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Where it is a question of sobriety...

Tanita Tikaram, who one might have thought English, is actually a singer of Indo-Malaysian origin, born in Germany, and who only arrived in England when her career soldier father was transferred there.

Her artistic career really kicked off in her teens when she was noticed by the WEA Records Label while singing in Night Clubs.

It was therefore just 19 years old that she released her first album "Ancien heart". We are then in 1988. For a first album, it is a masterstroke. The album will sell 4 million copies worldwide !

A first single "Good tradition" was released the same year and enjoyed significant success. But this is another single, released soon after, that is going to smash everything namely "Twist in my sobriety". Paradoxical as it may seem, it does not work as well as the previous one across the Channel, but has far greater success internationally. The singer's notoriety literally explodes.

The years follow one another but are not alike… The albums “The sweet keeper” released in 1989, “Everybody's angel” released in 1991, “Eleven kinds of loneliness” released in 1992 and “Lovers in the city” released in 1995 will never know by no means the same level of success.

Only the singles "Only the ones we love" in 1991 and "I might be crying" in 1992 will do more or less their game.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Good tradition 1988

  • Twist in my sobriety 1988

  • Cathedral song 1989

  • Worl outside your window 1989

  • We almost got it together 1990

  • Little sister leaving town 1990

  • Thursday's child 1990

  • Only the ones we love 1991

  • I love the heaven's solo 1991

  • I might be crying 1995

  • Stop listening 1998

  • I don't wanna lose at love 1998


Clips :

1988 ... a first title which already rhymes with success. The world is discovering this completely atypical voice that will produce truly amazing things ...

1988 ... then comes THIS title. A single title will be enough to bring her One Shot to the musical Pantheon of the 80s. Here she signs the biggest success of her career and undoubtedly one of the biggest titles of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... a sumptuous track, all in finesse and lightness. Which has little to do with the previous one but which at least has the merit of showing us the full extent of the artist's talent. And there is talent !

1989 ... a sudden deceleration in the Charts which temporarily halted the meteoric rise of the young singer. Accident without seriousness or underlying tendency not to be underestimated ? Only the future will answer this question ...

1990 ... a transition to the new decade that is quietly and always in a good dynamic that carries her from success to success. Not sure that it lasts unfortunately ...

1990 ... and always this deep voice totally out of the ordinary and which irreparably sets her apart from the competition. A difference that will forever remain its trademark ...

1990 ... a 3rd title which allows to end the year in Celtic mode. As one could say, it is the clash of cultures !

1991 ... his last major hit. And yes, already. The rise was meteoric but the decline will be almost the same ...

1991 ... quality titles but inspiration is no longer great. And that's exactly what made all the difference ...

1995 ... nothing for 3 years. She is therefore found in 1995 but that will not change the fact that she is no longer trendy ...

1998 ... another 3-year jump. We finally find her inspired and the quality, this time, is top. But it is already too late for a resounding return to the front of the stage ...

1998 ... the very last hit. And again, a very 'small' as they say. 10 years after her sensational debut, the singer left the international scene by the back door. Like many colleagues before her. Hard law of the trade ...


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