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Never surrender...

Corey Hart is a Canadian singer who began his artistic career at the age of 11 singing for Tom Jones and was also featured on recording songs with Paul Anka during the same period. But who can also boast of having sold no less than 16 million records around the world to date.

It was in 1982, at the age of 20, that his solo career really began when he signed with the label Aquarius Records. Label which allows him to release a first album called “First offense” a year later in 1983. Album which for a first opus is a real success and which propels the young singer in a shattering way on the front of the stage.

Notably thanks to the enormous single "Sunglasses at night" which he released the following year in 1984 and which became the singer's first mega hit. Little followed by "It ain 'enough" to lesser success, but consistent success all the same.

Success confirmed, but especially amplified, in 1985 with the release of the album "Boy in the box", an album from which the flagship single "Never surrender" was to be extracted. Album and single which remain to this day the biggest discographic successes of the singer.

The album "Fields of fire" which came out in 1986 was not really going to meet the same fate as its predecessor. Just like the singles that will be extracted from it. Only the title "Can’t help falling in love" will do pretty well.

The albums “Young man running” in 1988 and “Bang!" in 1990 will do little better. The latter will nonetheless produce the singer's last major success with the title "A little love".

Other albums and other singles were released later, but success was limited exclusively to the Canadian sphere.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sunglasses at night 1984

  • It ain’t enough 1984

  • She got the radio 1984

  • Never surrender 1985

  • Boy in the box 1985

  • Everything in my heart 1985

  • Eurasian eyes 1986

  • I am by your side 1986

  • Can’t help falling in love 1986

  • Dancing with my mirror 1987

  • Take my heart 1987

  • To good to be enough 1987

  • In your soul 1988

  • Still in love 1989

  • A little love 1990

  • Baby when I call your name 1992

  • Always 1992

  • Black cloud rain 1996

  • Third of June 1996

  • Break the chain 1998

  • Truth will set U free 2012

  • Another December 2018


Clips :

1984 ... first title and already first global mega hit. A startling to say the least shattering which ideally positions the young singer for the rest of the events. HU-GE !

1984 ... a first year of existence which saw him string together hits at an impressive speed to say the least. Even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, the dynamics of success are now in place and that's the main thing !

1984 ... a full year with quality on every level. This title will be the 'little' hit of the year but the singer confirms all the good that we could think of him !

1985 ... the title of the consecration. And yes, already ! In just 2 years he will have reached the peak of his career and sign here the biggest title of all his discography. A well-deserved success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... he will never repeat the feat achieved on the previous title, but what he will continue to offer largely holds up. It's already that !

1985 ... of course, success will now be limited to the North American sphere, but that is more than enough to keep him in the big league for the moment. What more...

1986 ... 1984 and 1985 were excellent Crus for the singer, the year 1986 will come closer. Already 3 years at the top of the bill, a positive to say the least !

1986 ... of course, he will never be part of the Elite but he will never be unworthy, that's clear. Perfectly trendy style and tone that works almost every time !

1986 ... he had to dare to use Elvis Presley dating from 1961. A daring bet but a bet won in any case given the quality of the copy !

1987 ... the dynamics of success are still in place even if she is weakening from year to year. The main thing is to stay at a minimum level to avoid the fatal stall ...

1987 ... a good job, quite simply. Nothing exceptional but an inspiration to match, just like the style. Astonishing that this singer did not break through more than that ...

1987 ... the adventure continues quietly but surely. The singer still believes in it hard as iron and the result is once again up to the task. Everything is under control...

1988 ... the success is on the rise in this new year and this gives great reassurance about the singer's state of form. Hope it lasts !

1989 ... it is clear that 1989 will not be remembered as its best year, that's for sure. However, he delivers us here a magnificent ballad which would have frankly deserved a recognition much higher than it was ...

1990 ... this change of decade did him the greatest good at first sight. He will simply sign the biggest success of the decade here and get back to the leading pack in an unexpected way

1992 ... unfortunately a short-lived improvement. The singer alternates everything and anything during this new decade at the risk of getting lost. This title will still be part of the good surprises ...

1992 ... what is certain is that he still has some under his belt. The proof with this absolutely sumptuous Ultimate Slow which blatantly shows that nothing is finished concerning him !

1996 ... follow 3 years where not much will happen. It is to better return to this year 1996, a year which sees him return in a certain form. Certain form that allows him to record one of the best sales scores of the decade !

1996 ... a predisposition for the Intimist Premium level. He delivers here a new ballad of very large caliber which literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1998 ... a mixed end to the decade which sees him alternating between good and much less good. It smacks of the end all that ...

2012 ... then nothing for 14 years. And yet, the Phoenix will rise again from its ashes in a spectacular fashion in this decade of 2010 thanks to this remixed version of its title dating from 1989. A resurrection for the less spectacular !

2018 ... a resurrection that never ends. Admittedly, 6 years will elapse between the 2 titles but here he is again on the front of the stage. A magnificent adventure that is certainly not over ...


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