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The Eagles is an American band formed in Los Angeles in 1971 and originally composed of Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. Group that can boast of having ranked no less than 5 singles to the 1st place of the American Billboard as well as 6 albums. But also to have won 6 Grammy Awards and sold around 200 million records worldwide, just that !

The group released his eponymous first album a year later in 1972, an album with notorious success and which launched the group's career in the best possible way. In particular thanks to 3 big caliber singles which are "Take it easy", "Witchy woman" and "Peaceful easy feeling".

New album "Desperado" a year later in 1973, album with less success across the Atlantic but with certain success on a planetary level. Album which will mainly produce the title "Tequila sunrise".

Change of tone from 1974 on the album "On the border" with a much more rock orientation. A new sound that will pay off since the album is a real success and will produce their first No.1 across the Atlantic with the title "Best of my love". 1974 was exceptional in every way as it also saw them take part in the California Jam, now considered the Woodstock on the West Coast. A participation that will not go unnoticed, far from it.

Success confirmed and especially considerably amplified a year later in 1975 with the release of the album "One of these nights", album which will produce no less than 2 top hits with the singles "One of these nights" and "Take it to the limit". But also, and above all, 1 mega hit with the huge single "Lyin’ eyes".

At the beginning of 1976, their first compilation "Their greatest hits (1971-1975)" was released, an album of all records and which at that time became the best-selling album of all time in the United States. Album sold to date 29 million copies across the Atlantic and 42 million copies worldwide. It will ultimately be dethroned by a single album which is none other than the "Triller" of a certain…Michael Jackson.

A year 1976 which sees the group walking on water since it also sees the release of the enormous album "Hotel California", album now legendary and which will produce the legendary single of the same name a year later in 1977. Song that some thought was about Satanism when it really only deals with the dark side and the excesses of America. Album which will sell more than 32 million copies worldwide and which will produce another mega hit with the title "New kid in town", title which will be released a year earlier in 1976.

The incredible adventure continued in 1978 with the off-album release of the single "Please come home for Christmas", a single which added another star to an already astounding prize list.

New album "The long run" in 1979, album which once again confirms the public's enthusiasm for the group even though it will do less well than its predecessor. He will still produce the mega hit "Heartache tonight" and the 2 top hits, "The long run" in 1979 and "I can’t tell you why" in 1980.

A year 1980 which saw the tensions between certain members of the group take more and more the step on the creative side. With the result more and more altercations which increasingly jeopardize the future of the group. Another single "Seven bridges road" will also be released that year, but it will indeed be the last of the decade.

The group will rise again from its ashes in a totally unexpected way in 1994 and will succeed in producing two high caliber singles which are "Get over it" and "Love will keep us alive".

The group will once again disappear from the radar before being reborn again during the 2000s. First, with the production in 2003 of the single "Hole in the world", a title in tribute to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Then in 2007 with the production of the enormous album "Long road out of Eden", album which will be a hit all over the planet and close the Eagles saga in the best possible way. Album which will mainly produce the flagship track "How long".

Album which will indeed be this time the last studio album of the group, a group which will stay in history as one of the most emblematic of the end of the twentieth century and undoubtedly ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Take it easy 1972

  • Witchy woman 1972

  • Peaceful easy feeling 1972

  • Tequila sunrise 1973

  • Outlaw man 1973

  • Already gone 1974

  • James Dean 1974

  • Best of my love 1974

  • One of these nights 1975

  • Lyin’ eyes 1975

  • Take it to the limit 1975

  • New kid in town 1976

  • Hotel California 1977

  • Life in the fast lane 1977

  • Please come home for Christmas 1978

  • Heartache tonight 1979

  • The long run 1979

  • I can’t tell you why 1980

  • Seven bridges road 1980

  • Get over it 1994

  • Love will keep us alive 1994

  • The girl from yesterday 1994

  • Learn to be still 1995

  • Hole in the world 2003

  • No more cloudy days 2005

  • How long 2007

  • Busy being fabulous 2008

  • What do I do with my heart 2008

  • I don’t wan to hear any more 2009


Clips :

1972 ... a first title which already shows a more than certain potential in this group of young unknown men. After what will they do with this potential, no one knows yet at this point ...

1972 ... first year of existence and already 2 classified titles. It's called a near-perfect start and the year is not over yet ...

