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New York London Paris Munich...

M is an English concept project orchestrated by Robin Scott and which will remain mainly in contemporary musical history for the mega hit "Pop Muzik" released in 1979. Single which will be one of the biggest dance hits of that year.

M will release three albums in total including "New York London Paris Munich" in 1979, "The official secrets act" in 1980 and "Famous last words in 1981.

Three other singles will be classified namely "Moonlight and muzak" in 1979, "That’s the way the money goes" and "Official secrets" both in 1980.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Modern man 1978

  • Pop musik 1979

  • Moonlight and muzak 1979

  • That’s the way the money goes 1980

  • Official secrets 1980

  • Keep it to yourself 1981

  • Danube 1982

  • Eureka 1983

  • Crazy zulu 1984


Clips :

1978 ... a first title which already shows the full potential of the artist. Of course, there is still work to be done but what is looming on the horizon is already shaping up to be super ...

1979 ... THIS title was enough to bring the artist One Shot into the musical legend of the end of the twentieth century. He signed here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... an astonishing and so British sequel. Of course, this title will not be able to equal the colossal success of the previous one, but it has the merit of existing and of being of a certain quality

1980 ... a passage to the following decade which is done without much change of musical orientation. There are even some influences that made the success of Pop Muzik. The result will still be slightly different ...

1980 ... this time, however, the change in tone is obvious. And unfortunately, it's not necessarily going in the right direction ...

1981 ... the artist has gone into a 'wacky' side which is struggling to find a sound balance worthy of the name. It is borderline experimental and is even limited out of play ...

1982 ... well, it's not really getting better. Even if the influences this time are no longer Celtic but Slavic, that does not change the problem much ...

1984 ... and we end up in Afro-Caribbean fashion. Decidedly, all that was missing was that. Admittedly, this piece is definitely more Dance than its predecessors but that will not be enough to put the artist back in the race ...


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