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Orlando's triplets ...

The Flirts is an American trio based on a simple concept : a triplet necessarily composed of a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. This trio was born in 1982 by the will of Bobby "O" Orlando, successful producer of the late Disco years. This trio will be renewed several times, with several successive departures and arrivals. A total of 6 albums will be produced between the period 1982-1992. We will mainly remember the single “Passion” which will surely remain as the biggest commercial success of the now legendary trio. The titles "Helpless", released in 1984 and "You and me" released in 1985 will also experience a relatively good breakthrough in the US and European Charts. Discography (among others ...) :

• Jukebox (Don't put another dime) 1982

• Boy crazy 1982

• Passion 1982

• Calling all boys 1983

• Danger 1983

• Helpless 1984

• You and me 1985

• Dancing madly backward 1985

• Voulez vous 1985

• Miss you 1986

• New toy 1986

• A thing called love 1988


Clips :

1982 ... the first steps of the Triplettes ! It's rhythmic, it's light, it's fun, what more could you ask for. A concept project that promises !

1982 ... an equally Dance suite. The level is rising slowly but surely, it's obvious...

1982 ... the HUGE interplanetary tube that will really reveal them ! A shattering orbit and a title that will surely remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade

1983 ... a quality suite that hits the mark once again. The concept now works from the fire of god and it's far from over !

1983 ... a sound recognizable among all, always against the background of Dance rhythm, a recipe that works perfectly whatever the Triplette is operational at that time

1984 ... in Hi-NRG mode. Orlando signs here one of the most famous titles of this musical genre. A benchmark sound monument !

1985 ... heads change but the concept still works as well. And changes, in this group, there will be some ...!

1985 ... the last planetary hit. A title that spins at 200 km/h but which also shows that the concept is running out of steam ...

1985 ... soar the original sound of the group which gave the concept all its charm and all its originality ... A good or an evil ?

1986 ... a sound evolution that will not have benefited the group, quite the contrary. So Bobby, what happened ...?

1986 ... and yet it's Dance, that's clear. It is serious but the girls can no longer tell the difference. Casting problem ...?

1988 ... the end of one of the most beautiful adventures of the decade. A concept project that will undoubtedly remain one of the best !


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