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Move on baby...

Cappella is an Italian concept-project formed in 1987 by producer Gianfranco Bortolotti. Concept-project that will experience consecration from the mid-90s and become one of the most emblematic groups of the decade.

At the base, the group went up to make Hi-NRG. In 1988, the title "Bauhaus (Push th beat)" and in 1989 "Helyom halib" came out. Two titles carried at that time there by the singer Ettore Foresti and which will know a relative success for the first and a more notorious success for the second.

It will take 3 years and the year 1992 for the group to experience a new major hit with the flagship single "Take me away", taken from the title "Love sensation" by Loleatta Holloway. Title already taken up some time before by a certain group called… Black Box. Which will draw the most famous "Ride on time".

The group will suddenly gain thickness from 1993 with the arrival of the dancer Kelly Overett and the rapper Rodney Bishop. And everything suddenly accelerates with the release of the title "U got 2 know". Title which will make a real planetary success and give a visibility clearly superior to the group on the international scene.

Shortly followed by the title "U got 2 let the music". Enormous title that will be even stronger than its predecessor. It’s a planetary tidal wave and the title sets fire to all Dance floors on the planet.

They re-offend the following year in 1994 with another intergalactic hit, "Move on baby". Title that will remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the 90s. Followed in the same year by "U & me" and "Move it up", with less success but certain success.

The same year, Overett left the group. We will learn later that she did not sing on any track in fact and was content to provide a more or less convincing playback. Followed by Bishop's departure a year later.

So it’s a new version of Cappella which came back in 1995. This new duo made up of Alison Jordan and Patrick Osborne is doing quite well with the title "Tell me the way" which is hitting almost everywhere in the world.

But it will indeed be the last major title of the group which will experience a last notable success in 1996 with the flagship single "I need your love".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Bauhaus (Push the beat) 1988

  • Helyom halib 1989

  • House energy revenge 1989

  • Get out of my case 1990

  • Everybody 1991

  • Take me away 1992

  • U got 2 know 1993

  • U got 2 let the music 1993

  • Move on baby 1994

  • U & me 1994

  • Move it up 1994

  • Don't be proud 1995

  • Tell me the way 1995

  • I need your love 1996

  • Turn it up and down 1996

  • Do you run away now 1997

  • Be my baby 1997

  • U tore my world appart 1997

  • U R the power of love 1998


Clips :

1988 ... the first steps of what will become one of the biggest musical phenomena of the 90s. Particularly promising first steps ...

1989 ... a continuation in the same vein. For the moment, quality but nothing exceptional. For the moment...

1989 ... nothing exceptional, it is clear but the quality is certain, as well as the rhythm which make this title a sure value. On the right track as they say ...

1990 ... surprisingly, the group will experience a slight air gap during the transition to the next decade. And yet the goodwill is evident. Like the desire to do well ...

1991 ... change of decade and new impulse anyway. The foundations are now strong enough to support the monstrous surge of hits looming on the horizon

1992 ... finished laughing, the Dream Team is now complete and it will pulsate ! Well, it is slowly increasing in power but it will not last ...

1993 ... the first of the mega hits. The tidal wave will be global and will make Cappella one of the biggest tube factories of the 90s. PHE-NO-ME-NAL !

1993 ... the HUGE title which will transform into a HUGE interplanetary tube and which will raise One Shot the group to the highest peak of Charts worldwide. Simply MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1994 ... surely what will remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade and of this very end of the XXth century. The supreme consecration for this absolutely incredible group, with incredible talent and who will have produced several pieces of anthology, a real feat. BREATH-TA-KING !

1994 ... the years go by without quality being affected by an iota. The inspiration of the group is constantly renewed and produces mega hit on mega hit. What talent !

1994 ... 10,000 % House ! The best of the best in its category ! A legendary group that will have revolutionized the standards of its time !

1995 ... after a year 1994 absolutely amazing, it is almost impossible for the group to repeat the exploit the following year as the bar was raised. But what follows largely holds the road, it is clear !

1995 ... new team and new tempo, even faster ! However, be careful at the end of the road to drive at such a speed ...

1996 ... we keep going ! An incredible adventure which has lasted for 8 years and which will have made this group one of the major groups of its generation but also of this end of the XXth century. Low hat !

1996 ... the best years are certainly behind now but the group continues to believe in it and so do we. Especially when you see the quality of what they continue to offer !

1997 ... the adventure continues to be beautiful and that's what is essential. Certainly, the competition has taken a few steps ahead but the level remains sufficient to maintain itself at the highest level

1997 ... the last major hit. Almost 10 years at the top of the bill, the group can only be proud of its journey. And especially titles that he will leave in the musical history of this end of the XXth century !

1997 ... now they only compete for glory but who would be remiss to believe it again. Especially when you see what they are still capable of producing !

1998 ... they will still have reached 10 years of career. And my faith, they will never have deserved, far from it. Even when success has gradually abandoned them. We can only salute the performance !


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