1972 ... in just 3 titles the group will have already made a name for himself in the entire Anglo-Saxon sphere. We therefore imagine that the following should be at least equivalent level ...

1973 ... indeed, we start again on roughly the same bases as the previous year. The only problem is that their Country fundamentals risk isolating them in the long term ...

1973 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The proof with this year 1973 which does not really succeed for them. Too bad because it all started out pretty well ...

1974 ... the group was able to take the measure of the necessary evolutions to be undertaken at the sound level to stick to the latest standards of the moment. Business is picking up as they say ...

1974 ... of course we have not yet regained the level of success of 1972, but given what is on the horizon, no need to worry about them ...

1974 ... the title that will change everything ! The group signs here an absolutely sumptuous ballad which will offer them quite simply their first top hit and especially propel them in a shattering way on the front of the stage. MA-GIC !

1975 ... the group finally passed the level which it lacked to compete with the gratin of the moment. And not only will he compete but he will even outright establish himself very quickly as one of the future very Greats of the American music scene ...

1975 ... the first mega hit ! This time the group is there and has stepped up a gear. The competition has better behave because to unroll, the group will unroll and how !

1975 ... a know-how in the Intimist among the best of the moment and this undoubtedly. And again, the best is yet to come ...

1976 ... the first track from a legendary album. But at this point, no one knows yet. Anyway, this first track extract is already setting the trend : this album will make a date in contemporary musical history !

1977 ... we thought that the previous title would remain as their jewel and that they would not go higher in the sublime. It was without counting on THIS title ! The group will deliver an almost unequaled jewel and which remains to this day one of the 5 most incredible Ultimate Slows of the end of the XXth century. We are touching perfection here thanks to a totally extraordinary musical inspiration, there is no other word. CULT !

1977 ... this title will do less well than its predecessor but how to blame it so much the bar has been raised. Impossible to match the previous gem, that's obvious ...

1978 ... one would have thought that the group had really given everything during the two previous years as perfection was required and the rest would be rather pale. It was bad to know them, the proof with this new title !

1979 ... not only does the group not take its foot off the accelerator, but he consolidates its leadership position with this new mega hit. Masters of the world, there are no other words !

1979 ... an end of the decade who saw them stay in the Elite without overdoing their talent. Now, will the next decade be as good for them as the one that just ended, good question ...

1980 ... an 80s decade that started smoothly thanks to this title which literally floats in the air. A sumptuous title once again which shows that in the domain of the 'emotional' register, their know-how is truly extraordinary. MA-GIC !

1980 ... the last title of the decade. Barely started, the decade ends here for the group. Tensions between members have taken precedence over inspiration and the group will not recover. For now at least ...

1994 ... it will take 14 years for the tensions to subside and for the members of the group to agree to work together again. A return to say the least unexpected and which sees them above all return to success as if they had never stopped. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished ...

1994 ... even 14 years later, they still manage to deliver ballads of an incredible level of inspiration. May with them, no wonder ...

1994 ... the 'little' hit of the year. In a much more Country style, hence the fact that its success was somewhat limited ...

1995 ... rarely a group will have excelled so much in the Intimist. With an anthology title and a slew of very big caliber titles, the group's prize list in this area is surely one of the best of all time !

2003 ... then nothing for 8 years. Here they are again in 2003 with this title in homage to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Not necessarily their most inspired title but the heart is there. Isn't that the main thing ...?

2005 ... already 30 years of career on the clock and still there the little guys. Admittedly, the level of success no longer has anything to do with the end of the 1970s, but success there is anyway. The essential is therefore preserved ...

2007 ... one of their very rare covers. Here they revisit the title of J.D. Souther dating from 1972 and at the same time offer themselves a new star to add to a list that already has quite a lot of it. What talent !

2008 ... with each new title we tell ourselves that it may be the last but for now they continue the adventure without asking too many questions. And my faith, for now, history proves them right !

2008 ... of course, success is limited title after title but their will to believe in it always and again inevitably forces respect. Given their prize list, who would dare to tell them to stop ...

2009 ... and yet, unfortunately, the adventure will not go further than this year 2009. At least, for now. Because with such great talents, it is impossible to predict the future and especially to say that they will never put the cover back. Simply for fun ...


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