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Alpha Blondy, whose real name is Seydou koné, is an Ivorian singer who saw his artistic career really start in 1982 with his first album “Jah glory !". A first album which will make talk about it above all through its flagship title "Brigadier Sabari (Operation punch)" and which will earn him the nickname "African Bob Marley" ...

New album "Cocody rock" two years later in 1984, album which produced a single single with the same name as the album. Just like “Apartheid is Nazism” which came out in 1985. Two albums with mixed success after all. The album "Jerusalem" in 1986 from which will be extracted mainly "To work is too hard" will not do better.

This is not the case with the album "Revolution", album which was released a year later in 1987 and which will produce what will surely remain as one of his biggest hits, namely "Sweet Fanta Diallo".

New album "The prophets" in 1989, album which unfortunately goes relatively unnoticed. The album "Masada" which was released three years later in 1992 allows the artist to finally find the path to success thanks to the title "Rendez-vous".

Short-lived success returns because anything that comes out afterwards will have limited success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Brigadier sabari (Opération coup de poing) 1981

  • Rasta poué 1983

  • Cocody rock !! 1984

  • Apartheid is nazism 1985

  • Travailler c’est trop dur 1986

  • Sweet fanta Diallo 1987

  • Banana 1989

  • Rendez-vous 1992

  • Heal me 1994

  • Ya Fohi 1996

  • New dawn 1998


Clips :

1981 ... a particularly successful first title which positions him ideally for the rest of the adventure. The basics are good and more than promising !

1983 ... a sequel that holds up, once again in a reggae style that fits him like a glove and that will forever remain his trademark

1984 ... a voice recognizable among all, rather atypical in this field and which allows him to quickly make the difference with the competition

1985 ... texts for the less engaged. The problem in these cases is that this type of positioning can quickly scare the general public and marginalize as a result ...

1986 ... a version to say the least revisited but especially playful and light of the title of Zachary Richard dating from 1975. To work, it is really too hard ...

1987 ... which will surely remain as his most emblematic title. Here he signs an huge Dance hit which makes him fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s and literally explodes his notoriety. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... it will be almost impossible for him to repeat the feat as the bar has been raised. What will come out later will always be of quality but can never match the previous gem

1992 ... he will attempt the transition to the 90s but the 90s unfortunately relegated reggae to oblivion. Difficult in these conditions to hope for anything even if this title will experience a nice success of esteem ...

1994 ... he may try to modernize his style somewhat, the general public has moved on for a while now. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... he clings and resists anyhow. His good will is obvious but unfortunately will not be enough to save soldier Alpha ...

1998 ... the end of the decade which saw him gradually disappear from the radar. His fierce desire not to change, or at least not to evolve in terms of style, will unfortunately spell the end of a career which will have all the same left in history one of the biggest dance hits of the 1980s


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