Take this heart 1992

  • Chains aroud my heart 1992

  • Now and forever 1994

  • Silent scream 1994

  • The way she loves me 1994

  • Nothing left behind us 1995

  • Haunt me tonight 1995

  • Heart of my own 1996

  • Until I find you again 1997

  • Touch of heaven 1997

  • Every day of your life 1997

  • At the beginning 1997

  • Angel's lullaby 1998

  • Days in Avalon 2000

  • When you're gone 2004

  • Ready to fly 2005

  • From the inside 2007

  • When you loved me 2011

  • Just go 2013

  • All trough the night 2013

  • Whatever we started 2014

  • Another one down 2019


Clips :

1987 ... first title and first title classified on both sides of the Atlantic. An ideal start to say the least ...

1987 ... the singer immediately confirms all the good we can think of him. A remarkable and promising start to a career. Necessarily...

1987 ... three titles just for this year 1987. Even if this title will be the 'little' hit of the year, it clearly shows that this singer is full of talents, that's for sure ...

1988 ... the singer moves up a gear and with this title obtains his first global mega hit. And this from the second year of existence. What more !

1988 ... a predisposition for the Intimist more than obvious. And which will allow him to produce one of the musical gems of the decade. But that is not for this year 1988 ...

1989 ... the year of the consecration. And yes, already ! Starting with this title which raises him to a level of success among the most flattering of the moment. While waiting for the sequel which promises to be absolutely breathtaking ...

1989 ... and the breathtaking sequel, here it is ! Here he signs quite simply one of the most beautiful Intimist pieces of the decade if not of the end of the 20th century. With the result a sensational entry into the musical legend of the 80s. Simply MAA-GIII-CCCC !

1989 ... the pass of 3 ! He won 3 mega hits in 1989 alone, a real feat. In just 3 years he will have become one of the biggest musical phenomena on the planet and certainly does not intend to stop there !

1990 ... the transition to the 90s is done in the best conditions with a new mega hit to the key. Admittedly, of lower caliber than the preceding ones but a good number of competitors would be largely satisfied with it, it is certain !

1990 ... yet another title that literally floats in the air, one more ! A know-how in this field among the best of the moment and which will forever remain its main strength

1991 ... one of his rare strong titles. And what could be better than sharing this with a few friends. A title that paradoxically will go somewhat unnoticed ...

1991 ... return to solo and above all massive return of success. A premature departure from the road concerning him was totally unthinkable and we suspected that this slight air hole was not going to last ...

1992 ... already 4 years at the top of the world hierarchy, a position within the Elite largely deserved and which he owes only to his talent. And let's go to last like that for a few more years ...

1992 ... he continues to unroll quietly and nothing, and no one, seems to be able to challenge its hold on events. When it wants, it wants !

1992 ... yet another very subtle blend of strength and finesse as he knows how to do so well. The years go by, just like the decades, without his level of inspiration weakening an iota. Hope it lasts ...

1994 ... nothing to eat during 1993, a small slump that hadn't happened since its beginnings. Indication of a beginning of decline or accident without consequence. It is the continuation which will tell us ...

1994 ... unfortunately, it was not just a slight breeze without consequences. The artist is well and truly unscrewing slowly but surely. The beginning of the end...

1994 ... he will save the furniture a little bit during this year 1994 but it is especially the following years which will see him frankly with the pain. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... his style has hardly changed since his beginnings, a strategic mistake that he will pay at a high price. Especially in the mid-1990s when everything is going very quickly. Too fast for him at first sight ...

1995 ... a sumptuous title that will go...totally unnoticed ! The fate is hitting more and more on the artist and all his efforts are now reduced to nothing. Difficult to fight in these conditions ...

1996 ... a year 1996 when he will only do some figuration. The poor performances accumulate and the crossing of the desert seems set to last unfortunately ...

1997 ... the Phoenix will rise again from its ashes in a spectacular way in this year 1997. Once again on a Intimist title of big caliber. An area that has always brought him luck, it is clear ...

1997 ... a success unfortunately quickly forgotten with this title which will pass completely under the radar. Decidedly, the singer's career is really getting more and more uncontrollable ...

1997 ... he in any case continues to believe in it. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else. It could be that the next title proves him rather right ...

1997 ... the proof with this shocking but above all charming duo which allows him to obtain a last major success. We thought he was definitely lost but it was bad to know him ...

1998 ... a 90s decade that ended very smoothly. A little more than 10 years after his debut, the singer continues his adventure for whatever reason. Not sure that the 2000s will allow him to return to the race in a notable way unfortunately ...

2000 ... the 2000s will see him reborn a little bit but exclusively in the United States. From now on, he will have to be satisfied with it. Always better than nothing as they say ...

2004 ... and still this style which has changed very little since its beginnings. How to fight on equal terms with the competition in these conditions, an almost impossible mission ...

2005 ... wholesale suppliers of quality Intimist tubes ! Whatever the decade, a constant that has always enabled him to save the furniture. Once again the proof with this particularly inspired title !

2007 ... already 30 years of career ! And a discography to say the least provided, that's clear. Not to mention an impressive number of stars on the prize list. What more !

2011 ... one would have thought that the 2000s would be the last. It was very bad to know him. Here he is again in this decade of 2010 and nothing, and no one, seems able to tell him to hang up his guitar once and for all ...

2013 ... lagging behind since the early 2000s but never totally out of fashion the guy. A second part of his career to say the least surprising and above all a desire to continue the adventure which commands respect, that's clear !

2013 ... a title totally out of time and above all current standards. And yet, it will not go unnoticed in the USA. Like what, everything is always possible for those who believe in it ...

2014 ... impossible to stop him ! An adventure that never ends and which sees him not giving up. And when we see what he continues to offer, we take, we take !

2019 ... he ends with this title a fourth decade of career, a real feat. But when we see the talent of the guy, we are not immune to seeing him return the following decade !


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