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Pretty boys and pretty girls...

Book Of Love is an American group formed in 1983 in Philadelphia by Susan Ottaviano, Ted Ottaviano, Lauren Roselli and Jade Lee.

It all started in 1981 when Susan Ottaviano formed the group "Head cheese" with Jade Lee.

3 titles will be produced with very relative success.

And it was only two years later, in 1983, that the group officially took the name of "Book of Love" in reference to the song of the Monotones but also to stick to the spirit of the times which wanted to be somewhat romantic.

The group recorded a number of models during the following year and it was the title "Boy" which was to be noticed by Disc Jokey Ivan Ivan.

Which will transmit it to the Sire Records label which signs the group in 1984.

The Single was officially released in 1985 and was an immediate success. Followed by a few ‘I touch roses’, which too is close to the heights of American Charts.

The album "Book of love" was finalized in 1986 and it is the title "You make me feel so good" which officially came out as the first extract from the album.

The Single "Modigliani (lost in your eyes)" will also be extracted from the album, which quickly becomes a hit in clubs.

But it was not until 1988 that the album officially went on sale as a CD.

In 1988 the Single “Pretty boys and pretty girls” was released, which became their highest ranked Single in the group on the Billboard Hot 100.

Single extract from the second album "Lullaby" with relative success.

The Single of the same name as the album will be released in 1989 and will have an honorable success.

In 1991 the third album "Candy Carol" was released, from which their latest hit, "Alice everyday", would be extracted.

A fourth album with very relative success will be released. Book of Love remains a sure and rare value of the new-wave US version.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• Boy 1985

• I touch roses 1985

• You make me feel so good 1986

• Modigliani (Lost in your eyes) 1987

• Pretty boys and pretty girls 1988

• Lullaby 1989

90s  Decade :

• Alice everyday 1991

• Sunny day 1991

• Counting the rosaries 1991

• Boy pop 1993

• Hunny hunny 1993

2010s  Decade :

  • Something good 2016

  • All girl band 2016


Tracks :

1985 ... the title of the revelation. An excellent first title for a small group which is no less...excellent. HU-GE !

1985 ... a very large caliber suite. The confirmation of an obvious talent which shows that this group is there to do everything except some figuration !

1986 ... light, fresh and airy, a style that has it all. While being completely in tune with the times. And yet, this title will pass completely under the radars, will understand ...

1987 ... new vintage and especially new hit. After a slight air gap the previous year, the group is resuming colors and above all the path to success ...

1988 ... an XXL inspiration for a title which once again hits the bull's eye and which will remain above all as their biggest record success. An expected but above all widely deserved consecration !

1989 ... 100 % top efficiency. A 'lullaby' as we would like to hear it more often and which especially makes it possible to end the decade in the best possible way ...

1991 ... after an empty year in 1990, we find the group in a certain form. Form which allows him to stay in contact with the best and that, all the groups coming from the 80s cannot say the same ...

1991 ... another quality title that will go under the radar. It becomes a habit with them. Too bad because they would have frankly deserved a little more recognition on this one ...

1991 ... this one will not do better unfortunately. The end of the year 1991 was complicated for the group, which went on to perform against perform against despite a certain quality of title ...

1993 ... surprisingly, it is with this title that they will obtain their biggest success in the US Chart Dance. Like what, you always have to believe it !

1993 ... this time, it is indeed the end. After having done better than resisting at the start of the 1990s, the group unfortunately comes to the end of the road. But the adventure was beautiful and that's the main thing !

2016...we thought we would never see them again and yet here they are again more than 20 years later. Certainly with very few new features but there will be some quality ones !

2016...what a shame that this group didn't have the good idea to make a new album like a lot of friends from their time. You never know, maybe one day...


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