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Paris The Flore...

Etienne Daho is a French singer-songwriter from the so-called “à la Rennaise” sector.

It was while discovering the punk movement in 1976 during his many student stays in England that he got the trigger concerning a possible musical career.

In 1980, he recorded a model of 5 tracks with the help of the musicians of the group "Marquis de Sade" and decided to take the opportunity to canvass the record companies. It will be the Virgin label that identifies it first.

He recorded his first album "Mythomane" in 1981. Success in esteem but nothing more.

Following this failure, he decides to record a new Single "Le grand sommeil" and there it is the jackpot. The title hits immediately.

On the strength of this first success, his second album "La notte, la notte" was released in 1984, from which 2 Singles were released, namely "Sortir ce soir" but above all "Weekend à Rome" which became a huge hit.

Arrives in 1985 and the release of the Single "Tombé pour la France" which in turn is a hit.

He became one of the leaders of the French pop scene.

In 1986 the third album "Pop Satori" was released, recorded in London in particularly difficult conditions.

Album which is unanimous, both critically and at the public level. The Singles “Epaule tatoo” and “Duel au soleil” will be extracted in particular. "Pour nos vies martiennes" was released in 1988 simultaneously in 8 countries.

Strongly inspired by English pop, recorded again in England, the album is a new success for the artist.

The Singles “Bleu comme toi” and “Des heures indoues” will be extracted.

But the "Dahomania" slows down and the album "Paris ailleurs which came out in 1991 reached very honorable sales but the Singles extracted did not meet the same success as the previous ones.

A rumor saying he had AIDS circulated during 1992, a rumor which turned out to be completely unfounded.

And it was not until 1993, paradoxical as it may seem, that he entered the French Top 10 for the first time, despite his extraordinary talent and all the hits released previously.

And ironically, on a cover ... .. of Edith Piaf with "Mon manège à moi".

A long period will follow or the singer will compose for the others but little for him.

Until his resurrection, partly at the end of the 90s but above all it was not that long ago.

But that’s another story, which we’ll talk about later.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Il ne dira pas 1981

• Le grand sommeil 1982

• Sortir ce soir 1983

• Et si je m'en vais avant toi 1984

• Week end a Rome 1984

• Tombé pour la France 1985

• Epaule tattoo 1986

• Paris le Flore 1986

• Pop égérie O. 1986

• Duel au soleil 1987

• Bleu comme toi 1988

• Des heures indoues 1988

• Stay with me 1988

• Carribean sea 1989

90s Decade :

• Le plaisir de perdre 1990

• Saudade 1991

• Des attractions désastres 1992

• Les voyages immobiles 1992

• Comme un igloo 1993

• Un homme à la mer 1993

• Mon manège à moi 1993

• Tous les goûts sont dans ma nature 1995

• Jungle pulse 1995

• He's on the phone 1995

• Au commencement 1996

• Me manquer 1996

• Soudain 1997

• Idéal 1998

• Le premier jour (du reste de ta vie) 1998

2000s Decade :

Le brasier 2000

• La nage indienne 2000

• Ouverture 2000

Rendez-vous à Vedra 2001

• Comme un boomerang 2001

Retour à toi 2003

Réévolution 2003

• If 2004

L'invitation 2007

L'adorer 2007

2010s Decade :

Amoureux solitaires 2011

• Les chansons de l'innocence 2013

• La peau dure 2013

L'homme qui marche 2014

En surface 2014

La ville 2015

• Paris sens interdits 2015

• Les flocons de l'été 2017

• Le jardin 2018

• Après le blitz 2018

• L'étincelle 2018

2020s Decade :

• Son silence dit long 2020

Virus X 2021

• Boyfriend 2023

• Le phare 2023

• Respire 2023

• Roman inachevé 2023

• Tirer la nuit sur les étoiles 2023

• Noel avec toi 2023

• Number on my phone 2023

• Ce qui nous rapproche nous séparera 2024


Tracks :

1981 ... the very first steps of a little Rennais who will become one of the greatest artists of this end of the 20th century on the French side

1982 ... the title of the revelation ! This title will change everything for the artist and show that he will damn have to be counted on him in the years to come...

