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Only good vibrations ...

The Beach Boys is an American group formed in 1961 in Hawthorne whose particularity, apart from their recognizable style of music (surf music), is to be one of the very first American groups, if not the first, in terms of record sales around the world. They have sold around 100 million albums to date.

It was originally composed of Brian Wilson, who despite poor mental health would write all of the group's biggest hits, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine.

The first title "Surfin" came out of the year of the group's formation and enjoyed significant success, especially on the West Coast, favorite land for surfers.

The first album "Surfin' safari" was released a year later in 1962. Album of limited success.

It was not until 1963 to see the group finally take off with the release of the album "Surfin 'USA", boosted by the title of the same name which was a hit. Almost immediately after the release of the third album “Surfer girl”, more successful than the previous ones and which will experience a very honorable career in the Charts.

"Surf music" is sweeping the world and the "Surf attitude" is becoming super trendy. The Beach Boys have just created the "Californian Myth" which continues to this day.

At the end of 1963, change of strategy, the group released the album "Little deuce coupe" which was no longer about surfing but about cars. The goal is to reach audiences from the east coast and central United States. A daring bet but a winning bet, the album is a resounding success.

They did it again the following year with the release of the album "Shut down vol.2", which covered the same themes. New success.

The year 1964 turns out to be a pivotal year for the group. The rivalry with the Beatles rises crescendo, which does not prevent the group from releasing the album “All summer long”, from which one of their most legendary titles will be extracted, namely the enormous “I get around”. . The title is a real planetary success, the notoriety of the group reaches heights unmatched until then.

Then followed the albums “Christmas album” still in 1964 and “Today !" beginning of 1965. Album from which the top hit "Help me, Ronda" will be extracted.

But it is the following album, “Summer days (and summer nights)” which will bring the group another colossal hit with the title “California girls” which remains to this day one of their most beautiful achievements. little from the album "Beach boys party !" which brings a third mega hit with "Barbara Ann", cover of a title of Regents.

A cult title which will be taken over ten years later by ... the Martin Circus and which will make it the huge title "Marylène" in France.

The year 1966 saw the release of the album "Pet Sounds" considered as the favorite child of Brian Wilson, and which was to ridicule the Beatles. Innovative sound, daring lyrics at the antipodes of the previous ones, the album surprises, even fans who do not understand it.

The excellent "Wouldn’t it be nice" and the magnificent "God only knows" are struggling to break through in the US Charts. The reception in Europe is radically different, the album is praised and the critics unanimously praise the exceptional quality of it. Even the Beatles recognize the extraordinary quality of the album. Who will inspire them to make their “Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band".

And it's not over ! Also the same year will release the intergalactic title "Good vibrations", supreme title of their discography and which will make an unprecedented planetary success.

But the years go by and are not necessarily alike. Brian Wilson gradually sinks into depression and drug addiction, his inspiration fails him and the results are felt. The albums "Simley smile", "Wild honey" and "Friends" have nothing to do with the previous ones and are failures. These will be almost his last compositions for the group.

The group rose from its ashes in 1969 under the leadership of Carl Wilson. Year that sees the release of the album "20/20". Followed a year later by the album "Sunflower" which despite its obvious quality will be the group's worst commercial failure.

Several albums were released, but it was not until 1977 that the group finally returned to success thanks to the album "Love you", an album which marked - as if by chance - Brian Wilson's temporary return to composition.

Short-lived success because alcohol and drug problems literally hampered the creativity of the group, which continued to fail until the mid-1980s.

And it is 22 years after their last N°1 in the Charts (Good vibrations), that is in 1988, that they will miraculously regain the first place of the podiums thanks to the enormous “Kokomo”, soundtrack of the film Cocktail (with Tom Cruise as interpreter).

