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Novelties... May 2023

Dear friends,

Every month I inform you of the new releases of your favorite singers and groups.

For the month of May, here are the releases :

May 2 :

Will Downing - Till we meet again

Michael Bolton - Just the beginning

May 4 :

Shakin' Stevens - Tick tock

Shakin' Stevens - All you need is a greed

Shakin' Stevens - Dirty water

May 5 :

Michael Bolton - Whatever she wants

May 9 :

Julie Pietri - Les signes indiens

May 11 :

Pretenders - Let the sun come in

May 12 :

Sparks - Nothing is as good as the say it is

M - Pop musik

Belinda Carlisle - If U go

Bryan Adams - What if there were no sides at all

Etienne Daho - Respire

Etienne Daho - Roman inachevé

Etienne Daho - Les derniers jours de pluie

Etienne Daho - Tirer la nuit sur les étoiles

May 25 :

Yes - Circles of time

Depeche Mode - Wagging tongue

May 26 :

Sparks - It's sunny today

May 27 :

Smokey Robinson - Beside you


Clips :

Will Downing

Michael Bolton

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens

Michael Bolton

Julie Pietri




Belinda Carlisle

Bryan Adams

Etienne Daho

Etienne Daho

Etienne Daho

Etienne Daho


Depeche Mode


Smokey Robinson

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