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Neanderthal men...

10CC is an English band formed in 1972 in Manchester and comprised of Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lawrence ‘Lol’ Creme, most of whom have known each other from childhood.

Gouldman and Stewart will mainly write the more pop and easily accessible songs, Godley and Creme will mainly write the so-called “experimental” songs.

The first single "Donna" was also released in 1972 and it was a huge success. Followed in 1973 by "Rubber bullets" which would become their first No.1 in the English Top single. Both extracts from the eponymous album which was released in the wake.

A year later in 1974, the album "Sheet music" was released, the success of which was mainly assured by the title "The Wall Street shuffle".

But it was the year 1975 that was to consecrate them with the release of the Wonder. An incredible title that will raise them to the rank of planetary stars, namely the magnificent and bewitching "I’m not in love". Major single, taken from the album "Original Soudtrack" and which remains to this day one of the most emblematic slows of the last 40 years.

Followed in 1976 by the album "How dare you !" Which will essentially produce the single hit "Art for art's sake". A pivotal year for the group as Godley and Creme leave the ship due to deep disagreement over the group’s development.

Subsequently, Godley and Creme will produce together some well-made singles before starting to make famous music videos for artists such as Asia, Police, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Ancock among others ...

This did not prevent the "survivors" Gouldman and Stewart from experiencing a new success with the release of the album Deceptive bends "in 1977, from which the singles hits "The things we do for love" and "Good morning judge" were extracted.

New success confirmed in 1978 with the release of the album "Bloody tourists", album which will produce the huge hit "Dreadlock holiday", confirming once again that the 'survivors' have not lost any inspiration. But this time it will indeed be the last mega hit.

Because Stewart was the victim of a very serious road accident in 1979, putting an end to the momentum that the group had been able to recover after the departure of Godley and Creme. Other albums would come out later, but the band would never regain the level of excellence it had before.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Neanderthal man 1970

  • Donna 1972

  • Rubber bullets 1973

  • Wall street shuffle 1974

  • Life is a minestrone 1975

  • I’m not in love 1975

  • Art for Art’s sake 1975

  • I'm Mandy, fly me 1976

  • The things we do for love 1976

  • Dreadlock holiday 1978

  • One two five 1980

  • Don’t turn me away 1981

  • Run away 1982

  • Feel the love 1983

  • Food for thought 1983

  • Woman in love 1992

  • Wonderland 1992

  • Shine a light in the dark 1992

  • Yvonne's the one 1995

  • Code of silence 1995

  • Peace in our time 1995

  • Why did I break your heart ? 1995


Clips :

1970 ... the first notorious hit of a hitherto almost unknown group. But who will not stay that way for very long ...

1972 ... we find them 2 years later with this somewhat wacky title. A very astonishing Ultimate Slow which allows them to return to success. Like what...

1973 ... put away the handkerchiefs, here they are again this time in pure rock version. A title that offers them their biggest commercial success to date

1974 ... still at the border of the staggered wacky. For 1974, this will be their only hit of the year. It's already that !

1975 ... 1974 was a relatively quiet year. What will not be the case of the following one, far from it. A year 1975 which will rhyme with an exceptional vintage. We start with this title of certain quality. But that's without counting on the one who will follow ...

1975 ... because here comes the Wonder of the Wonders. Probably one of the 10 most beautiful Ultimate Slows of all time. A title with transcosmic inspiration and lyricism of a depth rarely reached. We are close to perfection !

1975 ... an incredible year which ended with this third hit. A title that looks nothing like its predecessor. A heterogeneous group to say the least ...

1976 ... we go back to the Intimist register, a field in which they excel, as we have seen previously. Of course, this one cannot compete with the previous jewel but we will largely be satisfied with it ...

1976 ... the year 1975 was exceptional, 1976 is not bad either. A second top hit to their credit and not the least !

1978 ... their second biggest hit. And in reggae mode please. They will have done everything to us, that's clear !

1980 ... after a decade of 1970 which saw them reach extraordinary heights, the decade of the 1980s will unfortunately see them decline. Slowly but surely...

1981 ... now it's a small hit per year. And even. Their style, which worked wonders in the 70s, is increasingly pale compared to the new currents that are now sweeping the planet

1982 ... their biggest hit of the decade. And again, the success will be limited only to the Anglo-Saxon sphere, that is to say ...

1983 ... an end of the adventure looming on the horizon. Which does not prevent them from signing a last major title here

1983 ... this time, it's definitely the end. The end of a group that will have profoundly marked the twentieth century by notably leaving one of the most beautiful songs of all time. Hats off, gentlemen !

Top Bonus : 2011...almost 40 years after its official release, surely one of the most beautiful Live versions of the Masterpiece. Impossible to tire of such a wonder ...


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