1983 ... the title which will radically change the fate of the singer. No more supporting roles, the artist is now one of the biggest rising values of the moment

1984 ... the teacher and the student. A pretty duo which brings together two enormous talents, her with an incredible career behind her and him with an incredible career in front of him ...

1984 ... a very nice weekend which literally explodes the notoriety of the singer and raises him to a level of popularity that he did not even dare to hope for ...

1985 ... then comes THIS title. He signs here a HUGE title which will literally set fire to all the Dancefloor of the Hexagon. Unquestionably one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade on the French side and one of the most beautiful jewels of all his discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... an equally HUGE continuation. And which confirms, if necessary, its incontestable and undisputed status as a mega star of the moment...

1986 ... an inspiration at the top that makes each title released an event in itself. A level of artistic creativity among the best of the moment and this in an undeniable way !

1986 ... he even pays the luxury of hiring a luxury choir singer on this title. A certain....Elli Medeiros, just that ! But we have the Class or we don't have it !

1987 ... a sweet break after the multitude of Dance hits. And my faith, the boy is good in all areas !

1988 ... strong comeback on the Dance side and off we go again for a big caliber success. Anyway, with him, it's a title released = 1 hit !

1988 ... a title with crazy lyricism and which suspends time as if by magic. The artist proves once again that his talent is truly a cut above the rest of the competition !

1988 ... he can sing in English. Incredible but true ! Well, ok, he will only have done it once !

1989 ... the end of the 1980s which combines finesse and softness. The end of an exceptional decade in every way for the artist. Not sure that the following decade will be as favorable for him ...

1990 ... a decade 90 which starts again on the hats of wheel with this title with the unusual rhythmic concerning him. An overspeed that will somewhat destabilize fans from the start...and the public as a whole

1991 ... the beginning of the 1990s was still rather favorable for him, in particular thanks to this sound which fortunately still remains as pop. A brand that has stuck with him from the start and has made his reputation. Why change it for now ?

1992 ... it must be said that the success is less, it is obvious. But quality is always present, in one form or another and that's the main thing !

1992 ... if there is one thing that is not still with him, it is his inspiration, always in perpetual motion. An inspiration which unfortunately begins to weaken ...

1993 ... a very Sixtie's title that spins at 200 km/h. This time, the overspeed works wonderfully because it fully corresponds to the standards of the time from which it was inspired

1993 ... a unique style, which has hardly changed since its inception. The Daho style, copied, imitated, but never equaled !

1993 ... he signs here one of his biggest hits of the decade thanks to a luxury cover of one of the legendary titles of Edith Piaf. The best soups are made in the old pots ...

1995 ... he will have had the chance to share the microphone with Madame Hardy, here he is now with Monsieur Dutronc. New duo which brings together two of the most gifted artists of their respective generation once again. HU-GE !

1995 ... a very revealing piece of this somewhat delicate mid-decade period for the artist : he has lost nothing of his know-how but he is struggling to adapt to the new musical standards of the moment. Suddenly, he tries everything and anything and gets lost ...

1995 ... 'Week end à Rome' in Euro Beat version. This time, he is the 'darning'. The class !

1996 ... something has changed, it's obvious. The new Daho has just arrived, finally. And to pulsate, it will pulsate !

1996 ... Daho Season II begins smoothly. Softness, a deeper lyricism, two new constants that will change everything ...

1997 ... a fundamental trend which is confirmed and sublimates this title which literally floats in the air. We find the artist at the best of his form and especially of his inspiration. MA-GIC !

1998 ... a particularly inspired humanist ode. A decade-end where the artist's inspiration finds new heights

1998 ... which will surely remain as one of his most beautiful titles. Certainly, on a luxury cover of the title 'Ready or not' by Sarah Cracknell from the previous year but all the same. An end of decade firework version where we find a Daho inspired like never before ! MAS-TER-FUL !

