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Ready for the wave...

Industry is an American group formed in 1978 in New York and composed of Mercury Caronia, Andrew Geyer and Sean Kelly.

The group will produce only one album, "Stranger to stranger", album which was released in 1984 and which will be extracted mainly from the single hit "State of the nation".

Another single "Still of the night" will also be released but will not know the same enthusiasm despite a certain quality.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Logging time 1980

  • Ready for the wave 1980

  • Turning to light 1981

  • State of the nation 1983

  • Communication 1983

  • Still of the night 1984

  • What have I got to lose 1984


Clips :

1980 ... very early beginnings...early 80s. Synthetic music bordering on inaudible like many groups of the time. Can and must do better !

1980 ... in the same vein. Same year so same style. We will console ourselves by saying that this is experimental music. But there is experimental and experimental ...

1981 ... the sound evolves, fortunately. The melody is more worked, like the style. Phew, we were scared ...

1983 ... a blank year 1982 and here they are again. Metamorphosed, unrecognizable, and again, the word is weak. We really wonder if it's the same group. A comeback thanks to this title which directly ensures them a HUGE planetary success. Who will be the only one of their career. But what a success and what a title !

1983 ... a year of renewal which is confirmed with a second major title. The group finally knew how to find its style and stick to the atmosphere of the time

1984 ... a new high class title which once again shows that this group really has talent. Like what, it was enough to wait for him to be ripe ...

1984 ... a short career, which will surely not be the most prolific of the decade. But the group will still have left in the musical history of the 80s several pieces of certain quality, that's already it !


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