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Prohibition Of Parking...

Novecento is an Italian group formed in 1979 by siblings Pino, Lino and Rossana Nicolosi, who will be joined by singer Dora Carofiglio.

The same Lino Nicolosi who will be at the origin in 1984 of the enormous concept-project 'Valerie Dore', virtual singer who will have the voice of Dora Carofiglio on the most famous titles of the concept-project ("The Night" , “Get Closer” and “Its' so easy”).

Novecento starts its career under the surprising name of Prohibition Of Parking, group which will produce a mini album which will go somewhat unnoticed.

Under the name Novecento, it was the release in 1984 of their eponymous album that would reveal them to the world, in particular thanks to the success of the enormous single "Movin 'on".

The group would produce other albums thereafter but none reached the level of success of their first album.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Movin’ on 1984

  • Splendid moment together 1984

  • The only one 1984

  • Take a chance 1984

  • Why me 1985

  • Someday 1985

  • Excessive love 1986

  • Dreamland paradise 1986

  • Changes 1987

  • Broadway 1988

  • Darei 1989

  • I need love 1990

  • Heart on the line 1991

  • Leaving now 1991

  • Day and night 1992

  • Necessary 1992

  • Marimba day (Everybody dancing) 1993

  • Wait for me 1993

  • Sogni che rimangono 1998

  • Tell me something 2007

  • Cry 2008

  • Stop the time 2008

  • Anytime 2014


Clips :

1984 ... which will undoubtedly remain as their most emblematic title. From the first title it is the jackpot for the group, with the key to an enormous success which makes them enter in a shattering way in the musical history of the 80s. HU-GE !

1984 ... and even if this title will not be able to compete with the enormous preceding title, the group confirms here all the good that one could think of him. A group that is left to last, it is indisputable !

1984 ... on this track, we perfectly recognize the voice of the concept-project 'Valerie Dore'. A concept-Project which will be the other great success of the Nicolosi clan ...

1984 ... a year 1984 plethora in terms of titles history to make a good impression. And quality on all levels, which does not spoil anything ...

1985 ... the year 1985 starts again almost on the same bases as the year 1984. The group now perfectly masters its destiny and proceeds quietly with an ease more than obvious ...

1985 ... of course, they will never repeat the feat achieved at the start of their career, but what they continue to produce largely holds up. Sufficient in any case to keep them in contact with the best ...

1986 ... their strength also comes from the fact that they will never have entered the Italo-Disco niche that their origins normally imposed on them. Very well seen as they say !

1986 ... without counting an obvious versatility of Dance titles/Intimist titles. As always, this is how we distinguish the Greats from the rest of the competition ...

1987 ... already 3 years at the top and a quality level which is maintained at very correct levels. Hope it lasts as they say ...

1988 ... they knew how to perfectly mix Mediterranean influences and more Anglo-Saxon influences. A rare feat all the more remarkable ...

1989 ... and even when they decide to sing again in Italian, the magic operates just as much. Undoubtedly one of the best Italian groups of its generation !

1990 ... without counting a capacity to adapt which necessarily protects them from an anticipated disappearance. They definitely understood everything !

1991 ... the adventure continues unabated in the 90s and sees the group stay in contact with the leading pack. For how much longer is that something else ...

1991 ... but when we see, and especially when we hear titles like this, we have no fear concerning them as to the continuation of the adventure. Absolutely MA-GIC !

1992 ... it is clear that the production of titles has seriously slowed down for some time. But the little they deliver now is more than enough to keep them in the race, that's clear

1992 ... what is certain is that they do not intend to stop there even if the level of success achieved during this decade of 90 is after all limited. A desire to continue the adventure which necessarily commands respect !

1993 ... a group that has been able to adapt perfectly to the trends of each era. In addition in the register of Dance, something that few groups of their generation will have succeeded in doing ...

1993 ... one could have imagined that after their first title and especially their sensational entry on the international music scene, they would remain the group of a One-Shot and disappear purely and simply like many other groups of the time. It was very bad to know them !

1998 ... an adventure that lasts, lasts, lasts. And frankly, given what they continue to produce, we ask for more as long as it lasts !

2007 ... impossible to stop them ! Certainly the air holes follow the air holes but when they come back, it is not for nothing !

2008 ... when we think back to what they were doing in the mid-1980s, it is clear that it has little to do with what they now offer. Another era, other customs as they say ...

2008 ... despite all their good will, fighting with youngsters who are at least 20 years old is not an easy thing. But they do not let go and we can only salute their resistance !

2014 ... 30 years after their sensational arrival on the front of the stage, the circle seems complete. But with them, nothing is ever over. To be continued...?


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