2000 ... and here he is entering his third decade of career with this beautiful title which once again shows that we will have to count on him in the years to come. Afterwards, will success always be there, good question ...

2000 ... we will not lie to each other, the level of success achieved during this decade will have nothing to do with what he experienced previously. Conversely, the qualitative level will remain particularly high. Isn't that the main thing ...

2000 ... a writing talent which remains among the best of his generation and which allows him to maintain himself at the highest level without too much difficulty. A fair reward for one of the artists with really above average talent ...

2001 ... this title will be classified but its level of classification will not allow the singer to stay in contact with the best. Without seeing him losing too much ground on the competition. The essential is preserved as they say ...

2001 ... the singer brings up to date, and in what way, a title by Serge Gainsbourg dating from 1975 and specially composed at the time to allow Dani to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Title which will be partially censored by the Antenne 2 television channel and which will therefore never participate in the competition ...

2003 ... and always this style always so inimitable and which will always remain its mark of Factory. Inspired, rhythmic but while retaining a more than certain finesse, everything to please what ...

2003 ... a career which lasts and which above all resists all fashions and all successive musical evolutions. A real feat, we have to admit !

2004 ... the female duets will have been particularly successful for him during this decade and will have especially brought him his biggest successes of the moment. A Gainsbourg tribe that brings him undeniable luck ...

2007 ... even if the level of success has decreased somewhat over the years, he continues to believe in it anyway. And given what he continues to offer, we also still believe in him ...

2007 ... what is even stronger is that he does not necessarily try to stick to the latest musical trends of the moment. Daho simply does Daho and it continues to work !

2011 ... and here he is again in gallant company this time with Calypso Valois. It must be said that this song is actually an adaptation of the title Lonely Lovers, a title dating from 1980 and released at the time by a group called Stinky Toys. Group formed by Jacno and Elli Medeiros, parents of Calypso Valois ...

2013 ... back to the forefront with this new title. He has this incredible ability to constantly rise from the ashes and to remind systematically that he absolutely does not intend to hand over. Spread the word...

2013 ... a year 2013 which will undoubtedly remain as one of the best vintages of the last 15 years. Like what he still has a lot of things to say, at least to sing !

2014 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The proof with this year 2014 which sees him again disappear from the radars. Without demerit in anything ...

2014 ... quality, quality, always and again quality. And this has been going on for almost 35 years, a real feat !

2015 ... a posthumous title for a Daniel Darc who died two years earlier. A title actually dating from 1988 and which is brought up to date here in duo mode for our greatest pleasure ...

2015 ... and here he is once again finding his way back to the Charts with this title. It's not complicated, with him everything is always possible but that we already knew ...

2017 ... yet another sumptuous title to add to a list that already has a bunch. But how does he manage to constantly renew his inspiration at this point. Quite simply MA-GIC !

2018 ... a comeback at the end of the 2010 decade which is confirmed title after title. While most of the 'colleagues' from his early days have all disappeared body and soul from the music scene, he continues on his way in a remarkable way to say the least. What talent !

2018 ... he may have a difference of more than 30 years of age with the competition, that does not prevent him from continuing the adventure without complex or restraint. A model that the younger generation should really be inspired by !

2018 ... a third title which comes to close a particularly successful year 2018, one more you will tell me. And we suspect that he certainly does not intend to stop there ...

2020 ... and here he is entering his 5th decade of career. He remains undeniably one of the last artists of the 80s to succeed in maintaining such a level of excellence. Unique model !

2019 ... and here he is, who decides to bring up to date one of the outstanding groups of the 1980s, namely the Comateens. Excellent choice as they say !

2021 ... always and again there and especially in what way. Never out of fashion, always inspired, in short a real war machine. Rennes can be proud to have given birth to this truly extraordinary artist ...








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