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Pierre Bachelet was a French composer and singer whose particularity was to be a graduate of the National School of Photography and Cinematography.

He started his professional career at the end of the 60s in the world of advertising, made some documentaries, advertising music and especially film music.

Its true beginnings in the musical career date from 1973 with the creation of the group "Resonance". Adventure without tomorrow.

It was in 1974 that things suddenly accelerated with the release of his first single "Emmanuelle" which brought him a certain notoriety.

In 1975 released his first album "L’Atlantique" with modest success.

It will have to wait five years and the year 1980 before being propelled to the front of the stage thanks to the now cult “Elle est d'ailleurs”, extracted from the album of the same name, and which will sell for 1, 5 million copies.

In 1982 he did it again with the album "Les corons" from which the single of the same name would be extracted and which will stay in history as his major single.

1983 saw the release of the much more modestly successful album "Découvrir l'Amérique".

Followed in 1985 by "Marionnetiste" and "En l'an 2001" which will allow him to find his way back to success.

His last notable successes will be the album "Vingt ans" in 1987 from which is extracted the single of the same name.

As well as the album "Quelque part...c'est toujours ailleurs" both certified Platinum Disc.

Other albums will come out later but will never have the same level of success.

And the adventure will end definitively with the disappearance of the artist in 2005 following a lung cancer, artist with multiple talents and who will have left an indelible and very popular imprint in the hearts of the French.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Emmanuelle 1974

• Histoire d'O 1975

• L’Atlantique 1975

• Romantic lover 1978

• Les bronzés font du ski 1979

• Elle est d’ailleurs 1980

• Écris moi 1980

• Les corons 1982

• Quitte moi 1983

• Mais l'aventure 1983

• Gwendoline 1984

• Marionnettiste 1985

• En l’an 2001 1985

• Quand l'enfant viendra 1985

• Vingt ans 1987

• Partis avant d'avoir tout dit 1987

• L’homme en blanc 1989

• Flo 1989

• Pleure pas boulou 1989

• Le déversoir 1991

• La ville ainsi soit il 1995


Clips :

1974 ... the song that will reveal him and change its destiny forever ... A cult soundtrack for a cult film !

1975 ... he signed the music for the 2 most famous erotic films to date in France. Mighty references !

1975 ... a very nice duo of 2 almost-unknowns who will literally 'explode' in the years that follow ...

1978 ... impossible to get through the Disco phenomenon. His personal version ...

1979 ... surely one of the most famous soundtracks of all time on the French side. A completely offbeat musical masterpiece for a cult film ! HU-GE !

1980 ... the WONDER ! Surely one of the most beautiful songs of the decade ! Or even at the end of the 20th century on the French side. A HUGE hit that will raise him One Shot to star status

1982 ... and what about that one. He reoffended two years later with a title of almost the same caliber. What talent !

1982 ... his most beautiful hymn in homage to the villages of miners and also his biggest success. This song makes him enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

1983 ... a new ballad of very large caliber of which he has the secret. A softness area that he particularly likes

1983 ... in the same vein. Past master in the field to play on the very sensitive register of emotions ...

1984 ... new very large soundtrack. Also a master in the subject !

1985 ... popular song, made by a popular artist, without fuss or chacha. He understood everything !

1985 ... undoubtedly one of his most beautiful artistic years with a 2nd HUGE hit which will surely remain as one of his most emblematic

1985 ... very simple but extremely effective melodies. That's the talent, the real one !

1987 ... the years go by and inspiration follows its own little way freely, without constraint or brake !

1987 ... and it continues. And it's not over, far from it ! He still has some under the pedal ...

1989 ... a little mystical parenthesis in the form of a tribute to one of the biggest historical figures of the end of the 20th century

1989 ... when 2 stars of the moment cross paths for a song, the result is necessarily up to par ! HU-GE !

1989 ... the last success of an exceptional decade concerning him and which will have seen him express the best of himself

1991 ... the decades change but the style does not change. Simple songs that hit home every time

1995 ... another particularly inspired title. An exit through the Great Gate !


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