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Nanard the Insubmissive ...

Bernard Lavilliers, his real name Bernard Oulion, is a French singer who, when he was young, asked himself if he wanted to be a gangster, boxer or poet ...!

At the age of 15, he passed through the correction house, at 17 he joined the Communist Party and at 20, he left for Brazil where he spent a year there.

It was in 1967 that his musical career really started when he released his first 45 laps with which he enjoyed some esteem successes.

In 1968, he released his first album and took the name of Lavilliers, with no real reason at first sight. Album with very modest success.

You have to wait 4 years to see him release his second album "The poets" which increases his notoriety.

1975 saw the release of the album "Le Stéphanois".

It was 1976 that changed everything with the release of the album "Les Barbares", an album which allowed him to make Olympia a year later.

In 1977, he met Léo Ferré, a meeting that would deeply and lastingly mark him.

Two years passed before he made the decision to buy a boat and leave for Jamaica, New York and then Brazil.

He returns with the album "O gringo" with very marked reggae-salsa rhythms, an album that will propel him to the fore.

He released the album "Night of Love" in 1981 which included the single "Pigalle la blanche".

Then the album "Etat d'urgence" in 1983 which contains one of the most legendary duets of the 80s, namely "Idées noires" with Nicoletta.

1984 saw the release of the modestly successful album "Tout est permis, rien n'est possible.

He then resumed traveling and released one of his most successful albums in 1986, namely "Voleur de feu" which condensed most of the musical styles he loved.

Album containing the flagship single "Noir et blanc". 1988 will be the year of the release of the album "If" which contains one of his latest hits "On the road again".

His latest flagship single "Melody tempo harmony" was released in 1995.

He later produced other albums with relative success.

Controversial singer with a "big mouth" and "outspoken", he is one of the few who can boast of being one of the last heavyweights of the 80s still in activity.

Even if the past few years have been marked by more beats than heights.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• La dernière bouteille 1967

• San Salvador 1975

• Les barbares 1976

• Fensch vallée 1977

• Juke box 1977

• Bats toi 1979

• Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent ? 1979

• Traffic 1980

• Stand the ghetto 1980

• La salsa 1980

• Betty 1981

• Night bird 1981

• Pigalle la blanche 1981

• Troisième monde 1982

• Idées noires 1983

• Y'a peut être un ailleurs 1984

• Le bal 1984

• Extérieur nuit 1986

• Noir et blanc 1986

• La frontière 1987

• On the road again 1988

• R'n'B (Rouge baiser) 1989

• Petit 1989

• Outremer 1991

• Saïgon 1992

• Troisièmes couteaux 1994

• Minha Selva 1994

• Madones 1995

• Melody tempo harmony 1995

• Le venin 1997

• Audit 1997

• Roméo Machado 1998

• Les mains d'or 2001

• L'été 2004

• Elle chante 2005

• Marin 2005

Non ça s'peut pas 2005

Solitaire 2007

Bosse 2008

Maria Bonita 2008

Et si jamais 2008

Elle oublie 2014

L'espoir 2017

Le cœur du monde 2021

Je tiens d'elle 2021


Clips :

1967 ... the very first steps. The voice is so unrecognizable that one wonders if it is the same one that will explode ten years later ...

1975 ... eight years separate this title from the previous title. Everything has changed, the style as the sound. And rather good, to say the least !

1976 ... the ramp-up is now linear and we can feel that he has left to do something big. We just have to wait ...

1977 ... a South American style atypical in the musical France of the time and which will quickly become its bottom of trade. A bias assumed and which will quickly pay off !

1978 ... the singer is increasingly becoming one of the phenomena of the moment. It only remains for him to produce THE title that will allow him to join the big leagues. It won't be long ...

1979 ... a decade of 70 to break in and above all find its marks. Now that all the foundations have been laid, it will unfold. And that, to unfold, it will unfold !

1979 ... what makes - and will always make - the difference with the competition is this very subtle blend of brute force and softness mixed. A unique style of its kind !

1980 ... the title that will change everything. Nanard becomes literally essential on the French rock scene and is propelled for good to the rank of undisputed and undisputed star. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... an exceptional 80's with 2 huge titles back to back. Including this one, particularly inspired and based on a most successful reggae rhythm. He literally walks on water, there are no other words !

1980 ... an endless 80's ! A year with a plethora of titles and Premium quality on all floors. All good !

1981 ... he signs here a sumptuous ballad where the darkest despair is as if annihilated by a particularly inspired melody. MA-GIC !

1981 ... 180° turn with a foray into the world of Dance. A singer with truly endless possibilities and who will have dared everything !

1981 ... back to basics. He returns to reggae mode, rhythmic which brings him decidedly luck and which allows him to sign here one of his titles among the most emblematic. HU-GE !

