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Never never...

Feargal Sharkey, real name Sean Feargal Sharkey, is a North Irish singer who began his artistic career in the mid-1970s in a band called The Undertones. Group which split in 1983 and which leaves the field open to the singer to start a solo career.

The first solo experience is actually two with ex Depeche Mode, and ex Yazzo, Vince Clarke. Duo which will produce the same year the enormous single "Never never" under the name of the ephemeral group The Assembly.

The first real solo title "Listen to your father" came out a year later in 1984 and had quite limited success. Just like “Loving you” which came out in 1985.

A year 1985 which starts slowly but which will prove in the end exceptional for the singer with the release also of the single "A good heart", single which will make a real planetary success and which remains to this day the biggest discographic success of the artist. Little followed by "You little thief" with less success but also global success.

Three singles from the singer's eponymous album released the same year, which was also popular with the public. Album which will also produce a 4th major hit with the title "Someone to somebody" which will be released in 1986.

Two years will pass before the release in 1988 of the new album "Wish", album which will not know anything about the success of its predecessor and which will produce only one big hit with the title "More love".

A last album "Songs from the Mardi Gras" will be released in 1991, from which will be extracted the artist's last success, "I’ve got new for you".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Never never (The Assembly) 1983

  • Listen to your father 1984

  • Loving you 1985

  • A good heart 1985

  • You little thief 1986

  • Someone to somebody 1986

  • More love 1988

  • Out of my system 1988

  • I’ve got news for you 1991


Clips :

1983 ... an unclassifiable, indefinable and completely timeless title. Pure Vince Clarke which, once again, works wonders and which totally transcends this duo, to say the least very original. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... the real solo career starts with this title. A title to say the least supercharged and which above all allows the artist to record a first major success. Rather a good omen for the future ...

1985 ... as the previous title flew at the speed of light, this one literally suspends time. A sumptuous track, all in finesse and which literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1985 ... which will undoubtedly remain as the biggest success of his career. He signs here an enormous title which dedicates him to the planetary level and shows in a dazzling way that he could quite exist solo without fear of the ridiculous. The proof !

1985 ... an exceptional year 1985 which saw him succeed in everything he undertook. This sequel will not have the incredible level of success of the previous title but will largely do well

1986 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The singer will learn it at his expense with an unscrewing in the Charts for the less impressive ...

1988 ... after a year 1987 empty, here he is back in a form that we will qualify as average. What he continues to offer is far from being ridiculous, but he cannot find the little grain of genius that had accompanied him throughout 1985. Hard law of the trade ...

1988 ... he continues to believe in it and moves forward after all. But the delay with the competition is now impossible to fill ...

1991 ... big 3 years air hole and here he comes back in amazing shape. A form which allows him to deliver an Intimist title of any beauty and which allows him above all to record a last success, to say the least unexpected. An exit through the main door as they say ...


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