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Nicolas, Tsar of Russia ... No, from Indochina !

Indochine is a French group formed in 1981 by Nicolas Sirkis and Dominique Nicolas.

Originally, the 2 accomplices meet in the group "Les espions" after they were chosen as singer and bass player following the publication of an announcement in Rock & Folk.

They quickly leave this group to form another : it will be Indochine.

They give their first concert in September 1981 in the company of 2 other accomplices which are Dimitri Bodianski (with the Saxo) and Stéphane Sirkis (with the sound), twin brother of Nicolas.

Noticed, they sign their first contract with a record company.

The first single will be "Dizzidence politik" which allows them to make themselves known in the musical world.

It was at the end of 1982 that their destiny changed for good with the release of the album "L'aventurier" from which the single of the same name would be extracted, which was going to be a real hit : 700,000 copies would be snapped up during the summer 1983 !

The second album "Le péril jaune" was released in late 1983, from which the flagship singles "Miss paramount" and "Kao Bang" would be extracted, a huge hit that set all dance floors on fire during the summer of 1984.

The album is a double gold disc.

And the dedication arrived in 1985 with the release of the album "3" which contains the cult "3ème sexe", "Canary bay" and "Trois nuits par semaine".

"Indochinemania" seizes the European continent, especially the Scandinavian countries.

Released in 1987 the album "7000 danses" from which the single "Les Tzars" will be extracted. The album is a success but the critics burst and the sound of the group evolves towards a more rock sound, confusing in passing a large part of the fans.

In 1989, Dimitri Bodianski left the group to devote himself to his family.

The year 1990 saw the release of the album "The Kiss" with a new evolution in sound.

The album is selling well but the reception is not very enthusiastic.

You have to wait 3 years to see the album "Un jour dans notre vie" come out, it is a commercial failure and the group is considered "Has-been".

And at the end of 1994, he was the main composer of most of Indochina's hits, namely Dominique Nicolas who left the ship.

Indochina, version ‘80’ therefore stops from this date.

The adventure continues for the Sirkis brothers but the group will never manage to find the same dynamic during the 90s as before.

And the story turns to drama with the sudden disappearance of Stéphane Sirkis in 1999, who died of lightning hepatitis.

The group will be reborn in an incredible way during 2000, but that's another story ...

Anyway, Indochine version 80 will go down in history as one of the greatest French rock bands of all time, as much for its unique and recognizable sound between 1000 as for the personality of its members, in particular that eternally youthful look of Nicolas Sirkis that makes him so close to new generations…

Case to follow…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• L’aventurier 1982

• Dizzidence politik 1983

• Miss paramount 1983

• Kao bang 1984

• Take me to nowhere (LUST) 1984

• Canary bay 1985

• 3ème sexe 1985

• 3 nuits par semaine 1985

• Tes yeux noirs 1986

• La machine à rattrapper le temps 1987

• Les Tzars 1987

• La chevauchée des champs de blé 1988

• Le baiser 1990

• Des fleurs pour Salinger 1990

• Punishment park 1991

• La guerre est finie 1991

• Savoure le rouge 1993

• Un jour dans notre vie 1994

• Sur les toits du monde 1994

• Kissing my song 1996

• Drugstar 1996

• Je n'embrasse pas 1997

• Satellite 1997

• Juste toi et moi 1999

• Stef 2 2000

• Justine 2000

• Punker 2002

• J'ai demandé à la lune 2002

• Mao boy ! 2002

• Le grand secret 2003

• Marylin 2003

• Un singe en hiver 2003

• Alice et June 2005

• Ladyboy 2006

• Adora 2006

• Crash me 2007

• Little dolls 2008

• Playboy 2009

• Le lac 2009

• Un ange à ma table 2010

• Le dernier jour 2010

• Memoria 2012

• Collège boy 2013

• Black city parade 2013

• Belfast 2014

• Traffic girl 2014

• La vie est belle 2017

• Un été français 2018

• Station 13 2018

• Song for a dream 2018

• Karma girls 2019

• Nos célébrations 2020


Clips :

1983 ... the visual and sound shock. An incredible and totally innovative sound for an HUGE hit that reveals a group out of nowhere. Unknown men who will make their group one of the major groups of this end of the XXth century on the French side and this in a few years. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... the rest will not be able to compete with the enormous previous single but what is certain is that this group has talent !

1983 ... only one small title in this year 1983 which confirms once again all the good that one could think of the group. A music giant is taking hold in the French musical landscape !

1984 ... this title will set fire to all Dancefloor in France this summer 1984. The 2nd sound shock ! What will surely remain as one of their best titles. HU-GE !

1984 ... a title little known and somewhat under the radar. But which also shows another facet of the group ...

1985 ... an inspiration constantly renewed which makes it possible to produce titles of very large caliber and this in an almost uninterrupted way. This is where we recognize the Great !

1985 ... the hits follow one another at a phenomenal speed ! The year 1985 will produce a triplet of extraordinary titles. This is only the 2nd !

1985 ... the year of all records with this 3rd title which will also remain as one of their titles among the most emblematic. The group literally walks on water !

1986 ... even in softness, they excel ! Definitely too strong the little guys. They confirm year after year that they are good in all areas and it is the kind of detail that makes all the difference with the competition !

1987 ... after 5 totally euphoric years, the group searches and gradually changes its sound. Risky bet without consequences for the moment. For the moment...

1987..they are the Tsars of French music ! When we count the number of mega tubes on their counter, there are no photos. But be careful not to fall asleep on your laurels ...

