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One rainy evening...

Blues Trottoir is a French group that started in 1987 when one of the sons of actor Pierre Richard, Olivier Defays, teamed up with the daughter of director of photography Pierre Lhomme, Clémence Lhomme, to push the song.

Original duo to say the least which will produce a first album called “Un soir de pluie” the same year, album from which the single of the same name will be extracted first.

And for a first try, it's a real masterstroke. The single was a hit across France and rocketed the duo into the limelight.

The rest will unfortunately prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. The duo released a new single "Poker" a year later in 1988, a single that did not know the success of its predecessor.

Just like the album "Histoires courtes" which was released in 1989 and which was unable to produce any major hits.

Repeated failures that will undermine the group slowly but surely, which will eventually separate at the beginning of the 90s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Un soir de pluie 1987

  • Poker 1988

  • La gosse 1989

  • Chicago kid 1989

  • 24 jours explosifs 1990

  • Absence 1991


Clips :

1987 ... just a single title, THIS title, was enough to bring One Shot the duo into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. All in a completely atypical style for the time, which further emphasizes the feat achieved by the 2 artists. HU-GE !

1988 ... unfortunately, the rest will be much more complicated to manage than expected. The duo can not capitalize on the enormous success previously encountered and will never again go to the stars ...

1989 ... yet what they continue to suggest is far from ridiculous. But their atypical style will have worked perfectly on 1 title. Much less on the others ...

1989 ... a nice title which literally floats in the air and which shows an obvious talent in the Intimist. A talent that they will not have been able to use more than that ...

1990 ... a pity that this duo did not find its place and above all did not succeed in establishing himself as their talent would suggest. Frankly shame ...

1991 ... a title all in finesse and softness to end this beautiful adventure, an adventure of short duration but which was really worth living !


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