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Plastic, It's Fantastic...

Elmer Food Beat is a French group formed in 1986 in Nantes and originally composed of Manou, Vincent, Pats, Twistos and Alain. Group whose enigmatic name is in fact a reference to the cartoon character Elmer Fudd, who can be found in Bugs Bunny and other Daffy Duck ...

Group which released its first self-produced maxi 45 rpm two years later in 1988, which notably contained a certain title called…"Daniela". The record is a great success, but nothing more.

They will have to wait for the year 1989 and the providential meeting with members of the label Off The Track to finally see their destiny change. Indeed, after having signed with the famous label, one year later in 1990 they released their first album called "30 cm", which once again contained "Daniela". And this time, the title does not go unnoticed, far from it ! He is a hit all over the hexagon and literally explodes the notoriety of the group.

Success was confirmed the following year in 1991 with the release of the single "Le plastique c'est fantastique", still from the same album. A first album which will ultimately sell over 650,000 copies !

The year 1991 also saw the release of the new album "Je vais encore dormir tout seul ce soir", an album which in turn enjoyed notable success, notably thanks to the single which bears the name of the album.

Notorious success which will unfortunately be the last because the album "La vie n'est pas une opérette" which came out in 1992 did not meet the success of the two previous opuses. A failure which will inevitably precipitate the fall of the group in the months that will follow ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Daniela 1988

  • Le plastique c’est fantastique 1991

  • Je vais encore dormir tout seul ce soir...(Et je vais encore le regretter) 1991

  • Les traversées sont solitaires 1992

  • Marie à la mer 1992

  • Hey docteur 1993

  • Une semaine de reflexion 1993

  • Couroucoucou roploplo 1994

  • Electroménager 2013

  • Martine à la plage 2017

  • No future 2023

  • Le bruit des potes 2023


Clips :

1988 ... a single title, THIS title, was enough to offer the group a direct ticket to posterity. They deliver here quite simply one of the most crazy titles of the end of the XXth century, a title which will set fire to all Dancefloor in France. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... the group confirms all the good that we thought of him with this title once again totally wacky. A wacky side which will have been their strength as much as their weakness !

1991 ... which does not prevent them from doing it gently, something totally paradoxical concerning them. An unclassifiable group typical of this blessed time when anything was possible ...

1992 ... it is clear that too much wacky can kill the wacky in the long term. This is what will unfortunately happen for this colorful group ...

1992 ... and yet what they are proposing is far from unworthy. But all the whimsical side that was a real success on 'Daniela' will quickly tire the public in this decade of 90 ...

1993 ... an audience that can turn around very quickly, the proof with this group that will pay the price. Like what nothing is ever acquired and the enormous success of a title can hide a much less favorable result ...

1993 ... which does not prevent them from continuing their little man's journey, quietly and above all without worrying too much about when will we say ...

1994 ... a truly inimitable style that really stood out from the crowd. A breath of fresh air which will unfortunately be shattered on the pre-formatting which will quickly impose itself in this new decade ...

2013 ... a return to say the least totally improbable and above all totally unexpected. The group has lost nothing on its wacky side but what no longer worked during the 1990s is unlikely to work the following decades ...

2017 ... an obvious goodwill which is nice to see. Unfortunately, it would take more than goodwill to see them come back to the race. A daring bet and above all an impossible mission ...

2019 ... but with them nothing is ever over. The proof with this new title which proves in a brilliant way that in music everything is always possible as long as you believe in it !




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