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Postcards from paradise...

Flesh For Lulu is an English group formed in 1982 in London by Nick Marsh and James Mitchell, who were soon joined by Rocco and Glen Bishop.

After being noticed during a stint on John Peel's famous radio show, the group signed a first contract with the Polydor Records label in 1983. Signature that allowed them to release a mini-album called "Roman candle" , which will experience a nice success of esteem.

Unfortunately, the great adventure came to an end a year later in 1984 when their first album, named after the group, turned out to be a commercial failure, a failure which would precipitate their ousting from the label.

New label Hybrid Records in 1985 and release of a new mini album called "Blue sisters swing". The group has the unfortunate idea of ​​illustrating the album cover with two nuns kissing each other on the mouth. A serious mistake that will see the album totally boycotted in the United States and Europe.

Another change of label and move to Statik Records the same year. Label that allows them to release the album "Big fun city".

New label change from 1987 and move to Beggars Banquet Records. A label that allows them to release the album "Long live the new flesh", album which will finally produce the hit of global recognition with the single "I go crazy". Single which will be part of the soundtrack of the film 'Some kind of wonderful'.

New album "Plastic fantastic" two years later in 1989, album which produced another major success with the title "Decline and fall". But it is above all the year 1990 that consecrates them with the enormous title "Time and space", especially in the USA. A success which will unfortunately be the last, the group will separate shortly after.

To discover or to rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Roman candle 1983

  • Subterraneans 1984

  • Restless 1984

  • Baby hurricane 1985

  • Idol 1986

  • I go crazy 1987

  • Siamese twist 1987

  • Postcards from paradise 1987

  • Decline and fall 1989

  • Time and space 1990

  • Every little word 1990

  • She was 1991

  • Cold flame 2007

  • Big love 2007


Clips :

1983 ... a trendy sound which ideally positions the group in the English musical landscape at the start of the decade. Now it remains to show that they can do even better ...

1984 ... the rise in power is small compared to the previous year and it is clear that the group still has work to do to obtain its place in the big leagues ...

1984 ... the rock orientation is particularly marked in this year 1984 and does not really succeed for the group. It's certainly nice but nothing more ...

1985 ... it will not really get better sound side during this year 1985. The group has positioned himself on a restricted musical niche which concerns only an informed public ...

1986 ... the sound finally evolves. Even if the basics have remained rock, the group finally seems to have found a style more in line with what the public is really looking for. Rather a good omen for the rest of the events !

1987 ... then THIS title comes ! The title which will finally propel the group on the front of the stage and allow them to obtain a long awaited first planetary recognition. HU-GE !

1987 ... the dynamic of success is now firmly in place and allows the group to unroll quietly. Admittedly, this group is not the most talented of its generation but what he offers now largely holds up !

1987 ... a good job, quite simply. The group has found the style and the sound that goes well and you can hear it ! A rise that has been slow but certain !

1989 ... a totally boosted end of the decade. The group finds a pure and hard rock mode which at the end of the decade succeeds him a little better. A bit better...

1990 ... an ultra-rock break which fortunately does not last. The group found the sound that was going well and we see the result : this time, it's jackpot with this title which will remain as their biggest success. Like what, not much was enough to go to the stars !

1990 ... a beautiful year 1990 with several very high caliber titles and top musical quality. The group reaches its fullness, it is obvious and we can only rejoice !

1991 ... a great adventure that ends with this title. The group will not remain as the most talented of its generation but does not have to be ashamed of its discography, far from it. Nothing exceptional but a good job and that's the main thing !

2007...they are back 16 years later in an unexpected way to say the least. So unexpected that this return will go somewhat unnoticed...

2007...and now they're covering a Fleetwood Mac title dating from 1987 to make it a much more rock version. Dared bet and especially lost bet on this one...


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