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Nothing but love...

Gwen Guthrie, real name Gwendolyn Guthrie, was an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career in the mid-1970s by claiming her voice for publicity jingles. Jingles which she directs sometimes with a certain Valerie Simpson (who would later become the famous Simpson of Ashford & Simpson).

At the end of the 70s, she participated in the writing of songs for artists such as Ben E. Kings, Angela Bofil, Sister Sledge and other Roberta Flack, just that.

The beginning of her solo career coincides with the beginning of the 1980s. She will experience her first success as a duet with Peter Tosh on the title "Nothing but love", we are then in 1981. But it is especially the year 1982 who really sees her take off with the single "It should have been you", a single which gave her her first international success.

She produced several major singles during the 3 years that followed, but it was above all the year 1986 that saw her enter the musical legend of the 80s. A sensational entry that she owed to the enormous title "Ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent”, single which will make a huge planetary success and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade.

A second major title "(They long to be) Close to you" was released the same year, making 1986 the peak of the singer's career.

Unfortunately, everything that came out thereafter did not have the same level of success and the adventure unfortunately came to an end for the singer on February 3, 1999, the date of her death from cancer of the uterus at the only 48 years old.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Nothing but love 1981

  • It should have been you 1982

  • For you (With a melody too) 1982

  • Peanut butter 1983

  • Say Yeah 1984

  • Love in moderation 1984

  • Just for you 1985

  • Padlock 1985

  • Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the rent 1986

  • Seventh heaven 1986

  • Outside in the rain 1986

  • (They long to be) Close to you 1986

  • Can’t love you tonight 1988

  • Miss my love 1990

  • Sweet bitter love 1991

  • Eyes (You never really cared) 1992


Clips :

1981 ... debuts in reggae mode and which are combined with 2. Nothing exceptional but a first classified title, that's already it !

1982 ... return to solo and obvious rise in power. Race results : a first top hit that really launches the singer's career

1982 ... a nice Intimist track that will go almost unnoticed and yet is not without interest, far from it. Pity...

1983 ... after a more than promising 1982 year, 1983 seems somewhat pale. A single classified title and small in addition ...

1984 ... new adventure for several, this time around The Limit. A partnership that pays in any case because the title will obtain a significant success

1984 ... a beautiful year 1984 with two titles of more than certain quality. We do not yet reach the summits but we approach them slowly but surely ...

1985 ... it was obvious that at some point she had to produce an Ultimate Slow worthy of the name. So here it is and the result is up to par, that's clear !

1985 ... we will still have to be patient to see her touch the stars but everything is now in place to see her explode at the highest level

1986 ... then comes THIS title. Here she signs an enormous hit Dance which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic of the decade. And at the same time she obtains the consecration after which she has been chasing for years. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... a sequel that has little to do with the title that preceded it, hence a very brutal fall in the Charts. The titles follow one another but are not necessarily alike ...

1986 ... plethora of titles in this year 1986 and a quality which fluctuates enormously from one title to another. We started very strong with the first, the second and the third will 'get through' as they say ...

1986 ... the fourth, it, will allow the singer to find some colors and especially to initiate a spectacular rise in the Charts. Like what, nothing is ever finished ...

1988 ... after a year 1987 when inspiration was sorely lacking, we finally find her in full possession of her means on this particularly rhythmic track. But which unfortunately will be his last notorious hit ...

1990 ... she still reached the 90s, despite a completely empty year 1989. The air holes are more and more numerous and we feel that the end is fast approaching ...

1991 ... a new Intimist parenthesis which will not be remembered as its best. It is clear that, now, she does more figuration than anything else ...

1992 ... a great adventure all the same in the end with 10 years of career, several high-caliber titles and a global mega hit on the clock. Not bad all that !


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