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One night with Joe...

Murray Head is an English singer and actor whose singularity is to write songs from an early age.

He really started his musical career in 1971 by playing the role of Judas Iscariot in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Role which sees him sing the title "Superstar", a flagship title which will be a real hit in the Charts.

But it was especially in 1975 that his notoriety exploded when he performed the magnificent ballad "Say it ain’t so, Joe", a major title in his discography and which remains cult to this day.

We had to wait until 1984 to see him repeat a near feat when the single "One night in Bangkok" was released, another flagship single that set all Dancefloor on fire.

He enjoyed a last major success in 1993 with a French-language title "Une femme un homme" which he performed in duet with Marie Carmen. Title which will know its heyday in Quebec.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The bells of Rhymney 1965

  • She was perfection 1967

  • Superstar 1969

  • Say it ain't so, Joe 1975

  • Never even thought 1977

  • Mademoiselle 1978

  • Los Angeles 1979

  • Sorry I love you 1979

  • How many ways 1979

  • Cocktail Molotov 1980

  • Corporation corridors 1982

  • One night in Bangkok 1984

  • When you're in love 1984

  • Picking up the pieces 1985

  • Some people 1986

  • Move closer 1990

  • You are 1993

  • Une femme, un homme 1993

  • Shadows of the truth 1995


Clips :

1965 ... at the origin of the beginnings of the genesis...billions of years ago ... It is difficult to imagine at this stage the grandiose career that awaits this young singer ...

1967 ... a tone and style typical of those years. Very much in tune with the times. But that is not enough for the moment to distinguish the singer from the mass ...

1969 ... the title and the role that will change everything. A passage from shadow to light which is done in a shattering way. HU-GE !

1975 ... but the real beginning of consecration, here it is ! He signs here one of the most beautiful ballads of the 70s and of the twentieth century period. A musical monument which elevates him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... and what about that one ! He did it again a year later with a title just as strong and just as inspired. Two titles in quick succession that make him, and unquestionably, one of the best artists of his generation

1978 ... always in minimalist mode, acoustic limit. And it works again. When the inspiration is there, no need for a symphony orchestra to sublimate a title ...

1979 ... still so fine, still so sweet. A register of 'With emotions' that he masters perfectly and which sees him produce a large caliber title after a large caliber title ...

1979 ... an Intimist domain that he really masters to perfection. The proof once again with this title to the mad lyricism and which paradoxically will know only a very limited success in the Charts ...

1979 ... the sound evolves, like the style. Slowly but surely. A mandatory and above all beneficial change in view of what is on the horizon during the next decade ...

1980 ... a new decade which starts off with a bang thanks to the soundtrack of Diane Kurys' film "Cocktail Molotov". Of course, this title will not do better than its predecessor in the Charts but it is not without interest, it is clear

1982 ... his first big hit of the decade. Just a trial run for what will follow...and which will be even more HUGE !

1984 ... the ultimate planetary consecration with this HUGE intergalactic hit that sets every Dancefloor on fire and will surely remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a year which will prove to be exceptional for the artist. And definitively consecrate him as one of the greatest artists of the 1980s !

1985 ... a quality sequel, but how can you compete with such an inspired previous year ? Mission almost impossible ...

1986 ... Murray goes easy and takes us back, without too many convictions, a title of Belouis Some. Bad pick as they say ...

1990 ... the end of the 1980s which turned out to be more difficult to negotiate than expected. Suddenly, he provides with a new cover, this time from Phylis Nelson. It becomes a habit the covers. Attention danger...

1993 ... back in force with a much more inspired title which shows that Murray still has some under the pedal. It was time !

1993 ... the same title in a shocking but above all charming duo version. A nice title to end a magnificent adventure which will have produced several titles of very, very high caliber. What more...

1995 ... come on, it's not quite finished but it is clear that he does more some figuration now. This does not prevent him from still producing this kind of title with more than certain inspiration ...


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