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Madness is an English group formed in London in 1979 by Mike Barson, Chris Foreman, Lee Thompson, Chas Smash, Graham McpHerson, Mark Bedford and Dan Woodgate. And whose particularity is to have been the most emblematic of the groups of the "Ska" movement. Mythical group which will have placed no less than 15 singles in the English Top10.

Originally, the group was called "The North London Invaders".

Their first single “The prince” was released in 1979 and had some success. They play in the huge musical TV show "Top of the Pops", a passage that allows them to make themselves known to the general public.

Another single comes out in the process. A certain "One step beyond" which will stay no less than 78 weeks in the Charts, reach second place in the English Top10 and make a real planetary hit !

Two other singles will be released in the process, "My girl" and "Night boat to Cairo" which will also experience their heyday.

In 1980, the album "Absolutely" was released, an album that was not widely praised by critics, but from which one of the group's biggest hits, "Baggy trousers", would be extracted. As well as the excellent "Embarrassment".

A year later in 1981 the album "7" was released, which showed an obvious change of course on the part of the group. The sound evolves towards clearly towards pop. Three hit singles will be extracted, namely "Gray day", "Shut up" and "Cardiac arrest".

Also in 1981, it was the single "It must be love" which came out in turn and which made a remarkable journey through the charts. This title will remain as one of their most famous.

And it was in 1982 that they experienced the ultimate consecration with the single "House of fun" which finally became their first, and only single to have reached first place in the charts.

The same year, the album "The rise & fall" was released, as well as the single "Our house" which became a huge worldwide hit.

The year 1983 saw the release of the singles "Wings of a dove" and "The sun & the rain" which made a very honorable journey.

As well as the album "Keep moving" which comes out in stride. Other singles and albums will be released later but without reaching the heights reached previously.

The group will definitively separate in 1988.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• The prince 1979

• One step beyond 1979

• My girl 1979

• Night boat to Cairo 1979

• Baggy trousers 1980

• Embarrassment 1980

• The return of the Los Palmas 7 1981

• Grey day 1981

• Shut up 1981

• It must be love 1981

• Cardiac arrest 1982

• House of fun 1982

• Our house 1982

• Tomorrow's (Just another day) 1983

• Wings of a dove 1983

• The sun and the rain 1983

• Michael Caine 1984

• Yesterday’s men 1985

• Uncle Sam 1985

• Sweetest girl 1986

• The ghost train 1986

• Lovestruck 1999

• Shame & scandal 2005

Clips :

1979 ... the first steps of a group of unknown young people who bring with them a completely new sound. A sound that will soon overwhelm the whole planet !

1979 ... from the 2nd title, the group goes from the status of unknown to the status of planetary phenomenon ! He signed here quite simply one of the biggest hits of the 1970s ! Or the 80s ! Or even the end of the twentieth century period. We no longer know by force. Anyway, here they confirm a startling to say the least, which allows them to boost their notoriety in a hyper spectacular way. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... a continuation to the height which shows that the group is not there to make figuration. And the rest will prove it !

1979 ... a unique style and sound for the time. Everything to quickly become a legend. All in just 1 year. To say the least incredible !

1980 ... change of decade with a Ska phenomenon now cruising. They just have to unroll quietly ...

1980 ... it's a flood of incredible hits. The group literally walks on the water and each title released becomes almost an event in itself

1981 ... a transitional title, surprisingly instrumental but in their purest Ska style. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1981 ... inspiration never falters from an Iota. The group maintains himself at the top of the Charts with disconcerting ease ...

1981 ... the tubes are linked at an impressive speed. The Madness 'phenomenon' is in full swing and literally submerges the world

1981 ... an increasingly obvious Pop orientation which shows that the group does not intend to stay on its assets and that is a good thing !

1982 ... already 4 years that the group maintains himself at the top with disconcerting ease. One would have imagined that their style would eventually tire. Which is not the case for now, far from it ...

1982 ... in total delirium mode, a constant with them. This is also what made their success. So much so that this title will remain as their best ranked across the Channel !

1982 ... their 2nd biggest hit. The year 1981 was exceptional for the group in all respects. 1982 will more or less approach it. HU-GE !

1983 ... the great adventure continues. The group's inspiration is always of high quality and allows him to stay in touch with the best with obvious ease. What talent !

1983 ... a slightly mixed year anyway. And yes, it even happens to the best. And again, the halftone is relative ...

1983 ... one would have thought that the sound of the group would evolve to approach the standards of the moment. What a denial. The group remains on the same basis as at its beginnings. Is it good or bad ...?

1984 ... slight revival of inspiration. But success is no longer limited to the Anglo-Saxon sphere. Sacred tumble ...

1985 ... a romantic ballad ...? Yes Yes. Incredible but true from the Barjots ! And it pays, it will be their last notorious mega hit

1985 ... the inspiration is somewhat in free fall and the group is content to ensure the minimum union. Not sure it could last like this for a long time ...

1986 ... when Madness takes over Scritti Politti dating from 1981. An astonishing and at the very least sympathetic result. But nothing more ...

1986 ... an end of reign clearly much smoother than their overexcited beginnings. Unfortunately, the group will not be able to find a second wind ... The end of an incredible adventure for one of the most atypical and creative groups of the time

1999 ... the phoenix tries to rise from the ashes at the end of the 1990s. Unfortunately, mass is said to concern them. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

2005 ... a return to the front of the stage for the least incredible with this title. This revisited version of the title of Sir Lancelot dating from 1943 allows them to find the way of light when no one believed it anymore. Like what, nothing is never finished !

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