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Nothing will change his love for her...

Glenn Medeiros is an American singer-songwriter who started his artistic career at the age of 17 after winning a tele-hook on the island of Hawaii. Competition in which he performs a cover of a song by George Benson, namely "Nothing's gonna change my love for you" ... We are then in 1987.

Title which will be re-recorded by an independent label and spotted by radio KZZP, which then begins to broadcast it. It quickly became a national hit and then a huge global hit. To the point of remaining in 1988 N°1 for 4 weeks in England, among others….

Another success one year later in 1989 when the title "Un roman d'amitié" was released in a duet with French Elsa Lunghini. The title is a real success in France. The singer's notoriety reached new heights.

Another winning duo in 1990 when they performed the title "She ain’t worth it" with Bobby Brown. But that will be his last notorious success.

The artist will continue to compose thereafter but mainly for other singers.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Nothing's gonna change my love for you 1987

  • Lonely won’t leave me alone 1987

  • Watching over you 1987

  • What's it gonna take 1987

  • Long and lasting love 1988

  • Never get enough of you 1988

  • Un roman d’amitié 1989

  • She ain't worth it 1990

  • All I'm Missing Is You 1990

  • Me - U = Blue 1990

  • Standing alone 1992

  • Everybody needs somebody to love 1993

  • I wanna be where you are 1993

  • I try 1993

  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas 1993

  • Feliz navidad 1993

  • Oh holly night 1993

  • Far too wide for me 1995

  • Nightbird 1995

  • Flying 1995

  • These tears I cry 1999

  • Then she touched me 1999

  • Inside 1999


Clips :

1987 ... which will surely go down as one of the most incredible Ultimate Slows of the decade and of the twentieth century altogether. And it's a cover in addition, of another star of the 80s, which few people know... MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... the rest can only be pale compared to the previous jewel and this despite an obvious quality ...

1987 ... the more it goes, the less it goes. After a literally smashing start, the young Glenn sets out again in the depths of the Charts. Go figure ...

1987 ... a bloated 1987 year in terms of titles. With results in Charts that go all or nothing. Unfortunately, for this one, it will be nothing ...

1988 ... a start to 1988 much better than the end of 1987. Thanks to this new, particularly successful Ultimate Slow. An area of predilection for the artist who will forever remain his main trademark

1988 ... incredible, Glenn does in the Dance ! Yes Yes, it's possible. And this title will only work in one country. And guess which one...France, of course !

1989 ... his 2nd Wonder. That he co-signed with Elsa and that will also remain as one of the most iconic titles of the decade. Marshmallow but MA-GIC !

1990 ... change of decade and blatant change of style. A Dance option which allows him to record the 2nd biggest success of his career. Surprising no ...

1990 ... young Glenn tries to break his' 80s marshmallow image, that's obvious. Is this a wanted or forced choice, good question ...

1990 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. The Dance option having worked very randomly, he starts again in the Intimist. He delivers here a last Ultimate Slow of more than certain quality. One more !

1992 ... a duet to say the least surprising, even improbable. A daring bet and above all a lost bet because the addition of these 2 talents will unfortunately not give the expected result ...

1993 ... the last single. This time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. Freewheeling for some time, the singer has not been able to take the measure of new trends and bounce back as he should. Pity...

1993...and no, when we thought the adventure was over, it isn't, far from it. Because the singer still has things to offer and especially things to sing...

1993...certainly he will no longer appear in the Charts but what he continues to offer is far from devoid of interest. The proof !

1993...generally, when the career is rather at the end of its course, we release the good old Christmas album. And my faith, on this one, there would be rather good surprises...

1993...he at least plays the card of originality with titles that are original to say the least. He gives us here a Christmas title that smells more like summer than winter, that's clear...

1993...he manages to give very personal versions of ultra standards revisited thousands of times. A frankly unexpected and particularly successful Christmas album, it is clear...

1995... he is not discouraged in any way. Because here he is again 2 years later with the desire to continue the adventure at all costs and regardless of whether there is success or not...

1995...and when you see what he continues to offer, you really wonder why the public is no longer interested in him. Because there is really quality in all of this !

1995...especially since he continues to produce very high-calibre Intimist titles. A know-how in this field that is undeniable year after year, decade after decade...

1999...and here he is again a few years later. He doesn't give up and when you see what he was still capable of producing, you realize that he really didn't need much to get back in the race...

1999 ... he will have exceeded 10 years of career anyway, which is not that bad. Certainly, the success will have been mainly concentrated on the first years but the end is not so bad as that... remains to be seen whether or not there will be a sequel to the adventure. Only him can give us the answer. To be continued...or not...

1985 ... as a bonus, the original of the WONDER. And frankly, we wonder why this version did not have the success of that of Glenn Medeiros when they are very close in terms of orchestration ...


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