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Promises, promises...

Naked Eyes is an English group, originally a duo, formed in Bath by Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher in the early 80s.

Group which will place no less than 4 singles in the English Top40 and which will be one of the pioneers to use the famous ‘Fairlight CMI sampling synthetizer’. Technical particularity which will prevent them from performing on stage given the difficulty of reproducing identically the sounds present on their albums.

The 2 accomplices make their debut in a group called "Neon", a group of which certain other members will create some time later one of the emblematic groups of the New-Wave namely : Tears for Fears.

They experienced their first success in 1982 with the cover of a huge title by Burt Bacharach, the famous "(There’s) Always something there to remind me", title extracted from their first album "Burning bridges" which was released in 1983.

Two other titles from the same album will have a good run in the charts, "Promises, promises" and "When the lights go out".

In 1984, the album "Fuel for the fire" was released, an album from which the hit "(What) In the name of love" would be extracted.

Title which will be their last major success because they will not produce more albums thereafter.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Always Something There To Remind Me 1982

  • Voices in my head 1983

  • Promises, promises 1983

  • When the lights go out 1983

  • Fortune and Fame 1983

  • Emotion in motion 1983

  • What in the name of love 1984


Clips :

1982 ... a high-flying cover of the emblematic title of Burt Bucharah which immediately propels them to the front of the stage. A start to say the least shattering. HU-GE !

1983 ... a first track "homemade" of very good quality. Admittedly, it will not have the same level of success as the previous one but we will be largely satisfied

1983 ... there is really talent in this group, it is undeniable. Second planetary mega hit, just that. Anyway, a deserved success !

1983 ... a BIG year 1983 with a succession of heavy titles. When the inspiration is there, inevitably, everything becomes possible and success follows naturally !

1983 ... and it continues ! A truly incredible year which sees a group at the peak of its possibilities and especially its talent !

1983 ... unquestionably one of their best titles even if it was not classified. A sound particularly representative of this beginning of the decade and among the best of the moment !

1984 ... the last hit. A meteoric career that lasted only a few years but an overall production of very good quality. What more !


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