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Now it’s time to say goodbye...

Kitchens Of Distinction is an English trio formed in 1986 in south London and composed of Dan Goodwin, Julian Swales and Patrick Fitzgerald.

The name of the group is said to be a reference to a manufacturer of top of the line kitchens. Kitchen designer Swales reportedly saw an advertisement on the back of a bus he was cycling behind.

Their first single "The last gasp death shuffle" was released in 1987. Followed in 1988 by the single "Prize". Two well-made singles that allow them to be noticed by the critics.

The first album "Love is hell" was released in 1989, followed in 1990 by "Strange free world", then "The death of cool" in 1991. Album which contains their biggest hit to date namely "Drive that fast" .

A last album "Cowboys and aliens" will be released in 1994. Unfortunately, this album will go completely unnoticed and which will trigger the inevitable process of dissolution of the group.

An original group, with a sound that is no less and which frankly deserved more generous recognition from the public.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The last gasp death shuffle 1987

  • Prize 1988

  • Elephantine 1989

  • Quick as rainbows 1990

  • Gorgeous love 1990

  • Railwayed 1991

  • Drive that fast 1991

  • When is heaven 1992

  • What happens now ? 1992

  • Smiling 1992

  • 4 men 1992

  • Now it’s time to say goodbye 1994

  • Everything’s wonderful 1995

  • Cowboys and aliens 1995


Clips :

1987 ... beginnings that will be qualified as correct. Nothing more. Can do better. And will do better !

1988 ... the sonic evolution is obvious. A much more structured sound and much more in tune with the times

1989 ... the group has found its sound and vocal signature. The quality is rising crescendo. Slowly but surely !

1990 ... welcome to the next decade. A decade that will hold great surprises for them. And confirm them as one of the most interesting bands of the decade

1990 ... a year 1990 which saw them record their first hit. After years of breaking in, the time has come for maturity. The results are necessarily felt

1991 ... THE great year. The year of all the successes and all-out inspiration. The sound is structured and works perfectly

1991 ... which will surely remain as their best title. And as their highest ranked title of all. Almost perfect copy !

1992 ... and what about that one. It may not have the same commercial success as its predecessor, but whatever. The result is largely up to par !

1992 ... a melody once again with formidable effectiveness. A group that would have frankly deserved recognition much greater than what it was !

1992 ... a group which, once again, works better in the USA than across the Channel. No one is a prophet in his country. An adage that proves to be correct once again ...

1992 ... new hit on the USA side. While the sound is very typical English rock, it is the Americans who know better how to appreciate it at its true value. Astonishing ...

1994 ... the years pass without the melodic quality suffering. A permanent renewal of inspiration with formidable efficiency

1995 ... we're getting closer to the end, that's clear. The sound deconstructs and we almost return to the sound of the beginnings. No problem, the adventure was beautiful ...

2013... when we thought we would never see them again, here they are again 18 years later. A totally unexpected return that will inevitably delight the basic fans...

2014... the return will be stealthy to say the least, but it will have taken place. It remains to be seen whether we will see them again one day or another...


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