1982 ... year single title but quality title ! Again in reggae mode. On the other hand, as long as it works, why change it ...?

1983 ... when 2 of the biggest names of the moment decide to push the song. This magical duo gives us here a magnificent song with an extraordinary inspiration and which will undoubtedly remain one of the most emblematic songs of the decade on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... when Nanard did in the film soundtrack, he applied just as much as for himself. Result of the races, this title specially made for 'Rue Barbare' is a real success

1984 ... a dynamic of success which does not weaken and which maintains him among the elite. And this despite a frankly atypical style for the time ...

1986 ... after an empty year 1985, the singer returns in great shape in this year 1986 and gives us here a title with the gentle force of the most inspired

1986 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1986 with this title which will surely remain as one of its most beautiful and most inspired. MAG-NI-FI-CENT ! Quite simply...

1987 ... a talent in the Intimist which reveals itself decade after decade, year after year, title after title and which is undoubtedly among the best of its generation. Exceptional talent and above all paradoxical when we see the size and the look of the guy ...

1988 ... a constantly renewed inspiration that does wonders, once again. The decade of the 80s was really that of the explosion of an artist and above all a talent very above the average. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... and what to say about this title. A piece that literally floats in the air and that simply makes us feel good. Isn't that essential ?

1989 ... magnificent melodies which nonetheless conceal very somber lyrics and implacable realism. That's also Nanard the rebellious ...

1991 ... one would have thought that the transition to the 90s would not be really favorable to him and that he would be relegated to the rank of has-been. For the moment, no fears to see on this side there given the quality of the title produced here !

1992 ... even if the level of success encountered no longer has anything to do with what he had experienced the previous decade, it is clear that we must always count on him. A longevity and above all a resistance worthy of the Greatest !

1994 ... well, you mustn't hide your face, the competition is getting harder and harder and it becomes harder and harder for him to exist in this decade where everything is going very fast, too fast. But he clings ...

1994 ... and he is right to hang on especially when we see what he is still capable of producing, almost 30 years after his debut !

1995 ... back to rock hard mode. It had been a long time since he had explored this field and my faith, what he delivers here is far from lacking in quality

1995 ... each decade, he offers us a major duo. For the 1990s, it will be this. A title which will undoubtedly remain as one of its most emblematic and especially which will remain as its biggest success of the decade. HU-GE !

1997 ... a decade that it unfolds quietly, without glares or pomp but with great achievements. Always there Nanard !

1997 ... he continues on his way without worrying in the least about the new musical standards of the moment. A carefree attitude that protects him but marginalizes him at the same time ...

1998 ... back to basics, its fundamentals, to end the decade in style. A playful, light and airy title as he knows how to do it so well. And the adventure is far from over since we will see him again the following decade ...

2001 ... and yes, here he is attacking his 5th decade of career. We are not going to lie to each other, the best is now behind. But he still has things to tell, or at least to sing, it is clear !

2004 ... and always this South American style which will forever remain its trademark. A visceral attachment to this continent that he will keep inexorably until the end...

2005 ... it was obvious that they would meet inevitably one day or the other to push the song. With the result a nice title full of finesse that begs to be listened to ...

2005 ... he even does in the sailors song now. And why not you will say to me, it is also the kind of register which allowed more than one to produce titles which one still remembers ...

2005 ... female duets have always enabled him to produce titles of more than certain quality. This title will necessarily be part of it ...

2007 ... even if the summit of the Charts has not been in sight for a long time, he continues to believe in it and continues his adventure quietly but surely. And given what he continues to produce, he would be wrong not to believe in it ...

2008 ... a decade 2000 which will have seen him manage to stay afloat without too many difficulties. Afterwards, it is clear that the more the years go on, the more successful in maintaining himself at the highest level will be difficult ...

2008 ... anyway, he continues to have fun and especially to do what he loves, even if his style does not really correspond to the musical trends of the moment. The main thing is to participate as they say ...

2008 ... and here he is again in gallant company, once again. He will have made a bunch of shocking but above all charming duets and each time they will have worked perfectly ...

2014 ... and here he is in this new decade of 2010 and not with just anyone. The 2 artists offer us here an absolutely sumptuous track which proves, if it was still necessary, that these 2 singers really have an extraordinary talent ...

2017 ... a desire to share the poster that grows year after year. Afterwards, is it him who is asking or rather the others, it doesn't matter, we take, we take !

2021 ... we must remember that he started in...1967 and we are in 2021 ! Few, very few, of his generation are still in business. And inevitably, it is only the best who have achieved this feat ...

2021 ... and knowing him, we imagine that he certainly does not intend to stop there. Because you have to know that with him nothing is ever finished !


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