This time it will be the last major success of this now legendary group who alone will forever embody the planetary myth of eternal youth, unbridled and carefree….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Surfin safari 1962

  • Surfin U.S.A. 1963

  • Surfer girl 1963

  • I get around 1964

  • California girls 1965

  • Barbara Ann 1965

  • Wouldn’t it be nice 1966

  • Good vibrations 1966

  • God only knows 1966

  • Heroes and villains 1967

  • Darlin 1967

  • Do it again 1968

  • I can hear music 1969

  • Cottonfields 1970

  • Sail on, sailor 1973

  • Rock and roll music 1976

  • Peggy sue 1978

  • Come go with me 1981

  • Getcha back 1985

  • California dreamin 1986

  • Kokomo 1988

  • Still cruising 1989

  • Hot fun in summertime 1992


Clips :

1962 ... the band's second single and their notorious debut hit. The soft beginnings of a group that no one imagines at this stage will become one of the most incredible groups of the 20th century

1963 ... then comes THIS title. Incredible sound and style, one of a kind and completely revolutionizing the era. A legendary title that literally explodes the notoriety of the group

1963 ... a multi-talented group that is able to also excel in the Intimist field. A flexible surf attitude ...

1964 ... planetary SHOCK ! For THIS title which will forever remain the musical symbol of youth and carefree ... Voices that blend together to perfection to produce one of the biggest songs of all time !

1965 ... nothing and no one can stop the surging Beach Boys. It is a planetary phenomenon of unprecedented scale and which now produces mega hit on mega hit

1965 ... and what about this one ! Another awesome title, which once again reinforces the status of an exceptional group at the Beach Boys. An incredible inspiration and which produces cult song after cult song !

1966 ... probably one of their best titles. Not necessarily the most famous but one of their most successful melody side

1966 ... we thought we had reached the top ? Oh no because here comes their Masterpiece. An AMAZING title, with alien inspiration and which will ravage everything in its path. MAS-TER-FUL !

1966 ... a decidedly exceptional year with a multitude of incredible titles that follow one another at record speed !

1967 ... difficult to compete with 1966 which was an absolutely sumptuous year for the group. There will be hits in this year 1967 but of lesser scope

1967 ... the sound of the group evolves, that's clear. But on the voice side, it's still just as effective. In short, nothing to worry about ...

1968 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. A capricious end of the decade and a group in strong deceleration. The Surf attitude is floundering ...

1969 ... the end of the decade in decline even if the group continues to record significant sales scores. It's hard to find the genius inspiration of the mid-decade ...

1970 ... the beginning of the 1970s which rhymes with free fall ... The group is no more than a shadow of himself. Few hits to eat ...

1973 ... it was not until 1973 that the group returned to success. And again, out of proportion to what he has known before. But there is better, that's clear !

1976 ... ups and downs. There, we would rather be on top. We find the style that made them famous. But in the middle of the Disco period, there is a slight delay ...

1978 ... after a year 1977 without any hits, the year 1978 allows them to bounce back somewhat with this particularly rhythmic track

1981 ... delicate end of decade 70, one thus finds them only in 1981 with this title once again typical of the Beach Boys style. A style completely apart and completely offbeat in the 1980s. And why not ...

1985 ... a surf style attitude that has seen a sudden resurgence of interest. Like what, you should never despair. One day Has been, the next day in full swing !

1986 ... they sign here a luxury cover of the mythical title of Mamas & The Papas. And obviously, given their extraordinary talent, the result is necessarily up to the mark !

1988 ... then, suddenly, comes a new title of phew, fresh, light and airy. A wonder with its so Beach Boys sound and which will be a real worldwide hit. The 'grandpas' are back and it rocks !

1989 ... taking advantage of the suction effect, the group temporarily returns to honors and glory. But will it last. Not sure... decade change and still there ! A group that can boast of having crossed no less than 4 decades ! A feat that very few groups will have achieved. This title will be their last notorious hit. The end of an exceptional adventure for one of the major groups of the last 40 years and which will have left several gems of very large caliber in the musical Pantheon of humanity


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