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Rainy day in London...

Boulevard is a Canadian band formed in 1983 in Calgary and originally composed of Mark Holden, Andrw Johns, Randy Gould, Jerry Adolphe, Hans Sahlen and David Forbes.

It was the signing with the CBS Records label and especially the first Single produced with the label "Rainy day in London" which brought them their first success in 1984, especially throughout the Germanic sphere.

They will still have to wait 4 years and sign with their new label MCA Records to finally release their first album "BLVD. ". Album that will not go unnoticed, far from it, especially in Canada, thanks to the Singles "Never give up" and "Far from over".

New album "Into the street" in 1990, album which confirms the good health of the group and which will produce the hit Single "Lead me on".

Paradoxically, it will not succeed them more than that because they will end up separating the following year in 1991.

They will be reborn from their ashes during the 2010s but without being able to find in any way the level of success that was theirs at the end of the 80s...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Rainy day in London 1984

  • Far from over 1988

  • Never give up 1988

  • Dream on 1988

  • Lead on me 1990

  • Crazy life 1990

  • Where is the love 1990

  • Out of the blue 2017

  • Life is a beautiful thing 2017

  • Laugh or cry 2017

  • What I'd give 2017


Clips :

1984 ... a first title which immediately gives the tendency to know that this group has talent to spare, it's obvious. Moreover in the Intimist, which does not spoil anything quite the contrary. MA-GIC !

1988 ... strangely we will lose sight of them for almost 4 years. But here they are again anyway and in great shape, it is clear !

1988...we suspected that with such potential the group still had things to offer and especially to sing...

1988...a year 1988 which will undoubtedly remain as their best Vintage with 3 titles classified that year. Certainly mainly in Canada but all the same...

1990... here they are at the dawn of this new 90 decade with the firm intention of doing as well as in 1988. And it could be the case...

1990...they will classify fewer titles that year but they will still classify some. A success that they owe to one thing only, their talent !

1990 ... it could be that this title is the last of the adventure and despite repeated successes. The group seems to have reached the end of what they had to sing...

2017... at least that's what we could have imagined. But here they are again in a completely unexpected way almost 27 years later and this to the delight of the basic fans...

2017...who could have imagined that they would have had the strength to get back to work so many years after leaving the top level. Not many people, that's for sure ! any case we find them with great pleasure and as always this kind of return shows that in music everything is always possible...

2017...will this title really be the last ? Only them and the future can answer this question, but we might find them later...


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