1988 ... the years go by, their incredible inspiration still works. Few French groups can say the same thing. On the other hand, the incredible dynamic which carried the group until then weakens somewhat, it is clear that ...

1990 ... the start of the transition phase. Slowly but surely, change of decade requires. Style, like sound, evolves. For good or for bad, the future will tell ...

1990 ... the last notorious hit of Indochine Season 1. The sequel will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected for the all respects

1991 ... finished the typical Asian sound that made them famous ... A change of sound that will 'cost' the decade of 90 in terms of success ...

1991 ... despite titles of obvious quality, the group's decline is inexorable during this decade and nothing, and no one, seems able to stop it at this stage ...

1993 ... the results may well be falling, the group clings and does better than resist. Talent is like cycling, it cannot be forgotten. A minimalist talent that at least allows the group to keep their heads above the rest

1994 ... a title passed almost unnoticed ... From fans to absent subscribers ... Or looking for the great Indochine of yesteryear ... all the flashing lights are red ...

1994 ... inspiration in turn weakens, precipitating the progressive disappearance of the group. A salutary disappearance which will force the group to reinvent himself. Evil for good as they say ...

1996 ... a sound too close to the average of the moment. The group can no longer create the feat for each title as before. The recovery is becoming more than urgent ...

1996 ... a title specially made for young people ... Young people who don't necessarily recognize themselves in this overly typical 80s group ... Cruel paradox !

1997 ... despite a quality that is still in order, the years may go by, the long-awaited renewal does not take place. We will therefore have to resign ourselves and wait until the next decade to hope for a miracle ...

1997 ... this song will do little better. The group will not have been able to grasp this 90s decade which is going fast, maybe too fast for them ...

1999...a last major title to end the decade. A decade that will mainly end in drama and leave the group adrift... But the Phoenix will rise from its ashes, and what a rebirth !

2000... the rebirth will not take place right away of course. But the group will know how to find the necessary resources to bounce back and how!

2000... the machine restarts slowly but surely. The group is starting to reinvent himself and above all is looking for the little extra that will be able to put him back in the race for a long time... could be that the year 2002 is the year of renewal, the real one. Starting with this title which sees the group achieve a new success, admittedly minor, but all the same...

2002...then the miracle happens, finally ! The group will deliver here a mind-blowing title with unequaled finesse and lightness. With as a consequence a literally smashing return to the front of the stage. MAS-TER-FUL !

2002...this title will not be able to compete with the previous gem but confirms the basic trend that the group is back and for good this time. The competition is warned ! is clear that the style of the group at the start of the 2000s no longer has anything to do with the style he had in the 80s. On the other hand, that is also what makes everything is possible again...

2003...a great and big year 2003 with a succession of high caliber hits. The group is back in the race in a spectacular way to say the least and surely does not intend to stop in such a good way...

2003...third title and third hit, just that. The group is in top form and unrolls with the most obvious ease. Hope it lasts...

2005... not much interesting in 2004 and return to this year 2005 in a form that we will qualify as obvious. Sufficient in any case to allow them to win a new star to add to a prize list which already has a hell of a lot... just a few years the group will once again have become essential. Especially since he was able to catch the younger generations, something extremely rare for a group from the 80s...

2006... who would have thought a few years ago that the group was going to bounce back in such an incredible way. Not many people that's for sure...

2007...the years follow each other but are not necessarily alike. As much as the year 2006 will have been one of the most favorable for the group, the year 2007 will turn out to be a year 'without'. Years ago like this...

2008...there are years 'with' and years 'without'. This time it will be a year 'with', which allows the group to continue its adventure in the best possible way...

2009...even if this title will go somewhat unnoticed, no worries about what happens next. The group is on a dynamic that is not ready to stop...

2009... the last title of an incredible decade for the group with a return to grace as we rarely see at this level. A group that will have achieved this incredible feat of rising from its ashes like no group before him...

2010...and here they are, starting a new decade, one more ! The group has been present at the highest level for nearly 40 years, what other group can say the same...?

2010...even if this beginning of the 2010 decade sees them somewhat struggling in terms of success in the Charts, this in no way alters their desire to continue to believe in it. And the rest will prove them right once again...

2012... business is picking up with this title, so you just had to be a little patient. The group always finds the necessary resources, and above all the inspiration, which will allow him to bounce back once again... do they manage to constantly reinvent themselves like that ? This group is a real mystery and impresses decade after decade with its ability to make new with old...

2013...every title that comes out now is a success and consolidates the group's dominant position once again. What talent !

2014...this first part of the decade is going well and sees the group at its best. Once again will you tell me...

2014...certainly certain titles will experience a slightly less favorable fate, but that in no way hinders the group's inexorable progression forward. At this stage, nothing and no one is in a position to challenge their hold on events...

2017...we didn't expect to see them disappear from the radar for almost 3 years, but that's what is going to happen. A break followed by a return in this year 2017 in a form that we will qualify as dazzling, the proof with this new top hit. So it was well worth the wait. HU-GE !

2018... the group will have been able to recharge its batteries perfectly during these 3 years of absence. Once again he knew how to perfectly adapt to the times and produced exactly what the public expected. Well done gentlemen !

2018...another BIG year than this year 2018 with a plethora of titles and quality at all levels. But nothing surprising about them...

2018... the 3 titles that will be released during this year 2018 will know their hour of glory. A feat that other groups of the moment envy them to the highest degree...

2019... no title goes 'through', which further underlines the incredible performance achieved by the group in this second half of the decade. And it's far from over...

2020... with each title, we tell ourselves that it may be the last and each time they have this incredible ability to come back in force behind. Once again the proof with this title. A huge title that will surely not be the last, we suspect !


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