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Past Masters in the art of adapting...

Little is known about this excellent group except that The Chameleons is an English group formed in Middleton in 1981 by Mark Burgess, singer, Reg Smithies, guitarist, Dave Fielding, guitarist and Brian Schifield on drums.

The first single "In shreds" was released in 1982, a single that went relatively unnoticed.

The first album "Script of the bridge" was released in 1983. A real success with an original sound that was out of place. Album which contains the excellent "Don’t fall", "Second skin" and "Up the down escalator".

The second album "What does anything mean? Basically "was released two years later in 1985.

In the same line as the first, "One flesh", "Singing rule Britannia" and "Nostalgia" are the key pieces of this second opus.

In 1986 the third album "Strange times" was released, where you can feel a certain evolution in terms of sound and overall rendering.

The titles "Tears" and "Swamp thing" will be the best extracts.

Following the death of its manager Tony Fletcher, no longer having a "thinking head" to set the course, the group will separate some time later.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• In shreds 1982

• As high as you can go 1983

• A person isn’t safe anywhere these days 1983

• Up the down escalator 1983

• Don’t fall 1983

• Second skin 1983

• View from a hill 1983

• Silence, sea and sky 1985

• One flesh 1985

• Singing rule Britannia 1985

• Nostalgia 1985

• Perfume garden 1985

• Tears 1986

• Swamp thing 1986

• Is it any wonder 1990

• Shades 2001

• Are you still there ? 2001


Clips :

1982 ... the puncko-rocks debut of a group that will prove to be one of the most amazing of the decade ...

1983 ... the sound is refined, as is the style. A style sometimes dark but always strongly inspired and which undeniably positions the group as one of the most beautiful surprises of the year ...

1983 ... an increase in linear power which will make this group one of the best in its category. The talent is real and proves title after title that this group has an obvious creative potential !

1983 ... proof with this particularly successful new title. Even if the sound is rock, the whole remains fluid and above all never aggressive. A real feat !

1983 ... a "soft force" style that emerges from each song and makes them truly unique. A group that will leave a particularly original trace in an ocean of sanitized groups ...

1983 ... in the same vein. Even if their sound can sometimes seem rough, the melodies are quite the opposite. What more !

1983 ... the group also shows amazing skills in the Intimist area. Not really their target heart but when they want, they can !

1985 ... a sumptuous instrumental to start this year 1985. Like what, once again, the group can also be done in finesse and softness. Yes Yes, it's possible. The proof !

1985 ... a title that will surely remain one of their best. At the height of their possibilities and especially their inspiration. HU-GE !

1985 ... a year which will undoubtedly remain like that of the biggest titles. The group unrolls with impressive ease and positions himself as one of the big phenomena of the moment !

1985 ... nostalgia, when you hold us. In any case, it does not make anything melancholy...a feat ! But with them, nothing surprising ...

1985 ... a last title to end in style this decidedly exceptional year for the group. Hopefully the rest will be of the same ilk ...

1986 ... as improbable as it may seem, this group can also give in the Intimist. And, well, it works perfectly. The proof !

1986 ... one could almost speak of a peaceful atmosphere in this new year. It hardly looks like them but it is also part of the logical evolution of a group ...

1990 ... and if, however, we can almost speak of a quiet end. After a boosted career start, we are witnessing an end to the curvaceous adventure. Like what...

2001 ... we thought that the adventure was definitely over. But it was very bad to know them. Because here they are back in this new decade of 2000. Who would have believed it...!

2001 ... stealthy return and which especially will not give much. At least in the Charts because for the rest, talent was back. Pity...


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