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One of the best Poison in the world...

Poison is an American group formed in 1984 in Mechanicsburg by Bret Michaels, Matt Smith, Bobyy Dall and Riccki Rocket. A group which can boast of having sold no less than 45 million records worldwide !

Originally, in 1979, Michaels, who has just formed a group called "Laser", joined forces with Rocket to form another group under the name of "The Specters". Group which will change its name again in 1983 and become "Paris". Before definitively taking the name of "Poison" in 1984.

Their first album "Look what the cat dragged" was released in 1986 and for a first try, it was a master stroke. The album is a real hit and will end up certified Triple Platinum in the United States. In particular thanks to 2 flagship singles that are "I won’t forget you" and especially "Talk dirty to me".

Two years later in 1988 released the album "Open up and say ... Ahh!", the group's flagship album, which will sell 8 million copies and make a worldwide success. Album carried mainly by what will remain as the biggest hit of their discography namely "Every rose has its thorn". As well as an initial cover which will cause a scandal where we see a demonic female figure sticking out a long tongue in an obscene manner.

Three other hits will be extracted from it : "Nothin 'but a good time", Fallen angel" and "Your mama don’t dance", just that !

The successes are linked with the release in 1990 of the album "Flesh & blood" which in turn is a hit and is almost as strong as the previous one in terms of sales. “Unskinny bop” will be the flagship single and will take over the highest places of many Charts around the world. Followed by a few “Something to believe in” which will also go a long way.

Three years will pass before the album "Native tongue" is released, album which will be the last major opus of the group. Significantly more blues-rock oriented, it will essentially produce the hit "Stand".

Conflicts within the group will become general, as will the excesses of certain members in terms of alcohol and drugs. Which will irreparably cause the fall of the group.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Cry tough 1986

  • Talk dirty to me 1987

  • I want action 1987

  • I won’t forget you 1987

  • Nothin’ but a good time 1988

  • Fallen angel 1988

  • Every rose has is thorn 1988

  • Your mama don’t dance 1989

  • Unskinny bop 1990

  • Something to believe in 1990

  • Ride the wind 1990

  • Life goes on 1991

  • So tell me why 1992

  • Stand 1993

  • Until you suffer some 1993

  • Shut up, make love 2000


Clips :

1986 ... a first title to get started and above all to be talked about. On this coup there, the bet is won hands down with a first hit classified in the key !

1987 ... the title of the revelation, the real one. The trend is given : it will be 100 % Rock ! The group achieves its first world class success here. A success that will appeal to many others !

1987 ... the titles follow each other but success is not guaranteed every time. This title will only have a very limited success ...

1987 ... as a rule, this kind of group goes to the Intimist in mid-career. In their case, it's from the start. And why not ?

1988 ... an Intimist page very quickly closed. We suspected that with them, it would not last. Back to beating up !

1988 ... after 2 years of pseudo break-in and ramp-up, the group has matured and is beginning to reach its full maturity. A maturity that is starting to pay off given the level of planetary success achieved !

1988 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, it is on a very fine track that they will experience one of their biggest success. As often for Metal groups ...

1989 ... more and more quickly, we go almost from Metal to that possible ? With them, yes, yes !

1990 ... we slow down the pace with a song that we could almost categorize in Pop. And yes, it happens to them. With the key the biggest success of all their discography. HU-GE !

1990 ... come on, this time we have it, the Ultimate Slow that every renowned group must have on its record. And as very often for these groups there, it is guaranteed success. The proof !

1990 ... 100 % Rock, 1000 % Rock, 10,000 % Rock ! There, we almost border the road exit. Between the previous title and this title there, there is an ocean, it is clear ...

1991 ... come on, let's go back to the Intimist once again ! Have they gone mad ? We constantly alternate the boost and the air at a breathtaking speed !

1992 ... and it went back to beating up as a rule. A beating that no longer pays at the sight of the classification of this title in the Charts. Tough law of the trade ...

1993 ... what is most paradoxical is that the group now obtains its biggest successes on Intimist titles, the height. But everything is good to take as they say !

1993 ... and it continues ! It is not possible, it is not the same group. A decade 90 which contrasts radically with the previous one. And in the end, who would complain ?

2000 ... after almost 7 years of absence, the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Certainly, the transition to the decade will not put them back in the saddle but they will still get a last 'little' hit on this title. Always better than nothing as they say ...


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