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No time to play...

Dee C. Lee, whose real name is Diane Sealy, is an English singer who started her artistic career as a backing singer for Wham! and The Style Council.

She released her first single "Selina Wow Wow" in 1984, a single with which she was to be highly regarded.

And it was a year later, in 1985, that she experienced her biggest success with the title "See the day" which finished at the top of the Charts across the Channel. Almost 250,000 copies will be sold.

Another success the following year, in 1986, with the resumption of the title of Judie Tzuke "Come hell or waters high". Less successful but success nonetheless. The same year released his first album "Shrine", album which unfortunately did not know the same level of success. At the same time, the singer continues to participate in a number of albums for The Style Council.

From 1989, she opened the Slam Slam parenthesis with Robert Howard, ex Blow Monkeys. Duo that will experience some minor success with titles like "Move (Dance all night)" and "Free your feelings".

After this parenthesis, in 1993 she enjoyed a last major duet success with rapper Guru on the track "No time to play".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Selina Wow wow 1984

  • Don’t do it baby 1984

  • See the day 1985

  • Come hell or waters high 1986

  • Hold on 1986

  • Hey What'd Ya Say ? 1986

  • No time to play 1993

  • New reality vibe 1994


Clips :

1984 ... first title and first hit. Certainly a minor hit as they say but hey, that's already it. Now it remains to be confirmed that it was not a coincidence ...

1984 ... all the titles of the year 1984 will not know the same fate unfortunately. There are the successes and the ones that go unnoticed. This one would rather be part of the 2nd category ...

1985 ... this one on the other hand did not risk to go unnoticed. Here she signs quite simply the biggest success of her career and delivers an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title. MA-GIC !

1986 ... an Intimist register in which she feels particularly comfortable, the proof with this new title. Why change a recipe that works rather well ...

1986 ... we suspected that she could not remain confined in the same musical register forever. The second title for 1986 will therefore be resolutely Dance oriented. But there is nothing to do, as soon as she returns to this field, success flees her ...

1986 ... a year 1986 frankly contrasted and which already shows the limits of the singer. She may well return to its fundamentals, it does not pay any more. At some point, when the fate is opposite, it is difficult to fight ...

1993 ... it will take 7 long years for her to come back to the fore. And again, on a temporary basis. A 'flash' career that leaves a taste of the unfinished ...

1994 ... and this last attempt will not change anything. In a decade of 90 which flies at the speed of light, the Intimist has little room to exist...except the exceptional. Which is unfortunately not the case for this title ...


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