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Really beautiful waterfalls...

Wendy & Lisa, also known as Girl Bros., is an American duo made up of Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman.

Lisa Coleman truly began her artistic career by joining Prince's group, The Revolution, in 1980, in which she was responsible for the synth and piano part. But she will also end up singing on some songs. And it is she who also blows the name of Wendy Melvoin in Prince's ears following the abrupt departure of Dez Dickerson who leaves the group against a background of religious disagreement with the latter.

An arrival that will be doubly successful in Prince since the 2 girls participate in the recording of his album "Purple rain", an amazing album that will become one of the biggest album of all time. But also because Wendy Melvoin has a twin sister Susannah, who will literally fall into the arms of the singer.

A beautiful agreement which unfortunately will not last because the girls feel that they will not be recognized for their contribution in the group. To this is added an increasingly macho attitude of Prince who will end up creating strong friction with the 2 girls, to such an extent that they will simply be landed during the year 1986.

This in no way affects their desire to continue their career and so in 1987 their first album as a duet was released. Album simply named after their 2 performers and which is rather well received by the public. Album from which will be extracted their biggest hit namely "Waterfall" which comes out the same year. And to a lesser extent "Side show", which was released the following year in 1988.

Success confirmed and amplified a year later in 1989 with the album "Fruit at the bottom", album which will produce two new top hits which are "Are you my babe ?" and "Lolly lolly".

The album "Eroica" which will stay as their biggest hit album was released in 1990. But only produced one major hit with the single "Strung out". A major hit which unfortunately will be their last.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • 17 days (Prince) 1984

  • Mountains (Prince) 1986

  • Waterfall 1987

  • Sideshow 1988

  • Honeymoon express 1988

  • Are you my baby ? 1989

  • Lolly Lolly 1989

  • Satisfaction 1989

  • Strung out 1990

  • Rainbow lake 1990

  • Don’t try to tell me 1991

  • Closing of the year 1992

  • This is the life 1995

  • All nite 1998

  • Bring you back 1998

  • Let's say 1998

  • Balloon 2008

  • Invisible 2008

  • White flags of winter chimneys 2008

  • Time 2011

  • Water to the wave 2011


Clips :

1984... they are already there, both in the composition of this title and in the instrumentalization. An ideal playground for the future...

1986 ... we will find them on 5 to 6 titles at the composition level, including this one as well. All they have to do now is take flight...

1987 ... first track in solo mode and global mega hit directly ! The duo made a sensational debut on the international scene, to say the least. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... the sequel will not reach the incredible level of success of the previous title but will still experience a most honorable planetary destiny

1988 ... as for this title, it will go squarely under the radar, go understand. And yet, quality is once again essential and the girls do not deserve anything, it is clear ...

1989 ... the change of year suddenly puts them back in the race and sees them come back in force on the front of the stage. Race results : new top hit !

1989 ... a year 1989 which will remain as their most prolific and especially as their richest in various and varied successes. A dynamic that supports them for the moment ideally

1989 ... a great adventure which continues with this title which will not be remembered as their most famous but with a particularly effective style. A very 'Princian' style ...

1990 ... a passage to the following decade which is done under the best conditions with this new top hit. The girls continue to unroll in a particularly impressive fashion ...

1990 ... unfortunately all the best adventures come to an end. A beginning of the end of the adventure that arrives rather quickly but we suspected that the global success of the 2 girls would not last for decades and decades ...

1991 ... the last hit, and again, a very small one but it's still better than nothing as they say. We will largely be satisfied with this Intimist title of great caliber and which shows the full extent of the talent of this beautiful duo ...

1992...we will even find them on soundtracks of films like that of Toys. And as always, the girls deliver a title of more than certain quality !

1995 ... a big 3 years air hole and a discreet return to this year 1995. However, they deliver us a new Intimist title of all beauty but which will not be enough to put the girls back in battle order ...

1998 ... an adventure that lasts in any case. Even if the best years are now behind, we find the girls at the end of the 90s in an obvious form...

1998 ... what is also certain is that the style has evolved somewhat. A more personal style that will inevitably marginalize them in the long term...

1998...what is most important for the basic fans is that the girls are still there. Afterwards, it doesn't matter which musical path she takes...

2008...we will lose sight of them for almost 10 years but here they are again. They will not let go until the end, it is clear...

2008...especially since what they continue to offer is far from devoid of interest. In any case, we will be satisfied with it ! is clear that what they offer today has nothing to do with what they offered when they started. The opposite would have been surprising...

2011...they make it a point of honor to come back at least once during each decade. To the delight of the basic fans necessarily...

2011... will this title be the last then ? With her, we now know, everything is always possible. To be continued...

Top bonus : the story of a lifetime...


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1984... they are already there, both in the composition of this title and in the instrumentalization. An ideal playground for the future...

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