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Rick's 4 fairies...

Mary Jane Girls is an American group formed by Rick James in 1983 and originally composed of Joanne McDuffie, Cheryl ‘Wells’ Bailey, Candice Ghant and Kimberly Wuletich. Only Joanne McDuffie will sing on the tracks, accompanied by 2 other singers who are Maxine and Julia Waters but who will not appear on stage.

The name Mary Jane Girls is actually a reference to the term Mary Jane often used to refer to marijuana, a drug frequently used by Rick James.

An eponymous debut album was released the year the group was formed. Album which has enjoyed certain success on both sides of the Atlantic, notably thanks to titles such as "Candy man", "Boys" but also, and above all, "All night long".

But it is especially the year 1985 and the release of the album "Only for you" which will allow the girls to finally reach the long awaited consecration. The album was a real worldwide success, in particular thanks to the enormous Single "In my house", Single which will remain as the biggest success of all the group's discography. And to a lesser extent “Wild and crazy love”.

Unfortunately, the adventure will come to an end and they will experience a last success in 1986 with the title "Walk like a man", a luxury cover of the Four Seasons title dating from 1963. A title on the soundtrack of the film "A fine mess" by Blake Edwards.

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Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Candy man 1983

  • All night long 1983

  • Boys 1983

  • Jealousy 1984

  • In my house 1985

  • Wild and crazy love 1985

  • Break it up 1985

  • Walk like a man 1986


Tracks :

1983 ... a first success on both sides of the Atlantic which ideally positions the girls for the rest of the events. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the rest !

1983 ... at a particularly languid tempo, the girls rise slowly, but surely, in power. Recognition is now global !

1983 ... a beautiful year 1983 which saw the girls pass from the status of total unknowns to that of confirmed values. An impressive progression to say the least !

1984 ... one could have imagined that the year 1984 would consecrate girls and make them one of the phenomena of the moment. Unfortunately, it will not be for this year with a single small title on the clock and which, moreover, will meet only a limited success ...

1985 ... we will have to wait for 1985 for things to change. And in what way ! The girls finally reach the long-awaited consecration with this title, a title which will make them fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a sequel which cannot compete on the success side with the enormous previous title but which nevertheless confirms the fact that the girls are indeed at the top of the wave

1985 ... the girls string together more than impressive hits. Even if this one will be the 'little' hit of the year, the fact remains that it is adding a new star to their prize list

1986 ... when the girls play it luxury cover. They cover here one of the emblematic Four Seasons titles dating from 1963 and even if the cover is not worth the original, it largely holds up. A cover that will unfortunately be the last title they will release because the adventure is already coming to an end. Too bad because they would have deserved to go a little further in the adventure ...


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