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Ode to Billy Joe...

Torch Song is an English group formed in the early 80s and composed of Willima Orbit, Laurie Mayer and Grant Gilbert.

We know very little about them except that they will have produced 3 albums on the 80s part of "Wish Thing" in 1984, "Ecstasy" in 1986 and "Exhibit A" in 1987.

From these albums will be extracted a few well-made singles, including the extremely excellent "Torch song".

Just for that we had to devote an article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Prepare to energize 1983

  • Don’t look now 1984

  • Tattered dress 1985

  • Ode to Billy Joe 1985

  • White night 1986

  • Can’t find my way home 1986

  • Shine on me 1995


Clips :

1983 ... the trend is given at the outset. It will be 1000 % electronic music. And good !

1984 ... THE title that will reveal them. An obvious quality for a title that would have deserved a much higher recognition than it was

1985 ... a very special sound but so typical of the 80s. It is this kind of sound that makes all the difference between the 70s and the 80s

1985 ... very astonishing this luxury cover of Bobbie Gentry's flagship title dating from 1967. A Dance version that rocks, to say the least ...

1986 ... a subtle mix between electronic base and rock sound. A title that will not remain as their best but the result is clash, it's clear

1986 ... back to basics. We already feel them more at ease but the inspiration is somewhat failing. Hence a fairly mixed result...

1995 ... after 6 years of wanted or forced break, here they are again with a title that we will call...experimental. It's the least we can say. Not sure it was really worth coming back for that ...


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